Exotic Potato Chip Blindfold Guessing Game

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  • Sydney Butler
    Sydney Butler 4 gün önce

    Oh my god I absolutely LOVE wasabi ginger, so sad they discontinued it

  • toastynotes
    toastynotes 1 hafta önce

    It's 2019 and I forgot how much I liked those cappuccino chips. Maybe I'll make my own or something.

  • Jake Mazola
    Jake Mazola 2 hafta önce

    His hair😂😋

  • Justin Jeremy Jase
    Justin Jeremy Jase 2 hafta önce

    You can't trick me Rhett has already burned through a few of these bags before this episode

  • Khurram Ali
    Khurram Ali 1 ay önce

    Jeez. What a BOOOOOORRREEEE.

  • Hillary Smith
    Hillary Smith 1 ay önce

    He got it 100% with the bacon, Mac and Cheese, just sayin' and come on Mango chilly is right too grrrr

  • Jesse Hickman
    Jesse Hickman 1 ay önce

    Wow, besties were not havin fun today. It was mostly Link being a bit of a douche in this episode.
    Rhett got most close, he even said mango-chile which was all but right.

  • Peteypabloplays
    Peteypabloplays 1 ay önce

    You guys should compare the chip flavor with the actual Ford it’s supposed to taste like

  • ChiefChuck 1029
    ChiefChuck 1029 1 ay önce

    Is wasabi ginger really that exotic? I have them in NC a lot

  • snAPPLE
    snAPPLE 1 ay önce

    One of the most awkward episode ever

  • lllCloWnBabylll
    lllCloWnBabylll 1 ay önce

    Link’s old haircut 😂

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips 1 ay önce

    This particular episode seriously looks like they are doing this with a gun pointed at them, and it’s still good! Lol. But for real it just seems like Rhett isn’t feeling well.

  • Dell School
    Dell School 1 ay önce

    Those wisobi ginger are my favorites. I craved them so hard when pregnant this last time but couldn't find them anymore of course

  • Muffin McBean
    Muffin McBean 1 ay önce

    2:07 - Did Rhett Just quote Kenny Chesney? Probably not because that song wasn’t out then lol

  • Ahmed Abdelkazem
    Ahmed Abdelkazem 1 ay önce

    At the start I thought my YouTube crashed

  • xydoit
    xydoit 1 ay önce

    I want the Cappuchino one

  • xydoit
    xydoit 1 ay önce

    I love Lays they are tastier than other chips.

  • xydoit
    xydoit 1 ay önce

    In the last LTAT Rhett looked so muscular. He looked huge. WoW. I know it is not related to this chapter. But OMG.

  • Team random Beans
    Team random Beans 2 ay önce

    Anyone hear in 2019

  • Just My Opinion
    Just My Opinion 2 ay önce

    I’m so glad link changed his hairstyle.

  • Bradlee Schader
    Bradlee Schader 2 ay önce

    Watching this in 2019, and Link's hair is soooo much better now.

  • electric pineapple
    electric pineapple 2 ay önce

    2019 baby!!! Keep it rockin guys 🎸 🎸

  • Kathryn Shaw
    Kathryn Shaw 2 ay önce

    I’ve been in more than one accident and I didn’t say anything. I didn’t feel like I had time even to say anything.

  • Steven Cattani
    Steven Cattani 2 ay önce

    God I want chips so badly now. I imagine this is what a pregnant craving feels like.

  • Seedilicious
    Seedilicious 2 ay önce

    This show makes me hungry

  • Noreen Wyman
    Noreen Wyman 3 ay önce

    Rhett looks like my brother Kyle. Yep I came here to say that.

  • Bravis Bcott
    Bravis Bcott 3 ay önce

    0:40 link started the “that ain’t it chief” wave

  • Brent Beckstead
    Brent Beckstead 3 ay önce

    Back when the show was great

  • Lizzie Bowser
    Lizzie Bowser 3 ay önce

    I was in one accident and I froze lol I was silent my hubby said😂

  • Brandon Wahlstrom
    Brandon Wahlstrom 3 ay önce

    Hey Rhett...
    Ohio Is For Lovers. 💙

  • I am scorpion
    I am scorpion 4 ay önce

    I love to go back to these old videos

  • Rumi
    Rumi 4 ay önce

    There's certain idiotic things link does that make me dislike there videos sometimes. "Not a sponsor" I found so annoying.

  • Turnt _turtle101
    Turnt _turtle101 4 ay önce

    Anybody else got lil frustrated with the whole cinnamon confusion... it’s actually vanilla. They look alike but it’s vanilla

  • pimpfluffy
    pimpfluffy 4 ay önce

    Wow watching this in 2019 cause I love their food videos and they are so raw and unrefined back then.. Glorious. Virgina is for lovers

  • Iva & Sweets
    Iva & Sweets 4 ay önce

    LINK!!!!! YOU CAN’T GIVE HINTS!!!!!!!!👿😡👿😡😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Indi Simpson-Romero
    Indi Simpson-Romero 4 ay önce

    Tomato is a fruit so yes technical you should have said yes when rhett asked if its another fruit

  • Clint G
    Clint G 4 ay önce

    Link ur hair is sooooo much better now lmao. Sorrynotsorry.

  • UberEpick
    UberEpick 4 ay önce

    Just.. let Rhett put his hand in the bag.. goodness

  • Ali Ababwa
    Ali Ababwa 4 ay önce

    The wheel in the background says link is obsessed with butterflies 🦋

  • Monica Dean
    Monica Dean 5 ay önce

    I just got recommended this video and links hair has me soo confused I had to check when this was posted