Bobby's Dancing With The Stars Partner Visits The Studio

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  • Bobby's Dancing with the Stars partner, Sharna Burgess comes in answers all sorts of questions from Amy and Lunchbox. 👉 Listen to the Bobby Bones Show On Demand // 👉 Check out more at 📷 Follow us on Instagram // 👻 Follow Bobby on Snapchat // bobbybonesshow 🐦 Follow Bobby on Twitter //
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  • Just Me
    Just Me 5 gün önce

    I'm a new listener to The Bobby Bones Show from Texas. I listen to the podcast after the show. I have to say, out of all my podcasts, Bobby Bones is my FAV! I love the rapport & trust y'all have w/ one another. I'm kinda doing a binge watch & listen to your show this wkend, so even tho you already won DWTS, I'm just now listening to this one. Bobby, Amy & Lunchbox, thank you for making me smile! 😁🇺🇸

  • Holly Lute
    Holly Lute 2 ay önce

    Both great together just date already.

  • Rachel G.
    Rachel G. 2 ay önce

    Congrats Bobby n Sharna on your big mirrorball win !! - Bobby thanks for keepin it real week after week - so genuine, so humble- you inspire all us lil people out here!!

  • Unicorn Hair and Lattes

    Bobby "I'm convinced we wont make it past week one." Yeah say that to your mirror ball 😂👏

  • Unicorn Hair and Lattes

    It's so crazy watching this over again knowing they won!!

  • MrSweeper
    MrSweeper 2 ay önce

    8:00 the reason Bobby won

  • MrSweeper
    MrSweeper 2 ay önce

    Holy shit Bobby won!!

  • steve-o l
    steve-o l 2 ay önce

    Holy cow. Her accent, gorgeous face (and body), high intelligence...she's a world class hottie.

  • Elizete Di Russo
    Elizete Di Russo 2 ay önce

    He didn't deserve to win. If next time will be like this season, I will not watch anymore DWTS.

  • David E
    David E 2 ay önce

    Love when she winks at 8:12.

  • Megan Snyder
    Megan Snyder 2 ay önce

    “I’m convinced we won’t make it past week 1” * goes and wins the entire competition *

  • Drue Harvey
    Drue Harvey 2 ay önce

    I AM SO 👏🏼 PROUD 👏🏼 OF 👏🏼 HIM 👏🏼

  • awacho0822
    awacho0822 2 ay önce

    "I'm convinced we aren't making past week one." Then he goes on to win it!

  • Jackie Domingo
    Jackie Domingo 3 ay önce

    well they won. Now marriage and kids??

  • Aisha Blankumsee
    Aisha Blankumsee 3 ay önce

    OK u know when you hear something and u go all over the place that;s how I am when I heard that bobby and sharna are starting something.

  • Aisha Blankumsee
    Aisha Blankumsee 3 ay önce

    Ok you know when

  • Duda reis
    Duda reis 3 ay önce


  • roter13
    roter13 3 ay önce

    They won! I can't believe it! Lolz

  • Nancy Chan
    Nancy Chan 3 ay önce

    Here right after his win, trying to process how he won. Can somebody give me more insight??

  • teenie beenie
    teenie beenie 3 ay önce

    if bobby could win, then joe should have, he was a big fave………..fishy
    is sharma mannish?

  • Lisa Murphy
    Lisa Murphy 3 ay önce

    He has done so well! He is now on the brink of possibly winning. I hope he does, and would love to see Sharna win finally.

  • Kathy Cash
    Kathy Cash 3 ay önce

    Your such a goof,

    ALAA ALI 3 ay önce

    and now look at that they’re both in the FINALS.

  • Julie Jodoin
    Julie Jodoin 3 ay önce

    Bobby I think you're very attractive! But best of all is your enduring personality.😍

  • Mark D
    Mark D 3 ay önce

    He left Lindsay ELL for that!! Wow.

  • Sharron Gail Taylor
    Sharron Gail Taylor 3 ay önce

    Hi bobby that was fun listening to that! I love DWTS watch it every Season it’s going to be fun with you on it! And it has I been voting for you & Sharna every week! Great luck I’ll vote for you to get to the finals! But you have to work hard!

  • Kiara Monet
    Kiara Monet 3 ay önce

    The last couple I shipped on dwts was Robert & Kym but now I think it has to be Bobby & Sharna I think they would be so cute together

  • That Dude
    That Dude 3 ay önce

    Some dumb ass stupid questions here

  • Amanda Doyle
    Amanda Doyle 4 ay önce

    I am quite curious, where is the footage of Sharna on the show talking about the Cha Cha?

  • Liane Layman
    Liane Layman 4 ay önce

    Lunch Box didn't know they got paid. That's why some of them do the show. Lunch box is so noisy.

  • Nightmullet 69
    Nightmullet 69 4 ay önce

    How does Radio work? Does every state hear Bobby bones? I legit thought radio hosts were just in my city. And each state had their own hosts.

  • Itzel Zaragoza
    Itzel Zaragoza 4 ay önce

    Him seems like a genuine person I hope that Sharna finally wins with him

  • barney van valin
    barney van valin 4 ay önce

    Definitely an elephant in the room those two danced around.

  • Marie P.
    Marie P. 4 ay önce

    Bobby needs to chill I’m pretty sure sharna isn’t interested in him

  • Cassie Jamison
    Cassie Jamison 4 ay önce

    Idk why Bobby thinks hes just whatever...I think he's hot lol SUPER cute and the personality totally tops it off......back on topic....good luck on dancing with the Stars!!! You got this 💪

  • Jake Cook
    Jake Cook 4 ay önce

    Lunchbox looks & talks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo! He's even wearing the shirt!

  • Dimondravens GT
    Dimondravens GT 4 ay önce

    I thought he would be a bigger guy

  • Dimondravens GT
    Dimondravens GT 4 ay önce


  • Angel Eyes831
    Angel Eyes831 4 ay önce

    I listen to your show religiously and that performance that you put on with my favorite woman! Was absolutely amazing and mind blowing! You were amazing and I loved the ending!!!!! Giiit r dun! Lol ❤️😘

  • Drivetime Josh
    Drivetime Josh 4 ay önce

    Way out of Bobby’s league, thank god for being famous.