Becoming an F1 World Champion at 23 | Lewis Hamilton | Google Zeitgeist

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  • ipi223
    ipi223 1 ay önce

    the man is really down to earth for me! even if he win all in his way... forget the fashion and glamour (which i like... :)) he is a better driver in a better machine

  • Cathedral Noir
    Cathedral Noir 2 ay önce

    Spoken like a true Master. Fuck the critics.

  • Tony Conrad
    Tony Conrad 2 ay önce

    I wouldn't call Fiona Bruce a leader although she is good at what she does. After she is a feminist.

  • Георги П.
    Георги П. 2 ay önce

    I have always respected Lewis and his accomplishments, but I don't understand this: Why would he be heavier if he drinks the 500 ml of water, when it is already in the car? I mean the water is already there, so make the best out of it.

  • Armando Betancourt
    Armando Betancourt 2 ay önce

    Fiona Bruce is intelligent and sexy 😍😘

    DDT DDT 2 ay önce

    My hat off to you sir.

  • ABC
    ABC 2 ay önce

    why is he wearing glasses ?

  • Blah
    Blah 3 ay önce

    So, not a Coulthard or a Brundle (fly) then. OK. I can appreciate all that! BUT (there is always a 'but')
    Losing Nicole Scherzinger ? Bad move man, bad move...

  • Bluewren Reilly
    Bluewren Reilly 3 ay önce

    That's my girl she is one in millions!

  • Huntl 1972
    Huntl 1972 3 ay önce

    This man is so special. An absolute honour to have him in this sport. There is no need to make apologies for winning so much !!!

  • J M
    J M 3 ay önce

    How the hell is he a leader of our time he's a damn race car driver he's not anyone special or hasn't done anything special he's a damn car driver

  • Me Too
    Me Too 4 ay önce

    Who else finds it interesting that Lewis idolized Aryton Senna verses someone like Micheal Schumacher who was relevant when Lewis was a kid. Maybe because Ayrton would have been the GOAT if he wasn't tragically killed

  • Arif Rakhman
    Arif Rakhman 4 ay önce

    That spectacle ... Does Lewis actually use the spectacle regularly unless during race or it's simply for making him look elegantly good?

  • Sol ve
    Sol ve 4 ay önce

    In every sport you always meet one or two people that attract you to the sport and Lewis is that person that will attract people to F1.
    I hope they find somebody to replace him after he retired from f1 or else f1 will go down hill.

  • Trisha Greaves -Holden

    What a charming, intelligent young man. Go Lewis!

  • Marley - ite
    Marley - ite 4 ay önce

    Its such a shame how modern society is so judgemental especially since the onset of social media.

  • spaceweed10
    spaceweed10 4 ay önce

    Lewis looks like a twat.

  • Robert Onditi
    Robert Onditi 4 ay önce

    You can tell just within the first 30 sec he's got that gold 'IT' factor.......You just sort of know it....

  • Chernoh Jalloh
    Chernoh Jalloh 4 ay önce

    I was never a formula one fan until 2008 when Lewis Hamilton became champion since then I have watched every formula one race.

  • John Gilligan
    John Gilligan 5 ay önce

    Are we so desperate for heroes ? Hamilton wraps himself in the union jack yet he lives in Monaco and Switzerland before that, it could be he likes that good European weather being nearer to his workplace or the fact that he pays no personal income tax as a resident of Monaco.
    He took advantage of all the benefits of a modern welfare state and when it became his turn to contribute he ran away to become a resident of Monaco where the sea is blue and personal taxes don't apply.
    It was his decision to leave for purely monetary reasons although he did the country a favour by keeping his British citizenship, he is a role model for selfishness, no hero

  • Carlos Schrader
    Carlos Schrader 5 ay önce

    What's the point in not drinking that litre if it's already in the car with you? Unless you don't wanna piss

  • Doginu
    Doginu 5 ay önce

    Lewis, There's a fly on your sweater....

  • ghost the king
    ghost the king 5 ay önce

    Deutschland. Its the best. Ferrari

  • callallilly
    callallilly 5 ay önce

    So well spoken and very grateful. Follow him on Instagram always sending out positive vibes even though people just like to bring him down race after race. There is no denying he’s an amazing F1 driver but he’s also a great role model. Great interview.

  • LM C
    LM C 5 ay önce

    Although I have always know about him, but I have never really knew him before this, until now wow I have a lot more respect for this guy... Great attitude...

  • rupedo1
    rupedo1 5 ay önce

    I really didn't like LH, however after hearing and seeing this interview I've definitely changed my mind. Down to earth, thoughtful, humble, well spoken and grateful, I'm now a fan!

  • DG Medor
    DG Medor 5 ay önce

    Do not judge me by the colour of my skin but the content of my character .All those who judge should be judged.
    Martin L King

  • DG Medor
    DG Medor 5 ay önce

    This is one of the best interviews an interviewee I have ever seen..Fiona Bruce should have her own TV show.And LH was just quality with a capital Q.

  • Moutton Noir
    Moutton Noir 5 ay önce

    A fascinating interview. His focus and clarity of thought is incredible. Listening to Lewis speak- he never once stumbled "ummed or ahhd" so fluent and articulate. The man is a machine! Seriously impressive human being. A true champion.

  • Boo Boo
    Boo Boo 5 ay önce

    Hamilton’s dad is a legend what a bloke and look what he created, brilliant and Lewis makes me proud to be British

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas 5 ay önce

    He’d make a good astronaut

  • ocubex
    ocubex 5 ay önce

    Fiona is such a great interviewer... Lewis, what can I say.

  • lange darm
    lange darm 5 ay önce

    very insightful interview, but what does it have to do with the 'leaders of our time' and the zeitgeist movement?

  • Aadil Adams
    Aadil Adams 5 ay önce

    Enlightening interview, being able to just listen to someone speak is a rarity. Big congratulations to the interviewer.

  • Ari Papandreou
    Ari Papandreou 5 ay önce

    Love you bro!!!

  • Ari Papandreou
    Ari Papandreou 5 ay önce

    an amazing athelet and an amazing person.

  • Gordy
    Gordy 5 ay önce

    hamilton is narsistic

  • Buddy Love
    Buddy Love 6 ay önce

    For all the Haters out there, if you're having a hard time accepting Lewis Hamilton, just pretend he isn't black that might help your problem.

  • hawkeye0248
    hawkeye0248 6 ay önce

    Lewis, the hairstyle you have in this video looks a million times better than the crap you currently have. Please man, make a plan.

  • i am me
    i am me 6 ay önce

    id still lick fiona bruce asshole