This Thing Really SHOCKS

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  • Riley plays with bey and stuff

    that's a lot of clamps XD

  • Tia Hansen
    Tia Hansen 1 hafta önce

    u should freeze glue

  • Ollie Carson
    Ollie Carson 2 hafta önce

    We will we will shock you

  • will smith
    will smith 2 hafta önce

    dude I love grants laugh glad hes in the video

  • JJ Fryling
    JJ Fryling 3 hafta önce


  • Solo 1006
    Solo 1006 3 hafta önce

    Your a wizard Harry

  • PurrPle RooF
    PurrPle RooF 3 hafta önce

    You forgot to say lumos to light your wand. And you forgot to say nox to put out the light at the end of your wand!!!!
    Btw, i <3 TKOR and Harry Potter so I <3 × 1000000 this vid!!!!!!

  • Tom Turnbull
    Tom Turnbull 1 ay önce

    I had a pack of cards that gave a shock when you pulled the cards out. But someone got such fright the threw the whole lot up in the air and it just smashed to bits on the ground.

  • Daniel Cuevas
    Daniel Cuevas 1 ay önce

    Needs more zip ties

  • OneCrafty Lady
    OneCrafty Lady 1 ay önce

    I'm disappointed that nate didn't tell us what his house is in this video. :(

  • Shaoshi Master
    Shaoshi Master 1 ay önce

    But its leviooosa not laviosaaaa

  • Dan k
    Dan k 1 ay önce

    How do you do battery replacement?

  • TheBlacker Gt
    TheBlacker Gt 1 ay önce

    11:03 i saw it

    SONIC EXE 1 ay önce

    I love the VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!😘😍😍😘😘🤩

  • Matthew Tanner
    Matthew Tanner 1 ay önce

    you should have done a pottermore quiz, and made it your length and wood.

  • Roblox gaming and stuff

    Whole video making the shocked and 1/8 at the end of the video: trying it

  • The Hexspert123
    The Hexspert123 1 ay önce

    eggcellent pun, it really CRACKED me up

  • Ghost McGhost.
    Ghost McGhost. 1 ay önce

    Dude just sell all the weird stuff you make like who doesn't want a shocking wand.

  • wanshui ma
    wanshui ma 1 ay önce

    Or maybe 11:01

  • wanshui ma
    wanshui ma 1 ay önce

    I saw something at 11:02

  • wanshui ma
    wanshui ma 1 ay önce

    the glitchy thingy was at 9:08

  • I'll Be In The Car
    I'll Be In The Car 1 ay önce

    So in other words your making a scaled down tazer 😜

  • Mason Eaton
    Mason Eaton 1 ay önce

    Length: 13in.
    Core: Nate arm hair
    Wood: olive wood

  • RKO - Gaming
    RKO - Gaming 1 ay önce

    Harry Potter Wants to know your locations

  • Milla Alvarez
    Milla Alvarez 1 ay önce

    the perfect spell is EXPELIARMUS

  • Jennifer L Guidry
    Jennifer L Guidry 1 ay önce


  • Savannah Cargill
    Savannah Cargill 1 ay önce

    Oh iwant it. OH I WANT IT SO BADDDDDD

  • AntoineR
    AntoineR 1 ay önce

    Avada kedavra

  • star soccer
    star soccer 1 ay önce

    love your videos

  • Michael Johnny
    Michael Johnny 1 ay önce

    0:52 he acts like he gets shocked but he's wearing rubber gloves lol

  • Hannah Elizabeth Wee

    im a really really big fan of harry potter to im a kid okay

  • Jgouken
    Jgouken 1 ay önce

    How many times did he say "shock" (including suffixes)

  • Mooney Galaxy
    Mooney Galaxy 1 ay önce

    You: guys I love Harry Potter-
    Me: say no more *clicks subscribe 1000000 times *
    I just realised something... the wire is the magic core in the wand🤯

  • GachaPotato
    GachaPotato 2 ay önce

    There is a new harry Potter movie coming out on April 25, 2020

  • Jesse Lapides
    Jesse Lapides 2 ay önce

    now troll someone by getting more efficient batteries and give a real surprise lol

  • Mindy Thompson
    Mindy Thompson 2 ay önce

    (I forget the name XD pls tell me what it is in the comments) :You're a wizard Nate Nate: Im a what!? (Pls tell me who it is): a blizzard

    The meme

  • Jaiden Scott
    Jaiden Scott 2 ay önce

    Does anybody actually use or copy these king of random videos to make their own stuff or have their own experiments? I just watch for fun and intellect.

  • Andi Phillip
    Andi Phillip 2 ay önce

    It's not Lev... You know what never mind.

  • Dustin Z.
    Dustin Z. 2 ay önce

    I was SHOCKED when I saw this

  • lunar love and lots more

    what ya fell off 4 lol EXPECTO PATRONUM MINES A WOLF AND IMA RAVENCLAW what's your house nate?