Magic Johnson says Lakers GM was ‘backstabbing’, Luke Walton firing was the final straw | First Take

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  • Rafael Gracie
    Rafael Gracie 1 hafta önce

    Rob came back and showed he’s a good gm...
    Go lakers

  • anik adhora
    anik adhora 1 hafta önce

    a letter to Magic Johnson, Dear Johnson, today I am 35 years old and I am Bangladeshi. Settelite tv and Basketball both were new things to our village. One day, in Black and white television, I was watching star sports NBA and it was Lakers and I couldn't believe how incredible sports man you were. You were truly magic. Since then you were my dream sports man. I was 14 years that time. Today I am watching your matches and trust me you are best in best. I wish I could see you in real one day.

  • Jp Stnsn
    Jp Stnsn 1 hafta önce

    Nah Magic you were the problem. Giving up Dlo, Lopez, Lou Williams and Zubac? Drafting Bozo Ball instead of Fox or Tatum? Sux at being coach, great player but sux at everything else.

  • Jeremiah Youngbird
    Jeremiah Youngbird 4 hafta önce

    You guys know he made a.d lebron kuzma and McGee team up in LA.? He gambled years of losing to make history to pass up the celtics in championship so I think everyone disrespected magic..... he's a powerful, intelligent man. I miss him

  • Michael X
    Michael X 1 ay önce

    They need to babyface this episode.

  • Aaron9
    Aaron9 1 ay önce

    Lavar was right

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 2 ay önce

    magic johnson was right about lakers gm was backstabbing ?

  • Renee Pena
    Renee Pena 2 ay önce

    I'm happy to see that most people outside of delusional Laker Land now realize that Magic is a piss poor basketball executive and one of the most myopic human beings to ever live. If there's a microphone within a thousand feet of this piece of shit, he'll find it to give his ignorant views on anything and everything. Meanwhile, Larry Legend's legend continues to grow and grow as time goes on. Better overall player than Tragic on the court and quite obviously a better coach and executive by a mile. I don't see Larry Bird looking for a microphone every chance he gets saying "look at me, look at me". As always, Bird is pure class while HIV Johnson, the sex addict, is a pure ass. And OHHHHH how that pisses you Lakers fans off, right?!?!?!?!?! Just admit the truth, it'll be a lot easier for you than to defend this worthless pile of pig shit.

  • All Things City Channel.

    Magic Johnson Has HIV...lmaooooo..!!!

  • eddie collins
    eddie collins 3 ay önce

    Why did you resign?
    “Because I suck at this.”
    “Sounds about right.

  • Vonka Abbas
    Vonka Abbas 3 ay önce

    Magic Johnson is a man whore, a walking STD, and a sexist lowlife that enjoys discouraging his daughter's sexuality, but not his sons. He deserves to have his d*** chopped off. Hs is the reason this world is still so sexist!!

  • Tina Morefield
    Tina Morefield 3 ay önce

    Magic Johnson is a lowlife scum that enjoys oppressing women and encouraging sexism by discouraging his daughter's sexuality/interests, but not his sons. He is the reason this world is still so f***ing sexist!!! I hope he dies from HIV!!

  • Ivan Ruzic
    Ivan Ruzic 3 ay önce

    Obviously the GM they are talking about is LeBron James.

  • Robert Perez
    Robert Perez 3 ay önce

    Magic is a bitch not a true Laker

  • Cody Zonk
    Cody Zonk 3 ay önce

    i like the positivity

  • Company Owner
    Company Owner 3 ay önce

    Another example of HOP thinking he can run an organization... One has nothing to do with the other.

  • Terrance Hamilton
    Terrance Hamilton 3 ay önce

    I love Magic Johnson to death however u can’t run an organization being there 40% of the time.

  • Teetee
    Teetee 3 ay önce

    Rob Pelinka is actually doing a great job now. From the coach hiring to the amazing free agent signings. The trade for AD. Lakers are rolling and i think Pelinka does have that work ethic

  • MarloSoBalJr
    MarloSoBalJr 3 ay önce

    You know who else blame everyone for their own demise? FAILURES

    -UrinatingTree June 2019

  • Marquies Johnson
    Marquies Johnson 3 ay önce

    Lavar said it from day 1

  • jeffrey conyers
    jeffrey conyers 4 ay önce

    Fire Luke? Darn, he was in the struggle with the Lakers. As many can honesty recall the word "quitter" is Magic. He quit as a coach decades ago. Now, he quit as General manager. So Walton isn't on the court.

  • craig roark
    craig roark 4 ay önce

    How Did Magic Johnson catch H.I.V.??? He was in his car then pulled over to the side of the road as he blew a Piston.

  • Edgar E. McCarthy
    Edgar E. McCarthy 4 ay önce

    We need Jerry West back he's builds champion teams

  • angel cortez
    angel cortez 4 ay önce

    Kobe for Coach 🙏🏽

  • egghead37able
    egghead37able 4 ay önce

    btw, it was nick's fault! dangelo was only telling the truth!

  • chito glen Deslate
    chito glen Deslate 4 ay önce

    Just concern of his self
    Its good he is out of lakers

  • Altair76
    Altair76 4 ay önce

    I am with Magic all the way.

  • Felicia Moniq
    Felicia Moniq 4 ay önce

    This video is a part of a 77 video playlist by ESPN entitled “Magic Johnson resigns from the Lakers”.

    Seventy-Seven videos!?!?!

    SLIP NORRIS 4 ay önce

    This interview came back to haunt the Lakers in FA

  • Prem Chopra
    Prem Chopra 4 ay önce

    Magic could play a ninja turtle without any changes to his face. Just paint him green and he's good to go :-)

  • hustler Khan
    hustler Khan 4 ay önce

    Magic said he quit “because it wasn’t fun anymore” lol did he think he was having a orgy from the 80’s????

  • hustler Khan
    hustler Khan 4 ay önce

    Magic is a selfish egomaniac

    SLIP NORRIS 4 ay önce

    The interview that can possibly fuck up the chances of the Lakers getting Kawhi.

  • John Chen
    John Chen 4 ay önce

    Not a single soul:
    Stephen A. : Purlinka

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang 4 ay önce

    Under Magic the Lakers for Lonzo,Kuz and Hart and only Kuzma remains and you could say that Kuzma was more of a lucky pick than a good basketball decision so it really makes you wonder just how beneficial Magic was for the franchise now that we have AD, all the possible cap space we needed badly and possibly Kawhi

  • Tabe8 8
    Tabe8 8 4 ay önce

    Do you think Magic would want to go back in time and not do this interview?

  • Dave Baker
    Dave Baker 4 ay önce

    I don't think another GM (I know he was Prez, whatever) has ever backstabbed and betrayed his team like Magic did. He deserves to be booed by Lakers fan at every sports appearance. For an incredibly selfless player, he turned into the most selfish NBA Administrator in history.

  • Agra Nam
    Agra Nam 4 ay önce

    Magic was a DISASTER. He started the interview by saying, i make more money with my businesses? DONT TAKE THE JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE THEN, THIS ISNT SOME HOBBY YOU CAN HALF ASS.

  • Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé

    Finally the Lakers are doing the right thing since the days of Jerry Bush, firing Magic Johnson, a great player but terrible manager, and Luke Walton the worst coach.

  • hustler Khan
    hustler Khan 4 ay önce

    Magic never had a good character. Slept with thousands of women!!!!