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  • Halloween is here!!! I've noticed every year I do a skull and I thought for sure this year I wouldn't but look where we are 🤔 I figured I teach you how to keep your makeup on all day year round so today let's do the opposite and have our faces melt off 😰 enjoy! QUAY X DESI HIGH KEY SUNGLASSES AVAILABLE AT Nordstroms - ASOS - Bloomingdale's - ♡ LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE :) ♡ Subscribe here: SNAPCHAT: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: ♡ PRODUCTS USED ♡ MAC 'Pro Paint Pot - Soft Ochre MAC - BLANC TYPE Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow BURNT ORANGE Karity Single Shadow - SAFEWORD INGLOT AMC EYELINER GEL 77 HOL KNOCKOUT MAYBELLINE Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation NARS Creamy Concealer Ginger Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder Mehron Paradise AQ Palette 30 Color Mehron Fleshtone 3D Gel, 2 oz - ♡ EBATES How I Get Money back when I Shop Online: ---In order to get Cash Back you have to shop through Ebates website - ♫ MUSIC USED ♫ JAM Studio - Trap To The Future - ✗ Camera Gear Use ✗ NEW vLog Camera (Canon 70D): Old Blog Camera (Sony a5100): Steady Cam (DJI OSMO): Drone Shots (DJI Phantom 3): Tutorial DSLR (Cannon 5DIII): Gopro4 Silver: . DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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  • Susma Singh
    Susma Singh 2 hafta önce

    Where she is going now 💋💋

  • Jawanbowden 24
    Jawanbowden 24 1 ay önce

    If this is real we are simulated

  • Deea Ve
    Deea Ve 3 ay önce

    this is amazing!

  • Eman
    Eman 3 ay önce

    I have tried your makeup and using makeup only, it turned out really nice

  • Meghana Gupta
    Meghana Gupta 3 ay önce

    I tried this n it looked amazing but since this was my very last minute look n I didn't have the paper or gel I just ended up using Indian ink n white poster paint for the makeup

  • Charlotte Claussen
    Charlotte Claussen 3 ay önce

    This is my face paint for tonight taking my kids trick-or-treating can’t wait to do it thank you so much

  • Clizia Morgante
    Clizia Morgante 3 ay önce

    I'll try doing it tonight, wish me luck ahahahh

  • Eric Centers
    Eric Centers 3 ay önce

    wow. you are so pretty! modelesque!

  • Ashlyn Bazy
    Ashlyn Bazy 3 ay önce

    do you think I could do this by just pouring the gel over the skull I create without making the “drips” out of makeup first??

  • La rosa Reyes
    La rosa Reyes 3 ay önce


  • Patchareeya Chanhom
    Patchareeya Chanhom 3 ay önce

    I have imitated it but don't get the teeth because my lips are too big its so sad

  • Marcea Falcon
    Marcea Falcon 3 ay önce

    Watching this two years later !!! YASSS QUEEN

  • Miranda Morales
    Miranda Morales 3 ay önce

    Did you use all of the fleshtone gel?

  • Chrissi Kirkland
    Chrissi Kirkland 3 ay önce

    Cut out the obnoxious music at the beginning.
    Otherwise it's a very good video.

  • Michelle de Lima
    Michelle de Lima 3 ay önce

    Nossaaa! Essa mulher é um arraso! Detonou na maquiagem! Fera !

  • TacoMoshingPanda
    TacoMoshingPanda 3 ay önce

    this video would of been i deal if you did a close up love but otherwise love it

  • Irma Gomez
    Irma Gomez 3 ay önce

    The foundation falls on your skin so smoothly

  • Ely Ramirez
    Ely Ramirez 3 ay önce

    2 years later and this is still so iconic, love you kween

  • Virginie Champoux
    Virginie Champoux 3 ay önce

    I did it!!!
    But it took me 2 hours 😂

  • ishrat khan
    ishrat khan 3 ay önce

    Your hair looks exactly like nikki from nikki and gabi

  • Lilly Moore
    Lilly Moore 3 ay önce

    Random side note....I love your hair in this video. Is it dyed or a wig? If a wig so you mind sharing where you got it? Thanks. Doing this look for Halloween this year 😻

  • sayonarasami
    sayonarasami 3 ay önce

    how did you do your eyeliner like that D: so good

  • Cinthia Rafa
    Cinthia Rafa 3 ay önce

    Perfeita 👏👏👏👏

  • Pweddi Lana
    Pweddi Lana 3 ay önce

    This was amazing..I really love how you explained this tutorial thoroughly ❤️❤️this was quite helpful..I want to most definitely try this😍

  • alecklud
    alecklud 3 ay önce

    What would you wear with this ??

  • Odette Stremel
    Odette Stremel 3 ay önce

    You are amazing!!! ❤️

  • Dawnmarie Torkos
    Dawnmarie Torkos 4 ay önce

    Where did you get the wig?

  • Dyana NYC
    Dyana NYC 4 ay önce

    Wowww, amazing great job 💀👍🏻👍🏻

  • BobbyG
    BobbyG 4 ay önce

    Wicked cool

  • Nehal Tenany
    Nehal Tenany 4 ay önce

    whose here to get ideas for Halloween 2018?

  • Hayley
    Hayley 4 ay önce

    I come back to this video every year!! Your talent is incredible girl.

  • Julie Schwartz
    Julie Schwartz 4 ay önce

    i come back every year. still one of the best tutorials on youtube

  • Danielle Guzman
    Danielle Guzman 4 ay önce

    So rad! Also you are gorgeous!😍😎

  • Star Lynn
    Star Lynn 4 ay önce

    Liquid latex is about the same thing right?

  • Berenice Rivera
    Berenice Rivera 4 ay önce


  • Mel slate42
    Mel slate42 4 ay önce


  • Leslie Bueno
    Leslie Bueno 4 ay önce

    I always come back to this video 😭

  • Jes L.
    Jes L. 4 ay önce


  • YaGirl Kitty
    YaGirl Kitty 4 ay önce

    James has some competition lol xDDD

  • Jini Bajpai
    Jini Bajpai 4 ay önce