Ariana Grande "thank u, next" Interview

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  • Josephine Cherryblossoms

    She has such a pure soul she seems like a person that I would be friends with not because she's famous but because of her personality and how real she is with herself and others as well

  • the darkness
    the darkness 7 saat önce


  • cyber gamer
    cyber gamer 14 saat önce

    Ariana must know i love her for the person she is i love her for the rest of my life

  • Ari Butera's Moonlight Bae

    Some of y'all just now realizing she's a genuine person and an incredible artist when wbk. She's an angel from God. We are blessed lol

  • Tristan Cotton
    Tristan Cotton 17 saat önce


  • Chris Hemsworth
    Chris Hemsworth 1 gün önce

    Man she's so cute

  • Raneen Hawamdah
    Raneen Hawamdah 1 gün önce

    Man I started crying while she was tearing up..

    She doesn’t deserve all this shit.

  • Ariel Ben David's fan
    Ariel Ben David's fan 1 gün önce

    22:54 i came for this
    Thank u, next

  • TogeKing1
    TogeKing1 1 gün önce

    So we’re going to ignore the fact that Ariana just admitted she sucks dick 🤣 cause SAME ARI SAME !!!

  • Maya Naomi Anderson
    Maya Naomi Anderson 1 gün önce

    Ariana wanna be black so bad

  • Jen Rodriguez
    Jen Rodriguez 1 gün önce

    her humour is so witty and quirky i love it

  • Kenzie’s Vlogs
    Kenzie’s Vlogs 1 gün önce

    49:56 sooo pretty 😍😍

  • Emily
    Emily 1 gün önce


  • Jean Nascimento Extras
    Jean Nascimento Extras 2 gün önce

    24:26 Bookmarkin this cause it's one of my fave moments xD

    ariana, leave

    PJ GILES 2 gün önce

    Is it just me, or is Ari’s voice so calming?

  • lily roseee
    lily roseee 2 gün önce

    i listen to this interview on nights when i’m really anxious so i can fall asleep :’)

  • Elizabeth Mcfly
    Elizabeth Mcfly 3 gün önce

    Can anyone give me the time she talks about nasa?

  • jeonhulyana
    jeonhulyana 3 gün önce

    when they were talkin about ghostin i can tell how much ariana is tryna act tough talkin bout it but i know deep inside she jus wanna sob. thats why she said she doesnt even wanna listen to it. that song made me cry so many time i think everytime i listen to it i literally shed a tear

  • Candace McCamey
    Candace McCamey 3 gün önce

    I have that cat pillow!

  • Taylor Balon
    Taylor Balon 4 gün önce

    I feel like Nf and Ari have very similar like.,, beliefs / reasons for doing what they do. Both are passionate for the right reasons if that makes any sense? Sorry I’m bad with words 😭

  • Little Lu
    Little Lu 4 gün önce

    I like it how in the middle of the sentence she starts singing for a moment and it sounds sooo beautiful and than she just carrys on xd

  • ashanti briahna
    ashanti briahna 4 gün önce

    I only want Zach Sang to interview her for the rest of her life cuz his interviews with her are so authentic. He’s such a respectable young man and isn't pushy or goes overboard with questions like most interviewers do. It didn't even seem like an interview to me. It seemed like a group of friends (which they are) just having a normal convo but on camera.

  • JakobWhale
    JakobWhale 5 gün önce

    17:40 this shit so wild 😂😂 I love it!!

  • JakobWhale
    JakobWhale 5 gün önce

    16:16 😂😂😂 she told this whole story and all of the reactions in such a funny way!! adore her so much 💖

  • Smoothie
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  • Susan Finesse
    Susan Finesse 6 gün önce

    I love the way everyone here talks

  • NunyaBizz Bishhh
    NunyaBizz Bishhh 6 gün önce

    This bish definitely suffered from severe mental illness.

  • Ali Dangou
    Ali Dangou 6 gün önce

    she has a new friend called Victoria

  • Matt x
    Matt x 6 gün önce

    Where is the Mac Miller part?

  • Meghan Ward
    Meghan Ward 6 gün önce

    Love how you conduct an interviews. This is great. I love getting to see her just be... Her. Its nice. You make it an actual conversation with the person. Not just a questionnaire about their painful spots in the media.

  • Molly Albert
    Molly Albert 6 gün önce

    1:01:22 HAHHAAH

  • Saif Ali
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  • Adriana Black
    Adriana Black 1 hafta önce

    who else skipped over the intermission to get back to the interview ?

  • ashley_ 8854
    ashley_ 8854 1 hafta önce

    ari was literally high for this entire interview and i loved it

  • Alex Niue
    Alex Niue 1 hafta önce

    best interview ever. We love you Ari

  • Ashleigh Cote
    Ashleigh Cote 1 hafta önce

    “It’s just... you know” - Ariana every 3 seconds

  • srsly jhnny
    srsly jhnny 1 hafta önce

    also maybe jus me, but i feel like the whole damn gang rlly on one hahaha. them muhfuckers look high as hell. 😂😂💀💯

  • srsly jhnny
    srsly jhnny 1 hafta önce

    okay 1 i been following ari for mad long and love her entire group! just had to say tht. nd 2... bahaha bruh am i the only one who noticed the facial interactions between victoria n dan?!? 😂😂😭 oh so so funny. i feel like dans just an asshole, and victoria is not having it. ugh i love her, well nd jus the whole fuckin gang in general. i can jus feel theyre authenticity, and genuineness. its rlly refreshing.

  • Kara Chin
    Kara Chin 1 hafta önce

    Who's Taylor? Im really out of the loop... Arianators please help me out!!

  • Isaiah Walsh
    Isaiah Walsh 1 hafta önce

    She so fine