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  • Envy - Episode! Today we read the first Episode of Envy! A story about the most popular cheerleader, straight A student aka little miss perfect! Can we find out who our stalker is and also find high school love along the way!? Episode Choose Your Story is an interactive free app game where we make our own choices! Subscribe ► Thank you for watching, liking, commenting, and subscribing! ----------------------------------------- If you read this leave a comment saying ► She finally got married!! ----------------------------------------­ .:Be My Buddy:. ● 2nd Channel: ● Snapchat: ZaiLetsPlay ● Twitter:!/zailetsplay ● Instagram: ----------------------------------------­ .: Game Info :. ● Episode: Choose Your Story - Envy #Episode #ChooseYourStory
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  • ZaiLetsPlay
    ZaiLetsPlay 5 ay önce

    Today we are staring a new Episode story called Envy!!

  • Jasmine Manhviseth
    Jasmine Manhviseth 6 gün önce

    My names Jasmine and that dosnt look like me LOL love ya zaii 😀😀😊🤗

  • Talia Lewis
    Talia Lewis 1 hafta önce

    Honestly I played this already and I couldn’t get enough of it so I watched this 😂

  • lovely Ashley
    lovely Ashley 1 hafta önce

    I think it’s gabby bc she likes carter but carter just goes on about about jasmine. Luv u zai❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • eleventeen
    eleventeen 1 hafta önce


  • Keira Berg
    Keira Berg 3 hafta önce

    How do i get that game?

  • PrincessQueen Aisha
    PrincessQueen Aisha 1 ay önce

    Muslims dont date
    Get that right episode

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 1 ay önce

    Jasmine is my name!

  • Tameka Wilson
    Tameka Wilson 1 ay önce

    I love envy

  • johanna berrezueta
    johanna berrezueta 1 ay önce

    What is the name of the game with all this stories series

  • Michael McIntosh
    Michael McIntosh 1 ay önce

    Spill the tea!!☕️☕️☕️🍵🍵🍵☕️☕️☕️🍵🍵🍵

  • Gachalord Lord025
    Gachalord Lord025 2 ay önce

    I just finished the entire series and just found out that the first episode of envy came out on my birthday

  • Ariana grande fan Bloodline

    Why does one of your eye go up and one goes down

  • Unicorn Panda8512
    Unicorn Panda8512 2 ay önce

    My nickname is faye

  • Grace Appleby
    Grace Appleby 2 ay önce

    I was playing this today as well and I also thought it was gabby and I was right

  • iiPastelJazy 0
    iiPastelJazy 0 2 ay önce

    My name still jasmine

  • Cameron Boyle
    Cameron Boyle 2 ay önce

    Man I love zai!❤️❤️ she is the queen 👑👑👑

  • Crystal & Friends
    Crystal & Friends 2 ay önce

    I found out that you can make your own episode you go to the top left corner press the 3 lines then press create!

  • Tiktok Repost
    Tiktok Repost 3 ay önce


  • Aziyah Carter
    Aziyah Carter 3 ay önce

    i think its gabby

  • Anya 's Adventures and Gamings

    I saw this on episode i watched like when jazz diend and the only cheerleader left is mei and my character

  • aelle virgo
    aelle virgo 3 ay önce


  • Ethma Burnett
    Ethma Burnett 3 ay önce

    Zai, you named your character jasmine like one of the girls on your team, jasmine or jazz. Lol

  • Jerry lOl
    Jerry lOl 3 ay önce

    My name is Jasmine.. LOL

  • Marlon Sajonia
    Marlon Sajonia 3 ay önce

    so you have many diamonds on episode?! WOW?! i really like ur vids AND I SUBCRIBED TO UR channel and i click the bell love u zai u r the most nicest yuotuber I HOPE U REACH 8000,000 SUBCRIBERS!

  • Blxshies uwu
    Blxshies uwu 3 ay önce

    OMG my name's Jasmine too

  • Rania Ahmad
    Rania Ahmad 3 ay önce

    It is going to be Gabby

  • Amber roseclark
    Amber roseclark 3 ay önce

    She finally got married!!

  • Amber roseclark
    Amber roseclark 3 ay önce

    Hey anyone want some hot Cheetos XD Ive got 3 bags of them for my birthday 😆

  • Juan Manuel Heredia G.

    Do you hack the game?

  • Cornelia Miller
    Cornelia Miller 3 ay önce

    Watch kiss list

  • Franklin Morales
    Franklin Morales 3 ay önce

    Envy kinda reminds me of Pretty little liars

  • Galy ._.
    Galy ._. 3 ay önce

    Omg Ok you clearly already knew what was going to happen.


  • Mercedes Ingwell
    Mercedes Ingwell 4 ay önce

    Yesss a new story mor drama

  • gacha wolf
    gacha wolf 4 ay önce

    I got DAT game lol

  • Job Sanchez
    Job Sanchez 4 ay önce

    Can you please play choice story you play the freshman

  • Spectical Gacha
    Spectical Gacha 4 ay önce

    I’m so glad you aren’t like other youtubers and donot actually say the words in the blurred places.

  • Iliana’s ASMR
    Iliana’s ASMR 4 ay önce

    Love you💗💗

  • Aaron Dixon
    Aaron Dixon 4 ay önce

    yep my sister told me its gabby

  • KittyLoverAshley
    KittyLoverAshley 4 ay önce

    Im gay