The Irishman | Announcement [HD]

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  • Olats Olats
    Olats Olats 1 hafta önce

    Sir Martin, I hope you read this message of mine. I love your movies so much since 90's mafia movies. I hope you make a series with Netflix about Lucky Luciano and with his four friends Meyer Lansky, Busgy Siegal. Everyone will really love it. One of the best. Same actors. It will be epic legendary.

  • Chubi
    Chubi 2 hafta önce

    worst trailer ever, wtf?

  • Moffat Clarkson
    Moffat Clarkson 2 hafta önce

    Best trailer of all times.

  • Professional Retard
    Professional Retard 2 hafta önce

    Hard to believe this was 9 months ago.

  • xslayer14
    xslayer14 2 hafta önce

    Robert Deniro, sucks moose cock!!!

  • homerit
    homerit 2 hafta önce

    This is a Masterpiece

  • big R
    big R 2 hafta önce

    Hey, Whats Going On Here

  • Cinemachayan
    Cinemachayan 2 hafta önce

    Can someone please tell me at what time the movie would be streaming in Netflix? I am from India and read somewhere that the movie would be live by 1:30 pm. Can someone please confirm?

  • Alex Weiner
    Alex Weiner 3 hafta önce

    What if one of the actors didn't have an "i" in their name

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 1 ay önce

    In 1972, Frank Sheeran (infamous mobster "The Irishman”) received a visit from “a very prominent lawyer” he knew who was “very big in the Democratic Party” in Delaware. The November general election was approaching, and the race for the U.S. Senate seat held by a Republican was expected to be close. The lawyer wanted help in preventing the distribution of a paid Republican political ad – an insert in the Delaware-wide newspapers – that would run for a week and expose the campaign misrepresentations by the Democratic challenger. Sheeran promised the operative that he “would hire some people and put them on the picket line.” He added, “People nobody would mess with.” The picket line went up, the papers were not delivered all week, and, as Sheeran said, “The day after the election the informational picket line came down, and the newspaper went back to normal and Delaware had a new United States Senator.” His name was Joe Biden. Thereafter, said admitted extortionist, thief and murderer Sheeran, of Biden, “You could reach out for him, and he would listen.”

  • scott ellsworth
    scott ellsworth 2 ay önce

    Bought the book the day after I saw this! Damn....let it be close.

  • Mailson Cerqueira
    Mailson Cerqueira 2 ay önce

    Vc pinta casa ?

  • Dj Wolfville
    Dj Wolfville 3 ay önce

    To bad it's not a big screen release. Other than that, instant masterpiece

  • Q. Milly
    Q. Milly 3 ay önce

    Ringtone 💯

  • Mystic The Wolf
    Mystic The Wolf 3 ay önce

    Is this on Netflix Canada as well?

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 3 ay önce

    Bunch of old has beens representing a country where it is ok to punch old men in bars. No thanks.

    PETER PYCH 3 ay önce

    TRAILER. (151) ?

  • Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!

    Thank god Leo dickaprio is nowhere in this film....... Scorsese just HAD to give it a break casting him in every friggin' movie!

  • Magik Cheese
    Magik Cheese 4 ay önce

    The man who directed Goodfellas, the guy who play in Taxi Driver, the guy who played in The Godfather, the small dude who played in Goodfellas, and that man who played in Reservoir Dogs...hell yeah.

  • folladordeprostis
    folladordeprostis 4 ay önce

    no footage wtf?

  • shaquille sheppard
    shaquille sheppard 4 ay önce

    I heard you paint houses 🏡

  • Romilla Mukherjee
    Romilla Mukherjee 4 ay önce

    Harvey Keitel! Talk about a reunion!

  • wheelmanstan
    wheelmanstan 4 ay önce

    so...who's irish, man?

  • RLS
    RLS 4 ay önce

    I like painting houses

  • Мудрый Неуд

    не тарапитесь. я не успеваю переводить

  • huduman
    huduman 4 ay önce

    If they called this movie "The Puerto Rican," there'd be hell to pay.

  • Gary Kirby
    Gary Kirby 4 ay önce

    Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. This is gonna be incredible!

  • pierpa._
    pierpa._ 4 ay önce

    Just for you who are reading only about actors and director.

    This screenplay's movie is written by Steven Zaillian, the writer of:
    - Schindler's List (Oscar for best screenplay)
    - American Gangster
    - Gangs of New York
    - Awakenings
    - Moneyball
    - The girl with the dragon tattoo
    - Exodus
    - The Night of (Serie)

  • Francisco Hernández


  • Fernando Reyes
    Fernando Reyes 4 ay önce

    The Mick

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo 4 ay önce

    BRO, De Niro, Pacino, Pesci and Martin Scorcese! WTF!! That's the most incredible thing I've seen.

  • Andrew Huff
    Andrew Huff 4 ay önce

    If Robert De Niro wasn’t in it then maybe I’d watch. Hard pass

  • Mike Hawksore
    Mike Hawksore 4 ay önce

    It’s about fucking time

  • Drew Hunkins
    Drew Hunkins 4 ay önce

    Does anyone know when this will open in theaters nationwide? Thanks.

    THE TRUTH HURTS 4 ay önce


  • jordy
    jordy 4 ay önce

    why have I watched this so many times and it’s just VOICES

  • Dmitry Pushkin
    Dmitry Pushkin 4 ay önce

    Уже хочу!

  • David Green
    David Green 4 ay önce

    Man I want to cry lol this is going to be amazing

  • Jeffrey Lee
    Jeffrey Lee 4 ay önce

    it’s about a guy who paints houses.

    who suffers from TDS lmao

  • teel6060
    teel6060 4 ay önce

    What a cast!