fedex delivery

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  • JackEntertainment!
    JackEntertainment! 1 gün önce

    I have heard so many story of your shitty delivery system. Why is it like this?

  • Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing

    I used to work phones for Canada Post, someone called in 'cause the mail delivery person wouldn't deliver packages to someone because they used sealer on their sidewalk. That person wanted a manager I think because they didn't want to be as rude to me as they wanted to be in general. Any call I got like the frigging managers were like "this call didn't need to be escalated and we're reporting you for letting the customer talk to a manager even though you should have told them no". If the customer was just being unreasonable and their complaint was stupid and they were being rude for no reason then it was like "you have to bend over backwards for them and we will definitely take the call and you must do everything they ask". But yeah when someone called with a reasonable complaint policy was try to get them to hang up and never call again.

  • DocDoesGaming
    DocDoesGaming 3 hafta önce

    Or Hermes in Central Europe hahaha cries

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 3 hafta önce

    That face he keeps when he casually throws that parcel is priceless.

  • Dayton Gray
    Dayton Gray 1 ay önce

    so fucking true man, just had this happen today

  • Jimmy Hopkins
    Jimmy Hopkins 1 ay önce

    I always worry about this happening when I get a new snake.

  • Aurea Arleigh
    Aurea Arleigh 1 ay önce

    Yup this is true for my packages from overseas.

  • EpKnight
    EpKnight 1 ay önce

    I worked for USPS delivering for like 6 months and it was 60 hours a week, no breaks, one of the most difficult work in environments I think I will ever experience. They work their butts off. That type of demand on the employees is cause for the lack of care that the customers are receiving.

  • DLG
    DLG 1 ay önce

    The most accurate representation of anything I've ever seen.

  • TayoEXE
    TayoEXE 1 ay önce

    This literally happened to us. I swear, they just can't follow any instructions. How do they keep missing us!?

  • Terry 309
    Terry 309 1 ay önce

    I can totally relate to this

  • Blaze Ventaru
    Blaze Ventaru 1 ay önce

    So true it hurts

  • Masterr Laster
    Masterr Laster 1 ay önce

    Missed the part where delivery driver scans it as "delivered" before he tosses into the bushes. Thus setting off this chain of events.

  • marscaleb
    marscaleb 1 ay önce

    One time we were expecting a package from some new delivery service. They marked it as delivered just fifteen minutes before midnight. It never showed until 3 AM. We figured the delivery guy just went through all his packages, marked them all as delivered so they wouldn't get marked as late, and then finished his deliveries.

  • marscaleb
    marscaleb 1 ay önce

    0:18 What is he saying?!

  • Eternal Carnage
    Eternal Carnage 2 ay önce

    Remember, FedEx is the proof that capitalism works

  • nosleeptonight
    nosleeptonight 2 ay önce

    Canadapost sees this HOLD MY BEER!
    The literal worst postal service in existence, with customer service to match!

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez 2 ay önce

    Let's kill and re-elect their superiors :3

  • Cole Taylor
    Cole Taylor 2 ay önce

    As someone who's father works at UPS, I strongly approve of this video.

  • Maxwell Medford
    Maxwell Medford 2 ay önce

    My father has a mustache...
    My father works at fedex...

  • karimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORD

    new phone who dis? xD

  • o0bookwyrmknight0o
    o0bookwyrmknight0o 2 ay önce

    This video is totally inaccurate! FedEx also did not tweet out your home address in public view!

  • JayDayX116
    JayDayX116 2 ay önce

    At least ups has the decency to knock on the door then run away as fast as possible.

  • The Superior Spider-Mew

    Mostly usps for me

  • DonkeyKing
    DonkeyKing 2 ay önce

    Today I heard the tiniest tap on the door, and I looked up only to see the Fedex guy bolting to his truck

  • Barista of the Cafe
    Barista of the Cafe 2 ay önce

    W e r e y o u r e c o r d i n g m e l a s t w e e k ?

  • patrick watkins
    patrick watkins 3 ay önce

    this literally happened to me a few days mail person came by in the car threw it out the window and kept going, it wasn't even our package.

  • Matthew Plays
    Matthew Plays 3 ay önce

    " whistles Eh, fuggit. throws package over shoulder "

  • CJusticeHappen21
    CJusticeHappen21 3 ay önce

    UPS > FedEx

  • Braden Walker
    Braden Walker 3 ay önce

    My shipping service leaves the package in between the screen door and the actual door if it's small enough, after ringing.

  • JChi
    JChi 3 ay önce

    FedEx is the fucking worst

  • Kenuru Hishiro
    Kenuru Hishiro 3 ay önce

    I'm waiting for my mine for a week! The bastards.

  • Grey Goose
    Grey Goose 3 ay önce

    There was a UPS ad for this

  • skinnedhound18
    skinnedhound18 3 ay önce

    I used to be FedEx , I knocked and everything but people kept calling in complaints .so I stopped . I had one women slam her door open and tell me to get off her porch I asked if she still wanted the package she said fuck off , and the next day I a got a complaint that I sent her package back and knocked. Soo you can't win

  • Woe
    Woe 3 ay önce

    I hate fedex

  • Rice Field Memes
    Rice Field Memes 3 ay önce

    I got a ups ad for this

  • Christopher Taylor
    Christopher Taylor 3 ay önce

    Biggest bunch of liars and blaggers.

  • Jojje4567
    Jojje4567 4 ay önce

    Postnord in a nutshell.

  • con
    con 4 ay önce

    I prefer Santa delivery

  • Cobalt Blues
    Cobalt Blues 4 ay önce

    Brazilian's state mail services to a T