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  • The ACE Family
    The ACE Family 1 hafta önce


  • Shantee
    Shantee Biraz önce

    Old town road: is a popular country song with teens

    Ace family: releases a country song from a platform usually viewed by teens

    Everyone: oMg tHeY cOpiEd oLd ToWn rOaD

  • Tasha Tarr
    Tasha Tarr 3 dakika önce

    The only good thing about this is the dancers in the jean jackets

  • Olga Mejia
    Olga Mejia 13 dakika önce

    I love this song so much and when I am sad I love to hear this

  • ulisses Vlogs
    ulisses Vlogs 14 dakika önce

    Another song carries by the beat

  • Cayla Youngquist
    Cayla Youngquist 15 dakika önce

    They are just using the horses as props and clout. And I have 4 horses and I would never use them for that reason.

  • Karizma 00
    Karizma 00 20 dakika önce

    Sooooo are we not gonna talk about how everytime they get done with that giddy giddy up like at 1:49 THIS DUDE HAS NOOO RYTHM. He deserves to be pushed off the scene he be messing up everytime that part come on dude

  • Grace Lorin
    Grace Lorin 22 dakika önce


  • shawneen pady
    shawneen pady 23 dakika önce

    Austin is a pure narcissist 🤣🤣

  • Karizma 00
    Karizma 00 23 dakika önce

    0:57 uuummm noooo 1:03 best part of the whole video

  • Sacripentia. or just call me scrappy or whatever.

    This is terrible.

  • GhoGha alone
    GhoGha alone 27 dakika önce

    دوسش دارم 😊

  • Scrublord853
    Scrublord853 28 dakika önce

    Oh god this is so fucking bad

  • David DeNardo
    David DeNardo 33 dakika önce

    Jealous of that guy at 0:55

  • Savagecat 96
    Savagecat 96 37 dakika önce

    Okay the bit is absolutely DISGUSTING

  • Kailee Collum
    Kailee Collum 43 dakika önce

    There so much hate on this video why can you Just be supportive

  • Amy T
    Amy T 43 dakika önce

    I mean good music and all but, why do u feel the need to have horses in your video? It makes ppl like me annoyed as I am an equestrian and know a lot about horses, yet some guy who doesn't know ANYTHING about them is using them for music and for looks. And dude, you were straight out yanking on the horses lead rope and bit. Oh and of course you don't know what a bit is and how uncomfortable it is in the horses mouth when you pull on it. You are not an equestrian and shouldn't have the right to use horses in videos. 😒

  • Aoss c
    Aoss c 49 dakika önce

    Garbage 🗑

  • Jahlia Moore Spencer
    Jahlia Moore Spencer 54 dakika önce

    Music is not mad for you

  • Daniela Cano
    Daniela Cano 55 dakika önce

    Love how they danced👍🏻🔥

  • Heilum
    Heilum 57 dakika önce

    whose here for 12M views

  • Anushay A
    Anushay A 1 saat önce

    watching the horse is giving me anxiety because he’s clearly unhappy

  • Brianna Lemus
    Brianna Lemus 1 saat önce

    Ngl the dancers went hard

  • Cindy Gonzalez
    Cindy Gonzalez 1 saat önce

    No words......😂

  • junior german
    junior german 1 saat önce

    Dude I have horses and that bit is horrible, bits are bad for horses teeth if you guys are going to ever to get a horse you are going to go buy a book about horses and see how bad bits are😭

  • Zoe Weibel
    Zoe Weibel 1 saat önce

    Get a life

  • Jose Arredondo
    Jose Arredondo 1 saat önce

    have a great day because your song was so good because t me and my all brother cry.

  • lilianna english
    lilianna english 1 saat önce

    aceee fammmilllyyy we stay positive

  • Caroline Murray
    Caroline Murray 1 saat önce

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  • Sebastian_TD 09
    Sebastian_TD 09 1 saat önce

    This is so cringy I’m so many levels 😬

    LUCAS SIMBA 1 saat önce

    He's not playing that guitar 😂😂

    LUCAS SIMBA 1 saat önce

    Straight frauds stealing people's money haha can't hate the hustle

  • TheGoldenCherryy _
    TheGoldenCherryy _ 1 saat önce

    Not a fan tad bit cringe lol but hey go off

  • Della Fowler
    Della Fowler 1 saat önce

    I thought it was a great video, wish the dancer in the back was visible.

  • Ahmya Jasmin Tv
    Ahmya Jasmin Tv 1 saat önce

    We dont call it rodeo we call it rodao 💖💖💖

  • KC Lauderback
    KC Lauderback 1 saat önce

    horse girls have entered the chat

  • sia 15
    sia 15 1 saat önce

    is it just me or every forgot ace family drama

  • Mr LaGyYeZ
    Mr LaGyYeZ 1 saat önce

    When The Horse Was 🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄
    I Felt That

  • Sarah Flannery
    Sarah Flannery 1 saat önce

    The mom is trying to look so good on the horse but she’s probably thinking to her self hope I don’t fall off

  • Sarah Flannery
    Sarah Flannery 2 saat önce

    When your leading a horse you should be on the left side not the right