All Trench Songs Ranked! | Twenty One Pilots

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  • Gabe West
    Gabe West 2 dakika önce

    Well, shit

  • Gabe West
    Gabe West 2 dakika önce

    My guess, Legend will be his favorite. I am at 5:37 right now.

  • pineapplekweensings sings

    My list...
    1. Neon Gravestones
    2. The hype
    4. Morph
    5. Nico and the niners
    6. Pet cheetah
    8. levitate
    9. cut my lip
    10. Legend
    11. Smithereens
    12. My blood
    13. leave the city
    14. Bandito

  • Lenny 3
    Lenny 3 2 gün önce

    1 Jumpsuit
    2 Neon Gravestones
    3 Chlorine
    4 My Blood
    5 Pet Cheetah
    6 Levitate
    7 Smithereens
    8 Legend
    9 Nico and the Niners
    10 Morph
    11 Hype
    12 Cut my lip
    13 Leave the city
    14 Bandito

  • Dyea Johnson
    Dyea Johnson 4 gün önce

    I’d put morph at #2

  • LnninPz
    LnninPz 5 gün önce

    Bandito wtf

  • Yellow Banana75
    Yellow Banana75 5 gün önce

    my top song is smithereens

  • Yellow Banana75
    Yellow Banana75 5 gün önce

    The trigger warning was TRIGGERING so here we go: I am on an island, no one to confide
    Eight days straight, eight hours each and not one line
    I can feel pressure start to possess my mind
    So, I'll take this beat I should delete to exercise
    No, I move slow
    I want to stop time
    I'll sit here 'til I find the problem
    No, I move slow
    I want to stop time
    I'll sit here 'til I find the problem
    I've got a pet cheetah down in my basement
    I've raised him, and bathed him
    And named him Jason Statham
    I've trained him to make me these beats
    Now my pet cheetah's quicker in the studio than on his feet
    I'ma get mine and get going
    I'm showing my faces in just enough places
    I'm done with tip-toeing, I'll stay in my room
    My house is the one where the vultures are perched on the roof
    Get behind me, I bet this nepotistic mindset
    Will help us get ours as we're growing
    This clique means so much to this dude
    It could make him afraid of his music
    And be scared to death he could lose it
    No, I move slow
    I want to stop time
    I'll sit here 'til I find the problem
    No, I move slow
    I want to stop time
    I'll sit here 'til I find the problem
    I'll sit here 'til I
    I'll sit here 'til I find the problem, no
    I'll sit here 'til I
    I'll sit here 'til I find the problem
    No, I move slow
    I want to stop time
    I'll sit here 'til I find the problem
    No, I move slow
    I want to stop time
    I'll sit here 'til I find the problem
    I can feel pressure start to possess my mind
    So I'll take this beat I should delete to exercise
    Pet cheetah, cheetah
    Pet cheetah, cheetah
    Pet cheetah, cheetah
    Pet cheetah, cheetah
    Pet cheetah, cheetah
    Pet cheetah, cheetah
    Pet cheetah, cheetah
    Pet cheetah, cheetah
    Pet cheetah, cheetah
    Pet cheetah, cheetah
    Pet cheetah, cheetah
    Pet cheetah, cheetah

  • The Zebra Weirdo
    The Zebra Weirdo 6 gün önce

    TØP 5 - I don’t think any of these songs are badZ

    1. Neon Gravestones - as someone who has struggled with suicidal thoughts and mental illness. This song means so much to me.

    2. My blood - I have two older brothers who were always there for me especially when my parents weren’t. Multiple times my brothers made sacrifices for me and vice versa as we have all struggled through bullying.

    3. Chlorine - I have two meanings for this one. 1 the one about the creative process (he made a video on it) I am also a writer so this song means a lot to me and I relate to it. 2 The Chemical imbalance and what depression can do to you. I know it means different things to different people, that’s what it means to me.

    4. Nico and Niners - This to me anyway, is just a good song. Vocally, musically, in creativity. And it was always the one I would listen to the most

    5. Jumpsuit - to me, it means a lot. I’m not sure why I liked it so much. It was one of those songs I will never get sick of and had a weird connection song

    Don’t hate me😂

    || - //

    Stay alive

  • Corbin Stanek
    Corbin Stanek 1 hafta önce

    My fave is pet

  • Ace Of Clubs
    Ace Of Clubs 1 hafta önce

    Chlorine is the best bitches

  • Ace Of Clubs
    Ace Of Clubs 1 hafta önce

    I watched this video while playing chlorine.

  • Nicholas Burke
    Nicholas Burke 1 hafta önce


  • Badeend
    Badeend 1 hafta önce

    I love them all so im not angry that you put badito so low just like chlorine

  • Jacky boy 2015
    Jacky boy 2015 1 hafta önce

    1.neon gravestones
    3.leave the city and the niners
    6.morph blood
    11.cut my lip
    12.levitate cheetah
    14.the hype

  • Lizik
    Lizik 1 hafta önce

    Morph is the best!!

  • sophv
    sophv 2 hafta önce

    the hype is superior but go off

    my list is
    1. the hype
    2. cut my lip
    3. pet cheetah
    4. morph
    5. levitate
    6. legend
    7. chlorine
    8. my blood
    9. smithereens
    10. bandito
    11. neon gravestones
    12. natn
    13. leave the city
    14. jumpsuit

  • Holtsass_ 19
    Holtsass_ 19 2 hafta önce

    He dissed Chlorine and Smithereens. I’M GONNA RIOT!!!

  • Twenty Øne Piløts RULE
    Twenty Øne Piløts RULE 2 hafta önce

    My Ranking

    1.) Jumpsuit
    2.) Levitate
    3.) Morph
    4.) My Blood
    5.) Chlorine
    6.) Smithereens
    7.) Neon Gravestones
    8.) The Hype
    9.) Nico And The Niners
    10.) Cut My Lip
    11.) Bandito
    12.) Pet Cheetah
    13.) Legend
    14.) Leave the City

    Just Know I LOVE all the song this is just My VERY VERY VERY favorite to my favorite

  • Bernat Comas
    Bernat Comas 2 hafta önce

    14. Bandito
    13. Jumpsuit
    And with a lot of difference
    12. Cut my lip
    11. Nico and the niners
    10. Neon Gravestones
    9. Pet Cheetah
    8. Leave the city
    And light years away
    7. Levitate
    6. The Hype
    5. My blood
    4. Smitherens
    3. Chlorine
    2. Legend
    1. Morph

  • Precious I
    Precious I 2 hafta önce

    My Ranking (Favorite to Least Favorite):
    #1 Bandito
    #2 Chlorine
    #3 Pet Cheetah
    #4 Morph
    #5 Levitate
    #6 Jumpsuit
    #7 My Blood
    #8 Neon Gravestones
    #9 Leave the City
    #10 Smithereens
    #11 Nico & the Niners
    #12 Cut My Lip
    #13 Legend
    #14 The Hype

  • Lukasiak Nation
    Lukasiak Nation 2 hafta önce

    I wouldn't rank them but honestly my fav is levitate it is so underrated

  • Turbo1479r
    Turbo1479r 2 hafta önce

    Least fav to most fav

    14-Morph(Idk i didn't give attention to it and Overrated in my opinion Good chorus though)
    13-Pet cheetah(Same reason as morph i just like the meaning of the song better)
    12-Legend(This songs ok i like how tyler talks about his grandpa but this song is not popular as much as the other songs but it would be a lot higher if the song was a bit longer)
    11-Smithereens(it used to be my favorite songs but i got kinda of bored of it but i still like it)
    10-Leave The city(basically the truce,goner,clear,isle of flightless birds of trench but i like the rest of the songs better)(Good song though)
    9-Cut my lip-(Used to be my least favorite but i listened to it alot more and im starting to like it now)
    8-My blood(Really meaningful song i respect it because its unique its different from other songs)(for me its the lane boy of trench)
    7-The hype(I like this because of the instrumental more than the actual lyrics but its also a fun song but its underrated sadly)
    6-Nico and the niners(GOOD RAP GOOD LYRICS GOOD STUFF only problem is its too calm)
    5-Jumpsuit(Scream part lol)
    4-Levitate(its really fun to sing and memorize but alot of people dislike it :( )
    3-Neon Gravestones(The most meaningful and respected song in trench I hope this will be the next music video)
    2-Chlorine(i dont know to describe this perfect song so i dont trust it)
    1-BANDITO(My favorite song is cliffs least favorite song lol but ya i dont know i just like it so much And its actually the last song i listened to lol)

    KING SLAYER 2 hafta önce

    My opinion
    1.neon gravestone cheetah and niners
    8.leave the city
    9.cut my lip
    11.the hype blood

  • Jeremy Buckelew
    Jeremy Buckelew 2 hafta önce

    CHLORINE IS NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Random_boiii72
    Random_boiii72 2 hafta önce

    Ahhh I said neon gravestones would be your first but it was 2nd 😤

  • emily camburn
    emily camburn 2 hafta önce

    why does no one like smithereens it’s actually one of my favorites it’s so cute

  • faith may
    faith may 3 hafta önce

    Before I watched the video I made my own list and mine was pretty different from yours. My number one song is Legend and I honestly thought it would be yours too. But while you were going threw your list I was starting to question my list and by the end of the video I decided that for me, I cant put there songs on a list because there just all so amazing and sound great with every mood.

  • Sam
    Sam 3 hafta önce

    Are we just going to ignore the fact the Prof can actually sing/rap a TØP song and he actually sounds good?

  • Chynna Karin
    Chynna Karin 3 hafta önce

    I’m hurt. Very hurt.

  • Judith Sauch Secanell
    Judith Sauch Secanell 3 hafta önce

    I think your top 1 will be Morph (I'm just saying it because I really hope it is beacuse it is my favourite 😂😂)

  • Grant Jacobson
    Grant Jacobson 3 hafta önce

    Prob my favorite album ever and I dont have any problems with any of them. Chlorine is my numba 1! 👌🔥
    I respectfully do not agree with any of your ranking except bandito... ya, that one is ok. Really hard to rank all of these songs though. Great video!

  • MasterMan
    MasterMan 3 hafta önce

    I don’t really like pet cheetah either

  • Sarah Foxy
    Sarah Foxy 3 hafta önce

    Jokes on you, I’m 13.

  • Madeline Feldwick
    Madeline Feldwick 3 hafta önce

    my rankings are:
    1) neon gravestones
    2) bandito
    3) my blood
    4) nico and the niners
    5) pet cheetah
    6) legend
    7) levitate
    8) jumpsuit
    9) chlorine
    10) morph
    11) leave the city
    12) the hype
    13) smithereens
    14) cut my lip
    they’re in order of which ones have impacted me the most

  • Gracie Belsky
    Gracie Belsky 3 hafta önce

    In my opinion Morph and Smithereens are my favorite

  • Mel honeyBee
    Mel honeyBee 3 hafta önce

    I love them all except pet cheetah

  • Panic! At the chemical Fall out Out Pilots

    My fav is My blood right now

  • SOS Save Our Seas
    SOS Save Our Seas 3 hafta önce


    He says Solina Fahlo when he talks about Bandito

    Right here: 1:55



  • Jennifer Crawford
    Jennifer Crawford 3 hafta önce

    It’s actually amazing that we both like 21 Pilots because we always completely disagree on best songs and lyrics. Except for Cheetah and Smithereens your bottom songs were my tops!!