Extreme KONMARI Method Clothes Decluttering // Before & After Marie Kondo! [CC]

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  • Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

    Thank you so much for watching! All clothing donations have gone to the Scope Charity shops around Brighton (UK) so if you’re a vintage/retro fan I suggest heading to one soon! Let me know if you pick up anything of mine…
    Follow me around the internet:
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/JessicaOutOfTheCloset
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/JessicaOOTC

  • Elise Birk
    Elise Birk 1 hafta önce

    Love that hairstyle on Jessica

  • Lecci P
    Lecci P 2 hafta önce

    I read both of Marie Kondo's books and I really liked implementing her method into my life. The first time I did it was, maybe, in 2016 or 2017...? And I actually influenced my hole family to join, that was so cool! In terms of keeping everything tidy afterwards, I do tend to loose the organizations in stressful or busy times (like the end of semester in college, things like that) but, what I think is the best part is, when I do the big organization (that I try to do once or twice a year depending on my schedule) I never have piles and piles to give away. The awesome thing about the Konmari method is that, unconsciously when you're buying things for yourself, you tend to only buy things that really give you joy, so when you go see If you don't want something, the piles get smaller and smaller. Is really nice

  • Abelton Senna
    Abelton Senna 3 hafta önce

    :-D lol Funny and sweet the same. Greetings and much love to you, Jessie&Claud. Thanks for sharing this Clothes(s)-process ;-)

  • Niamh Cass
    Niamh Cass 4 hafta önce

    can you adopt me?

  • Chloe Metzger
    Chloe Metzger 1 ay önce

    This has inspired me to go into the depths of my wardrobe and try it again...wish me luck!

  • jo niteotter
    jo niteotter 1 ay önce

    Well, now you’ve done it! I have to confess to my wife that I’ve joined a YouTube channel. I’m reliving our youth thru you two! Well, not really, but our lives have been magical in a slightly more threatening way until the last few years. 😜🥰👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 thank you for the sunshine that is you! And for the very similar circumstances. Fly on sweet sisters! 🌈

  • L P
    L P 1 ay önce

    I really loved what Claudia said about wearing something because she likes it, rather than whether it looks "butch" or "femme". I recently came out as a lesbian and that is such an overwhelming thing for me. I really loved what she said! also, I love you both! lesbian GOALS !!

  • gumgumSulli
    gumgumSulli 1 ay önce

    Such a cute couple

  • Elsie Wollaston
    Elsie Wollaston 2 ay önce

    Jesus christ i love you two so much.

  • Shana Means
    Shana Means 2 ay önce

    You speak to my soul lol

  • Beverly Chemai
    Beverly Chemai 2 ay önce

    I did this for all 5 sections of the method. My baby cousins got a lot of my old clothes and my room has stayed pretty clean. That may be more because I've been spe doing more time at Baez's house than mine though

  • TheQueerBookworm
    TheQueerBookworm 2 ay önce

    I’m also moving this summer into my nan’s old house and since I’ve got a lot of time on my hands after finishing my exams next week I might give this method a go since my room looks like someone dropped a bomb on it and I honestly don’t know where to start; this seems like a good system (I don’t know about my books though...) 😂

  • X_kickash_X X
    X_kickash_X X 2 ay önce

    Here is the method I use sometimes: I will go through my clothes and get rid of the things I decide I REALLY don't need. But of course there are always items of clothing I want to hold onto because they hold some sentimental value. Then a month later, I'll go through and get rid of any items I deemed sentimental because lets face it, if its old and you NEVER wear it, then its just clutter. Although its probably best to get rid of what you don't need all in one go.

  • Fia Prendy
    Fia Prendy 2 ay önce

    May I ask where you get all of your beautiful vintage dresses from? I love 40s/50s style dresses but can’t seem to find them all that often. (Apart from a very few lucky finds in vintage shops)

  • Katrina Fuller
    Katrina Fuller 3 ay önce

    Have you seen Gabbi Hanna's video? She has more clothes than both of you combined, lol.

  • Jessica Phelps
    Jessica Phelps 3 ay önce

    I highly recommend "Un F#@× Your Life." I have found that the methods on the book helps me continue to keep yhimgs tidy.

  • Arya Beltaine
    Arya Beltaine 3 ay önce

    you guys are such a married couple and i love that so much, as a 16 year old girl whose never seen a married lesbian couple before (in the media or in real life) i appreciate having this channel to look up to you guys as role-models and it gives me hope for the future with a wife, thank u!
    and as for tidying, i recently had to clean out my childhood room and by the end of it i had two carloads worth of op-shop junk, ten bags of garbage and four storage boxes. it felt great and so strange to see all this junk i'd been hoarding that wasn't sentimental at all. good luck with the rest of your belongings!!

  • Erica Cousins
    Erica Cousins 3 ay önce

    The span of Jessica's skirt is nothing less than impressive

  • cutie patoodie
    cutie patoodie 3 ay önce

    4:15 😹😹

  • Ida_IMK
    Ida_IMK 4 ay önce

    can you do a closet tour

  • enxvictoria
    enxvictoria 4 ay önce

    Feel you on the "I'm gonna make it look cool" thing. I've gotten a lot more basic in terms of outer appearance which is what I used to avoid like the plague. Now I just want to be comfy and if a fleece makes me comfy then fuck looking cool to some people. The right people would like me for me not my clothes anyways oof

  • 17marcilla
    17marcilla 4 ay önce

    I am kinda like Claud where its easy for me to let go of stuff.

  • Lauren Brennan
    Lauren Brennan 4 ay önce

    Loved this! I think Marie would be very proud of you two!

  • Brenna Yaeger
    Brenna Yaeger 4 ay önce

    4 years ago I con maried my wardrobe from 800 items (all hand me downs since I was 19) to 60 items of clothing. It stayed that way for about 3 years & this past year I took up shopping again and ended up with around 90, all thrifted but I finally just got it to 75 and it's perfect for my closet size since I dont have a dresser. 90 was too much for it. So it does last until the shopping comes back.

  • Peggy Allen
    Peggy Allen 4 ay önce

    recently did a big wardrobe clear out - not marie kondo (i dont have netflix) but following the same basic rules? my weights yo-yoed over the past 5 years thanks to health things, and i've had to realise that my lifestyle means fancy fashion doesn't really do anything but hang in my wardrobe! physical health problems and depression means easy comfortable casual clothing is the best (preferably that dont need ironing much)... and anxiety means boring clothes that wont draw to much attention are more likely to be worn regularly. its sad coz i actually love fashion - but it just doesn't work with any other part of my life. bye bye pretty things

  • Aminin625
    Aminin625 4 ay önce

    This brought me a lot of joy.
    You two and your dogs spark joy.

  • Candra Rakhmasari
    Candra Rakhmasari 4 ay önce

    I don't even own enough clothing to fill 3 of those big plastic bags

  • Amalie Sofia Vestergaard-laustsen

    I take pictures of everything I throw out, if it's sentimental. Don't know if this is normal but it helps me get rid of the stuff I don't need.

  • Kelly Bromfield
    Kelly Bromfield 5 ay önce

    The guilt! I feel so guilty about getting rid of some things

  • Death Omen
    Death Omen 5 ay önce

    When she sat on the bed with the piles behind her and sighing sadly she just looked like your average disney princess having troubles about her lovelife lol

  • Erin O'Donnell
    Erin O'Donnell 5 ay önce

    I am very happy for you and think that this could be helpful for a lot of people but can’t personally relate. I’ve moved a lot in my life so have never built up a large wardrobe and have no desire to. I have never understood the attachment that people can feel to items of clothing or other useless bits of clutter.

  • Benji Reil
    Benji Reil 5 ay önce

    your dogs are good dogs

  • Mr Booferz
    Mr Booferz 5 ay önce

    Claud looks so in love at 4:40

  • Sass enach
    Sass enach 5 ay önce

    Oh my god you guys would be fantastic mum's! Babies!

  • Quite Operational
    Quite Operational 5 ay önce

    What an intro

  • Roisin Crowe
    Roisin Crowe 5 ay önce

    If you're really upset about parting with a really nice item of clothing you could list it on Depop and maybe your followers would be interested. 💕

  • Forced2makethis Bloodyaccount

    Been doing this method for over 10 years. It never gets easier, it just gets harder to let go. The problem is when you are so tired you curl up in the pile of clothes and cry.

  • CylonsAteMyHomework
    CylonsAteMyHomework 5 ay önce

    Babies?! I would love to have you two as my Mums!

  • Kathy Bramley
    Kathy Bramley 5 ay önce

    Executive Function related to cognitive issues and fatigue and house mess... Ugh. Also relate to Claudia's "too butch/too femme" and it's not "silly" to feel sad about limitations caused by your disablity even if that's about marrying your body with lovely dresses. Because dresses are so important to you, Jessica.