Meet My Husband Q&A

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  • Meet My Hubby!!! You asked, we answered. We had a lot of fun filming this video. I think we were both nervous to be answering all these questions. Clearly I was nervous because I don't stop touching my hair the whole time lol. Sorry. Love you guys! Enjoy Updated Eyebrow Tutorial Here ♡ Like and Subscribe:) Subscribe here: SNAPCHAT: Desiperkins INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: VLOG CHANNEL : FOLLOW STEVEN Instagram: @stevenperkins Snapchat: stevenrperkins Watch Our wedding Video Here Husband Does My Makeup ♡My Favorite Hair Extensions Bellami Balayage Extension #8/60 / Coupon code: Desi Camera Used for Selfies and OOTDs Camera Used to film tutorials - Lyrical Song by mike dignam beautiful tragedy Subscribe to his channel here! . DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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  • beauty_lust80
    beauty_lust80 1 gün önce

    you both are so cute I love it

  • Aisha & Life
    Aisha & Life 1 hafta önce

    You two are so cute together, really enjoyed watching this

  • hi bich Itz me
    hi bich Itz me 1 hafta önce

    There was a white girl 😂😂😂😂

  • sam
    sam 1 hafta önce

    You should bring back the blonde hair!!

  • H
    H 3 hafta önce

    She's a Pisces and he's a Taurus!! Soulmates

  • Adima Isengalieva
    Adima Isengalieva 3 ay önce

    So funny when he said that he loves her eyelashes 😊

  • heidi guo
    heidi guo 3 ay önce

    thanks for opening up your heart to us❤️and speaking so openly about miscarriage. YOU HAVE ALL MY SUPPORT AND LOVE💜

  • Stella Koufou
    Stella Koufou 3 ay önce

    your husband looks like a Greek!!! Very nice couple!!!

  • Lilliz91
    Lilliz91 3 ay önce

    He looks like he has a low key asian fetish. Cool for you guys, but I usually find those kind of guys creepy.

  • Ed Tista
    Ed Tista 3 ay önce

    KLSDfjalkfjaflkjfklsjf HES SO ADORABLE! I cant even

  • Rose Sponenberg
    Rose Sponenberg 4 ay önce

    Awe I love you guys & your husband seems so sweet, i love it! You guys are my fave.

  • Awaken dabeast
    Awaken dabeast 4 ay önce

    I Love this video 😂❤️😂❤️💖😍😍😂😂

  • Awaken dabeast
    Awaken dabeast 4 ay önce

    U Guys Make such a Beautiful Couple , U Look soooo Pretty and Ur Husband is soooo Sweet , U can tell that He Loves U sooo Much , sooo Romantic

  • Awaken dabeast
    Awaken dabeast 4 ay önce

    Desi U Ur Sooo Beautiful & Ur Husband is so cute , beautiful Couple 😍😘❤️,

  • Luna de Xelaju
    Luna de Xelaju 4 ay önce

    You guys are so DAMN ADORABLE!!! So happy you guys have eachother and that you made it through that tough heart-breaking situation! Viva el amorrrrr!!! ❤💕❤💕

  • Johana Estela
    Johana Estela 4 ay önce

    I'm in love with your love! So real!!! :)

  • Marlene_who_cares
    Marlene_who_cares 4 ay önce

    You are such a great couple 🙈 who doesn’t want to have a relationship like you two? 😅😬 💕

  • Angharad Noordegraaf

    6:45 ❤️❤️❤️

  • Emm t
    Emm t 5 ay önce

    You guys are super cute together! Such organic chemistry

  • Jessica Canon
    Jessica Canon 5 ay önce

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Paola Manzanarez
    Paola Manzanarez 5 ay önce

    I know I’m forever late but you guys give me hope 😭💗

  • leeah galaxies
    leeah galaxies 7 ay önce

    "Do you have a ring?"
    "I do, now."
    "Oh okay."

  • Sharon Perkins
    Sharon Perkins 7 ay önce

    You guys are so loveable 💕💕

  • Melanie Sang
    Melanie Sang 7 ay önce

    Lmaoooooo me and my husband are the same way!!!! We are polar opposites but I’m obsessed with him. 😍😍😍😍

  • Jane Kim
    Jane Kim 7 ay önce

    omg how have i not watched this earlier!!!

  • A True Love Official

    Wow 9 years is a long journey in a relationship. I really adore those couples who have been in love for a long time. The way your husband talks, I can feel how genuine he is and I’m sure he’s always there for you even in the thoughest situation.

  • yadi_xoxo
    yadi_xoxo 7 ay önce

    haha love this!!! Hey Desi you're not Asian, but you do have slanted eyes and that's one of the things Steven loves about you. lol (thinking emoji)

  • Alyssa Rosales
    Alyssa Rosales 7 ay önce

    I'm sad it took me so long to see this video. I already loved you guys but I literally smiled the whole time. Lol

  • Jeffrey JR
    Jeffrey JR 8 ay önce

    He’s a dream boat!!! Those cute smirks! And that hairrrrrrrrr!!

  • Hadriah
    Hadriah 8 ay önce

    She got the A and she got the D

  • titiksha
    titiksha 8 ay önce

    You both are MADE for one another! God bless you both, all the days of your lives.

  • Sandy Villafana
    Sandy Villafana 8 ay önce

    I have just discover you!!! 🧚🏻‍♀️ super cute video!!!! 😍

  • Leslie Anzia
    Leslie Anzia 8 ay önce

    There's always a saying where you dont announce you're expecting until you've finished the first trimester

  • Sharyn Greene
    Sharyn Greene 8 ay önce

    I know this video is old, but Desiree your make-up is gorgeous! Flawless! Color on point!💕👏🏼

  • tonet cj
    tonet cj 8 ay önce

    haha just saw this video. I can so relate to the "snatcher'. funny!

  • JustMeee
    JustMeee 8 ay önce

    Desi the snatcher made me literally LOL!!

  • Marina Tapia
    Marina Tapia 8 ay önce

    3 years later and def still smiling over your little timid smiles omggggg

  • J B
    J B 8 ay önce

    He is so fucking sweet.

  • 1amturnt
    1amturnt 8 ay önce

    You know the video is old when the questions are on paper 😩

  • Nate DJs
    Nate DJs 9 ay önce

    i love the way she speaks <3