Kids Try Famous Foods From Movies, From Harry Potter to Ratatouille

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  • Faith Fetter
    Faith Fetter 15 saat önce

    I believe schnitzel is actually a cooking term, for pounding thin, breading and frying. Where as wienerschnitzel can only be prepared with veal in Germany and Austria.

  • Sunny
    Sunny 20 saat önce

    at 0:43 that is me actually like IM A SINGLE AS A PRINGLE! ;-;

  • pappanalab
    pappanalab 1 gün önce

    God I'm such a nerd

  • zaniah sims
    zaniah sims 1 gün önce

    3:03 I LOVE THIS KID

  • zaniah sims
    zaniah sims 1 gün önce

    0:40 MEE LMAOO

  • Rocskatu
    Rocskatu 2 gün önce

    eats ice cream

  • Ted Spacey
    Ted Spacey 2 gün önce

    Cheese whizz... a product never once seen outside of America

  • bort vite
    bort vite 3 gün önce

    I don't understand how these kids know all these movies from the 1900s

  • Neutral Productions
    Neutral Productions 3 gün önce

    That kid plays fortnite @ 0:39

  • Nellie Rutten
    Nellie Rutten 4 gün önce

    Schnitzel is made from pork not chicken.

  • Siventer Plays Some Games

    I keep getting McDonalds ads?!?

    So that's why I'm hungry?


  • Frank's world
    Frank's world 4 gün önce

    Cabbage stew. Charlie and his family most likely were farting it up all the time.

  • Julia
    Julia 5 gün önce

    4:40 MOOD

  • Julia
    Julia 5 gün önce

    0:21 "I'll share this pasta with N O B O D Y" Same 😂

  • Color Panda
    Color Panda 5 gün önce

    I was watching this YouTube video of them making butter beer and it kinda looks like butter beer

    Me: Cough Cough

    SWU FILMS 6 gün önce

    To be honest I would drink the butter beer for life!

  • xXMikaliaTralikaXx
    xXMikaliaTralikaXx 6 gün önce

    I came for the Harry Potter food opinions XD

  • Neo Tsholo
    Neo Tsholo 6 gün önce

    4:02 legendary answer

  • summah spills tea
    summah spills tea 6 gün önce

    “i wanna be single forever” 😂

    this kids my mood 😂😂

  • ItsMyOpinion
    ItsMyOpinion 6 gün önce

    Why does marry popens singing that one song sound like 7 rings by Ariana grande

  • Jasmine Jones
    Jasmine Jones 1 hafta önce

    2:17 sorry there gorden ramsey

  • Ariana
    Ariana 1 hafta önce

    I’m jelly
    I need butterbeer

  • Reign101
    Reign101 1 hafta önce

    That black girl is pretty,I love her hair!!

  • Nurse Lucy
    Nurse Lucy 1 hafta önce

    Who don't any of those kids know not to talk with their mouths full. Who are their parents!?

  • Zoljargal Lhagvasuren
    Zoljargal Lhagvasuren 1 hafta önce

    3:01 it sounds so wrong :(

  • Kevin tentacles
    Kevin tentacles 1 hafta önce

    there's so many striped shirts.

  • Beth W
    Beth W 1 hafta önce

    They quite clearly tell the kids what film they’re from before they’re shown saying like “I think this is from the sound of muuuuusic”

  • Hi Im Anteiku
    Hi Im Anteiku 1 hafta önce

    3:58 did she just say silly to thay kid😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂or his name is silly..

  • stickman joe
    stickman joe 1 hafta önce


  • Ethan Webb
    Ethan Webb 1 hafta önce

    Is this um... Spaghetti and meatballs?
    W E L L D U H.

  • raina imteyaz channel
    raina imteyaz channel 1 hafta önce

    In 4:21 the boy looks exactly like K-pop singer Minho 😱(of SHINee) , if you agree hit the like button😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  • Victoria's Awsome vlogs
    Victoria's Awsome vlogs 1 hafta önce

    I've seen a lot of the movies

  • Victoria's Awsome vlogs
    Victoria's Awsome vlogs 1 hafta önce


  • Destlife
    Destlife 1 hafta önce

    They are so smart. Omg ❤️❤️

  • Annalise Snoddon
    Annalise Snoddon 1 hafta önce

    These kids are so cute and smart!

  • HiroTheAnimaniacsFan 2010

    I will share this pasta with no one XD

  • FleeKat
    FleeKat 1 hafta önce

    5:38 me when i hear the school bell and the break time is over.

  • Y.Jisan[지산]
    Y.Jisan[지산] 1 hafta önce

    5:24 ... it was pork tho...

  • Josh Riggs
    Josh Riggs 1 hafta önce

    YES Harry Potter

  • Luca
    Luca 1 hafta önce

    I have had real life butter beer in Harry Potter world, pretty noice.