Komodo Dragons Freak Bill Burr Out!

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  • Ryan Shivdasani
    Ryan Shivdasani 2 saat önce

    Is Joe Rogan so cool he just keep cigars around to have with guests?

  • Digonto Zahid
    Digonto Zahid 4 saat önce

    That sundarban thing rogan said is not true

  • Llama
    Llama 5 saat önce

    healthy humans will actually outrun every single animal over enough distance, even wolves, deer, horses etc

  • Tech Arts
    Tech Arts 15 saat önce

    3D Komodo Dragon Animated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AASoKEtSrJU

  • Nick Fowler
    Nick Fowler 18 saat önce

    Joe "They eat kids" Rogan

  • Razz
    Razz 18 saat önce

    300000 people. Yeah

  • Kïšhïə Båñğəř
    Kïšhïə Båñğəř 19 saat önce

    Who else thought Bill was impersonating the deer-like animal! 🤣

  • Bartimus Trashwalker
    Bartimus Trashwalker 1 gün önce

    I absolutely had to gif capture Rogan impersonating a komodo

  • Jacob Rackley
    Jacob Rackley 1 gün önce

    At least he didnt mention the development of the frontal lobe

  • Sean McAleavy
    Sean McAleavy 1 gün önce

    I'm with Bill, I don't watch any of that shit either. I don't need those gruesome horrors bouncing around in my head.

  • Hells Nope
    Hells Nope 1 gün önce

    The zip line itself should be stainless it shouldn't rust like the ladder Joe ratchet bolted Rogan

  • Chase Jordan
    Chase Jordan 1 gün önce

    I've seen a couple videos of tigers jumping up to like the heads of giraffes and just grabbing hold of their necks, they're fuckin nuts

  • Yor Name
    Yor Name 2 gün önce

    did anyone else on first glance see this thumbnail as Bill missing his eyeballs and teeth?

  • Enkhee B
    Enkhee B 2 gün önce

    Seriously tho, Billy ole Red bags made a better special than Chappelle this year.

  • Kaleena Alvarez
    Kaleena Alvarez 2 gün önce

    YEEESSSS!!! 7:17

  • Josh Howard
    Josh Howard 2 gün önce

    The tiger missed because it was a sweeping bend and the tiger overshot on its first approach from the inside to outside and then realised it couldn't close again.

  • Komodo Gaming
    Komodo Gaming 2 gün önce

    Are you scare ;)

  • Shikher Giri
    Shikher Giri 2 gün önce

    There are barely 200 tigers left in sunderbans...if they killed 300K people then they are some mass murdering tigers..what r u smoking Joe??

  • Daniil Malinskiy
    Daniil Malinskiy 2 gün önce

    Joe "they eat kids" Rogan

  • vegeta God of destruction

    Joe " Damn Nature you scary!!!!!" Rogan

  • Sufyan Zaman
    Sufyan Zaman 2 gün önce

    Joe "there's this great video" Rogan

  • mannen man
    mannen man 2 gün önce

    08:16 lowkey sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Shogun San
    Shogun San 3 gün önce

    Yeah, I don’t think 300k people dead by tiger is the correct number Joe.

  • Zach
    Zach 3 gün önce

    Is there such a thing as a podcast where women shoot the shit like this? I swear I’ve never seen anything where women can have interesting convos like this

  • agthaog1986
    agthaog1986 3 gün önce

    89% of the video aint even about reptiles moreless kamodo dragons

  • Micah Wiedner
    Micah Wiedner 3 gün önce

    Dudes are so baked this is hilarious

  • Cain Roberts
    Cain Roberts 4 gün önce

    Joes enjoyment out of watching animals suffer is a bit weird!

  • Swag Yolo 69
    Swag Yolo 69 4 gün önce

    Bill Burr doesn’t look like a Bill.

  • EquiNoxM
    EquiNoxM 4 gün önce

    Had to turn my brightness down on my phone billy bald one and Joe making me go blind.

  • Rene Robyn
    Rene Robyn 4 gün önce

    That is why it bothers me why people hunt plant eating animals rather than Tiger, Snakes and Crocs.

  • Jeff J
    Jeff J 4 gün önce

    Careful, Bill. Don’t interrupt him!

  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen 4 gün önce

    just host an animal attack show already Joe

  • D L L
    D L L 4 gün önce

    Bitch how you gonna tell me there's a video of a guy fucking with a tiger from on top of an elephant and the tiger jumps and fucks the guy up and not link it?

  • keshav kumar
    keshav kumar 5 gün önce

    These two fuck heads are discussing what!😂😂

  • BlueSkies TypeOfGuy
    BlueSkies TypeOfGuy 5 gün önce

    True story here.....

    I was at the Metro Toronto Zoo in the late 80s and saw two full grown adult male Komodo dragons fighting in a pen .There was blood everywhere....It was vicious!
    Then out of nowhere a Zoo staff member came in and physically separated them with each hand and broke up their fight. No gear....no protective equipment. Just his steeled toed boots and shorts and a shirt. INSANE!!!

  • ://RAPTOR2K
    ://RAPTOR2K 5 gün önce

    Joe "my favourite video is watching harpy eagles kill sloths" Rogan

  • Ian770
    Ian770 5 gün önce

    If you look at the first tiger picture right it looks like a lions head

  • Minder
    Minder 5 gün önce

    Humans are slow but we can outrun everything on the planet.

  • elver galarga
    elver galarga 5 gün önce

    Imma start a YouTube channel named WolfMonkey

  • Cornell Myers
    Cornell Myers 5 gün önce

    This whole clip is a meme 😂😂