Dad: I tracked son's phone, it's still at the bar

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  • Golden Pineapple
    Golden Pineapple 1 ay önce

    Just like a normal shooting would be?????? What did I just hear lmao

  • Rex Milner
    Rex Milner 2 ay önce


    B.A.D PAPPY 2 ay önce

    ARE U ALLOWED! Sounds like the right wing talking ... when do I have to get permission from a public servant, in a free county... you don't is the point . You serve us not the other way around. Are you allowed wow. Cant believe I just heard that

  • USA Dad
    USA Dad 2 ay önce

    What father would Not go directly to the hospital!! He goes to the teen center for an interview ? He doesn't even know if his son has been killed...... so he does an interview. Give me a fuggin break. FALSE FLAG PLEASE PRESIDENT TRUMP PUT THESE TREASONOUS LIARS IN PRISON.

  • Amy Bruch
    Amy Bruch 2 ay önce


  • 2inchfromtheground
    2inchfromtheground 2 ay önce

    Old enough to go to bars but not old enough to live on his own. Money for beer but no money for rent. Natural selection at it's best

  • The Swizzler
    The Swizzler 2 ay önce


  • TimeLess 8:5:3
    TimeLess 8:5:3 2 ay önce

    To the people (and there’s a lot) that still can’t see through the BS of these “mass shootings” as staged have been systematically brainwashed beyond belief. One last chance:

    Wake up, Neo...
    The Matrix has you...

  • TimeLess 8:5:3
    TimeLess 8:5:3 2 ay önce

    “That’s the kind of boy that Cody was...or is.” Oops!!!😳🤦‍♂️ 3:28

  • Larry Vanderhoof
    Larry Vanderhoof 2 ay önce

    You people sayibg this is fake need to STOP.Kids died!! What is wrong with you guys!!!

  • Potter Charles
    Potter Charles 3 ay önce

    CNN, just quit with the fake shit. The military has sworn an oath to protect America from threats both foreign and domestic, this includes you CNN, with all of your attacks on our Constitutional rights.

  • Ryan Reus
    Ryan Reus 3 ay önce

    crisis actors should be hung for treason

  • jc guy
    jc guy 3 ay önce

    CNN is fucking ridiculous

  • Foxx Smith
    Foxx Smith 3 ay önce

    Gun sales go up after each hoax shooting. US intelligence knows this. We are being prepped for a civil war in the near future

  • Robby Esbrandt
    Robby Esbrandt 3 ay önce

    Disgusting frauds

  • AM DIYs
    AM DIYs 3 ay önce

    This assholes keep bringing union actors

  • ramon zamora
    ramon zamora 3 ay önce

    This dude looks homeless

  • Will Varney
    Will Varney 3 ay önce

    Fake actors . Fake shooting . Fake deaths . Wake up ppl . You can’t fool all over America

  • hulk smash!
    hulk smash! 3 ay önce

    I've seen grown men cry when their favorite football team loses. This guy lost a son. This doesn't look fake lol.geez the new world order doesn't even try anymore. Lol

  • Ash [adubya713]
    Ash [adubya713] 3 ay önce

    It is SO comforting to see the comments below and know that I am not alone in calling BS. this has gotten ridiculous. WE GOTTA STAND FOR SOMETHING ..TOGETHER. Against instilling fear and deceit continuously. Notice He HAS NO IDEA IF HIS SON IS DEAD BUT SAYS CODY" WAS" THEN CORRECTS HIMSELF!! seriously..smh.

  • Mica D'Zignz
    Mica D'Zignz 3 ay önce

    ran toward the gun??? man stfu with your stuttering non acting no oscar cody several of his girlfriends having ass.

  • lulabell 79
    lulabell 79 3 ay önce

    This shit is exhausting!

  • lulabell 79
    lulabell 79 3 ay önce

    Jason, Jason, Jason ... while you've done a little better than most of these clowns at trying to display some emotion, you fail miserably too. Shame on you for involving yourself in this bullshit!!!

  • The Imaginary Gallery

    That blonde witch news lady is ridiculous trying hard to instill fear and pull heartstrings at the same time. She is wicked and FAKE. This dad is nothing but a bad crisis actor. DRY TEARS was the giveaway. Same thing with ALL the actors. Stupid.

  • gtbarnes11
    gtbarnes11 3 ay önce

    worst actor ever, blew it big time

    APCWORLDSUXAZ 4 ay önce

    why do all the supposed witness and family members always looking off to side like they are reading? its 12 fking people...wait at the teen center? this isn't trying to dig through bodies from Vietnam wtf is this shit.. he has the passwords to his kids college phone? creepy.

  • Rodney Lawrence
    Rodney Lawrence 4 ay önce

    Did the video editor mess up and up the wrong green screen image behind him? Even the reporter said "I can see you are at the hospital". For all the comments declaring this is staged, this little piece of evidence bears that out.

  • Flashbanger
    Flashbanger 4 ay önce

    Fucking moron woman. Couldn't give a shit about this man's grief, merely using him to gather as much information, that the authorities won't give the media

  • Thumper 916
    Thumper 916 4 ay önce

    5:40 I know what else I would likely do if my son or daughter was missing or had been killed; I'd at least shed a real fucking tear or two!! WTF??? NONE of these people cry in ANY interviews despite trying to force it out.

  • Jose Vaca
    Jose Vaca 4 ay önce

    I remember watching this live i live 15 minutes from where this happened as soon as i heard him say his phone was still inside i knew he was hone r.i.p

  • once upon a dime
    once upon a dime 4 ay önce

    You'd think they'd hire better actors... at least for the ones that are gonna be interviewed

  • Brandon Murray
    Brandon Murray 4 ay önce

    Dad and son looks nothing alike lol smh 🤔🤔😂😂

  • now what
    now what 4 ay önce

    The amount of false flags are just staggering. Give it a rest already.

  • now what
    now what 4 ay önce

    Same people from sandy hook... how much do they get paid. Total B.S.

  • Diana Q.
    Diana Q. 4 ay önce

    This lady keeps asking the same questions. He already told u they ain't saying anything since the beginning. She is just trying to help the scoop not really caring about his feelings. Ugh

  • Lysergamide
    Lysergamide 4 ay önce


  • Dominican- FamilyVlog

    Good lookin actor

  • bob mathews
    bob mathews 4 ay önce

    Why the heck isn't he at the hospital??? All Bullshit. Smarten up.

  • bob mathews
    bob mathews 4 ay önce

    This guy is a dope.. and liar.

  • Justin Howk
    Justin Howk 4 ay önce

    Gun control lol.... This is the kind of crap that makes people want to keep their arms... Wouldn't you.... Adding this shooting to the list of to many more that have happened around the world as of late. Hope this one gets investigation it deserves no half a$$ing it. Sorry to the victims and family involved.