Nobel Minds 2017

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  • The 2017 Nobel Laureates met at the Grünewald Hall in the Stockholm Concert Hall in Stockholm for the traditional round-table discussion and TV program 'Nobel Minds'. The discussion was hosted by the BBC's Zeinab Badawi. Copyright © BBC Global News Limited and SVT 2017
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  • Zeta Crucis
    Zeta Crucis 1 hafta önce

    try the NobelPrizeII channel for intellectual content over this one

  • Nahuel G
    Nahuel G 2 hafta önce

    Where are the women?

  • dr rd
    dr rd 2 hafta önce

    Why doesn't Biology (ecology, molecular, micro ect. ...) and environmental/earth sciences (geology) Get recognised?
    Biological and earth sciences benefits all of us but economics only benefits the rich.
    Or what about engineering or mathematics?

  • Radyn Vanessa Phaz Tapales

    As a recently graduate in MS Chemistry and hopefully i have the courage to pursue my PhD, what Dr. Weiss said was true,. yeah, doing experiments will always end up in failure (a lot of times) but what's fulfilling is the joy in the process of discovering and learning things and overcoming that failures that will lead you to success. I just love doing research. hehehehe..

  • Nyakallo L
    Nyakallo L 3 hafta önce

    Wait.. Y'all giving my girl too much. She's hosting decently imo

  • World in Union
    World in Union 1 ay önce

    Zeinab Badawi and listening are not quite the best of companions, wish she could ask her questions and sit back and listen, not have her talking a third of the time.

  • World in Union
    World in Union 1 ay önce

    Always amazed at the incredulity of a Scientist when they say "In fact..." and goes on to confidently present his/her novel theory while trashing some previous understanding, knowing full well that very theory will in good time most probably be also trashed or at least revised.

  • Gaurav Murali
    Gaurav Murali 1 ay önce

    This is sooooo good!

  • Randhir Borkar रणधिर बोरकर

    Calmness was something very important

  • Randhir Borkar रणधिर बोरकर

    I like talking specifically teaching

  • Sanar Samad
    Sanar Samad 1 ay önce

    Rainer weiss my mannn ! 22:30

  • Dr Hatim Teima
    Dr Hatim Teima 1 ay önce

    those are the people who deserve to be seen nor the football players or the movies stars

  • Tars
    Tars 1 ay önce

    what are these little notebooks in front of them?

  • Gino Pacheco
    Gino Pacheco 1 ay önce

    subtítulos por favor.

  • Joe Giusti
    Joe Giusti 1 ay önce

    Everyone should watch this

  • Solve Everything
    Solve Everything 1 ay önce

    How come I can't watch this video from Torbrowser?

  • Seth Larcomb
    Seth Larcomb 1 ay önce

    Are there parallel universes? No... how do I know... because you would have infinitely many possibilities that would have infinitely many chances to enter into our universe... and as such the evidence that they have not proves that not only the possibility that they don't exist but that CANNOT interact with ones outside of themselves.

  • MDragon TV
    MDragon TV 1 ay önce

    3.56 to sum up

  • Johanna Walderdorff
    Johanna Walderdorff 1 ay önce

    This comment section is AWFUL! The fact that there are only men is worrying in itself but then attacking one of the best journalist in the world, who has interviewed many world leaders, is crazy! She is simply doing her job to make sure that everyone gets a word in, in the limited time she was give!

  • bananenbrot
    bananenbrot 1 ay önce

    As a german I realize ones again that so many famous scientists were born in Germany but live and work in the US now. God are we stupid :P

    And next time at least 2 hours discussion but no moderator

  • Myself X2
    Myself X2 1 ay önce

    PLEASE get another interview. One which is not constantly interrupting and can actually grasp the ideas being discussed. please please please.

  • Noel Soans
    Noel Soans 1 ay önce

    Hans Zimmer's doppelganger is a nobel Laureate!! (RICHARD THALER) :P

  • Mohamed Sawat
    Mohamed Sawat 1 ay önce

    i c brains

  • V M
    V M 1 ay önce

    She doesn’t let them talk.. it’s annoying.
    Their must be a host who’s more patient and willing to value what’s being said.
    She spoke more than all together.

  • Nahelmica
    Nahelmica 1 ay önce

    God, the huge amount of smartness is oozing out of the screen! Would love to be part of the audience ;)

  • Caandybarz barz
    Caandybarz barz 1 ay önce

    thought they were gonna play hold em

  • Devon Devon
    Devon Devon 1 ay önce

    Yes, as some have said, it is sometimes better to use a physicist to interview a physicist or a chemist a chemist , etc since (not always given different areas) the interviewer might be able to understand what the interviewee has elaborate on , and consequently asks a question in response , instead of asking a different prepared question which she seems to be doing.
    Notwithstanding, experts (Nobel laureate here ) should take into consideration their audience as well as the interviewer knowledge when responding to a question since the audience might be
    high school students or even younger students oor other Nobel Laureates who do not know anything about your subject such as the someone in literature or economics or medicine or peace etc. And here, this audience were family members, other Nobel Laureates in different categories, the interviewer, and people who watch her television program . These people might have included students, parents etc. So they should take into consideration their audience before responding to questions. If you are a physicist and your audience are only physicists then that would be different .

  • Saad Ouakasse
    Saad Ouakasse 1 ay önce

    The smartest are the shiest

  • Vikalpa Connections
    Vikalpa Connections 1 ay önce

    Joe Rogan has to conduct the next interview of Nobel Minds

  • Dark Seid
    Dark Seid 1 ay önce

    Whats the name of the intro music ???

  • Average Johnson
    Average Johnson 1 ay önce

    The smugness is unbearable

  • Al Ghuraba
    Al Ghuraba 1 ay önce

    why there is no women in these nobel laureates?

  • Carlos C.
    Carlos C. 1 ay önce

    I thought they were playing poker

  • Christopher
    Christopher 1 ay önce

    So I'm 3 minutes in, and I'm already under the impression that the host is trying to wrap things up.

  • J. Wu
    J. Wu 1 ay önce

    11:07 She received a harsh correction from this brilliant man. "It is better to be quick to listen and slow to speak."

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 1 ay önce

    Is there an uncut version? This seems unnaturally cut. Even if the moderator is just cutting people off mid-thought, at least it would give me some continuity.

  • Josiah Munapo
    Josiah Munapo 1 ay önce

    Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state
    Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started, wait
    The earth began to cool, the autotrophs began to drool
    Neanderthals developed tools
    We built a wall (we built the pyramids)
    Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries
    That all started with the big bang! Hey!

    Real-life big bang theory cast... Huge fan.

  • Liana Akobian
    Liana Akobian 1 ay önce

    "If you write a novel and it´s read by a hundred readers, you´re really writing a hundred novels" - beautifully put! 27:28

  • Devon Devon
    Devon Devon 1 ay önce

    It is a difficult interview because there so much things that are being discussed. She did a great job..