How to Use a Pothos Plant in your Aquarium.

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  • Using a Pothos plant in your aquarium. The Pothos plant can be found in most garden centers and also stores like Home Depot and Lowes. We decided to use it primarily to help lower the nitrate levels in our Goldfish tank and it has certainly done the job. We take cuttings from the Pothos plant and add it to the HOB filter once it get bigger we put the roots into the tank. ** The pothos plant is toxic for some animals such as cats and dogs. Please research before use. Our Online Store LETS CONNECT! Instagram ~ Facebook ~ Website ~ Business inquiries only. *Disclaimer ~ This video is not sponsored in any way. All opinions are our own. Any above links are Amazon Affiliate links. We'll receive a small commission if you use these links, thank you for supporting our channel. This video content is the property of Lifewithpets72 and may not be used or reproduced without written permission.
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  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling 1 gün önce

    Where I live the nitrate level is 20ppm plus out of the tap so I am considering these now.

  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling 1 gün önce

    Lucky bamboo is used in this way as well.

  • Andie Anderssen
    Andie Anderssen 2 gün önce

    Pretty sure the pothos I'm using is broken. About a month ago I put a small cutting in my Moor tank, while the roots haven't grown yet, it is growing leaves.
    Weirdly, the two lucky bamboos I also have in there have grown new roots.

  • Mitch Belles
    Mitch Belles 5 gün önce

    I have two aquariums one in the kitchen the other in the bedroom. The one in the kitchen is a 10g, 55g in the bedroom. I’ve had Pathos in both tanks for two years. Both tanks are planted and borderline overcrowded. I’ve attached the Pathos to under the cabinets, which I had prior to the plants I had installed leds for additional lighting in the kitchen. I have the one in the bedroom growing toward my window.once it reaches the window I will have it grow up and down vertically until window is full. So keep in mind while the plant is getting nutrients it will do even more if it has adequate lighting.

    RAMBO 1 hafta önce

    grow these plants in Florida outside and the leaves gets about 10 times its size. They love growing on palm trees

  • babak plus
    babak plus 1 hafta önce

    I’min love with your accent

  • Stacey Here we grow again

    I love the Golden Pothos and it's on the list for a must have! I love that they grow well in tanks too! Thanks so much for sharing!!🌸

  • Emer Kelly
    Emer Kelly 3 hafta önce

    Can you use any kinda plant?

  • Guppy frenzy
    Guppy frenzy 1 ay önce

    I have some in my guppy stock tank & it has really grown & has made the water so much cleaner in the fry tank.

  • Typical Tard
    Typical Tard 1 ay önce

    I bought Rana temporaria frog eggs 4 days ago, they're tadpoles now. Do you think that it would be beneficial to put one in there?

  • marleigh cowan
    marleigh cowan 1 ay önce

    I'm going to start using g the pothos. I have them all over my house and had NO idea that I could do this! Thanks for the information!!!!! 😁

  • juliet_bnt
    juliet_bnt 1 ay önce

    Is it okay for a little betta tank? :)

  • rackelthejackel
    rackelthejackel 1 ay önce

    You have such happy goldfish!! ☺️ beautiful!

  • Zombie Man R.S.
    Zombie Man R.S. 1 ay önce

    I use it in my Female Betta tank. She has a bigger tank than my Male Bettas but in just a week her water was BROWN. I did not understand because she is smaller than the boys and more water. So I took my pothos and planted it in her tank. She absolutely loves it and brown water is no more and it has been two weeks. I just did a water change yesterday because it was time and the was was CLEAR. Pothis are amazing. I recommend! One thing I started doing is taking the water from the Male Betta tanks that I removed for a water change and use it for my new Marble Queen Pothos that my great grandmother mailed me. They recovered instantly and they are absorbing the nutrients from the water. It's a wonderful way to give them nutrients without any chemical fettilizers and also lowers the amount of wasted water because you are reusing the fish's "dirty" water to feed your pothos. :)

  • veena dwivedi
    veena dwivedi 1 ay önce

    Hey i have already done that long back may be more then 2years... my plants are too healthy and looks beautiful 😘

  • Tricia Schymanski
    Tricia Schymanski 1 ay önce

    Can I use this plant in my Beta tank?

  • st85100
    st85100 1 ay önce

    I use pothos for my 55 gallon aquarium and I have 5 growing. I have an18 inch planter box above the aquarium. I pump water into one side and it enters back into the aquarium on the other side. I've had them for over 6 months and they are growing well but my nitrates are still off the charts high. I have 2 canister filters and I do about 30% water change once a week. I tried plants in the aquarium but my African cichlids destroyed them. I feed once a day and they eat the food within a minute or two.

    Not sure what else I can do to lower my nitrates not just dilute them. I just ordered Algone and I'm hoping this will work. Any suggestions?

  • Sage
    Sage 1 ay önce

    can the Pothos plant be submerged in the water? and have the roots underneath the rocks?

    ROY SHAW 1 ay önce


  • Mrinmoy Saha
    Mrinmoy Saha 1 ay önce

    Can I put this plant under the Water in a aquarium.

  • Sean Wall
    Sean Wall 1 ay önce

    Great idea ! Wow , I've got to do this ! It is healthy for fish & looks pretty ! BINGO , double the pleasure ! Thanks for sharing !

  • California Earthquakes

    But those little fish are adorable

  • California Earthquakes

    In terms of putting pothos in with my other (edible) plants in my aquaponic aquarium, would this make my herbs toxic to eat?

  • Dar Candelaria
    Dar Candelaria 2 ay önce

    You didn't need the roots? I have seen other videos but they add the roots. Are the roots going to grow properly?

  • Rob Weepa
    Rob Weepa 2 ay önce

    The pothes plant can be grown in a vase with rocks and water, to use in tank I took off all the leaves and put the stem in the bottom of tank and new leaves will grow under water and not rot

  • Rj S
    Rj S 2 ay önce

    it is getting black from bottom

  • Lawrence alex
    Lawrence alex 2 ay önce

    Thanks again beautiful day

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 2 ay önce

    When the roots get long can you trim them down I have them in a 75g with other plants an there doing fine an thanks for being really detailed about everything

  • loczster
    loczster 2 ay önce

    So this is NOT a good setup if you have a pleco (plecostomus)?

  • Bailey
    Bailey 2 ay önce

    I added it to my planted tank because it wouldn’t balance and now it is!

  • Guppy frenzy
    Guppy frenzy 2 ay önce

    I have heard a lot about this plant & I was surprised when I got one from a friend at the bank today so
    I don't have no planted tanks & I have just guppies, the pothos I got is the same as what you have here the golden.

  • Chase Adams
    Chase Adams 3 ay önce

    Can we add for just aesthetic reasons? Lol

  • ThatReptileGuy 101
    ThatReptileGuy 101 3 ay önce

    My betta loves hideing and sleeping in the roots of it

  • Mike Pellerin
    Mike Pellerin 3 ay önce

    When I lived in the SW (Tucson), I used to use my water changes to water my peppers, potatoes and onions. They loved it!

  • Darker74
    Darker74 3 ay önce

    What is the latin name of that pothos, there are many spicies of that plant?

  • London Clemmensen
    London Clemmensen 3 ay önce

    Do the cuttings work right away or do you need to wait for the roots?

  • Guppy frenzy
    Guppy frenzy 3 ay önce

    so it's best to have JUST this plant in a tank to be on the safe SIDE?

  • Tee Basham
    Tee Basham 3 ay önce

    I use plants, often pothos in place of filters for small tanks and my pond. I only have small fish like guppies etc, snails and shrimp though. I dont test the water, just add or take plants based on the algae levels. I live in a warm humid tropical environment so mine are kept outside where natural light is ample 👍🏼🇦🇺☺

  • Lucille Wickliffe-Ewetuga

    What if you have 3 gallon tanks and you have moss balls in there. Can you still add pothos plants. Only have bettas

  • Mr. X.
    Mr. X. 3 ay önce

    Wow..i need this asap