YouTubers React To Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Music Video & Easter Eggs)

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  • Irlanda Tradley
    Irlanda Tradley 2 ay önce

    Throwback to osnapitzari 😍

  • Jennifer H.
    Jennifer H. 2 ay önce

    “Oh the bend and the whip or whatever..the whipper snap?... the bend and crack?” 😂

  • Taylor Rhoton
    Taylor Rhoton 2 ay önce

    I FREAKED when I saw Merrell twins

  • Gannon Landers
    Gannon Landers 2 ay önce


  • Devin Wilson
    Devin Wilson 2 ay önce

    YouTubers react to now were dust

  • Joan Hannigan
    Joan Hannigan 2 ay önce

    When i only watch for odd1out laurdiy and branden

  • Simply Laur xo
    Simply Laur xo 2 ay önce

    Aww James’ reaction was so blank😂

  • Trickycat Tv
    Trickycat Tv 2 ay önce

    Finally james is here

  • It’s Gacha Lizzy
    It’s Gacha Lizzy 2 ay önce

    Vanessa and Veronica!!! Merrell Twins!!!

  • Anjali Mahagamage
    Anjali Mahagamage 2 ay önce


  • tanzina yasmin
    tanzina yasmin 2 ay önce

    teenagers react to black panther sings thank you next

  • Hannah KPOP 2
    Hannah KPOP 2 2 ay önce

    "Did it beat BTS?"

  • Che Ragragola
    Che Ragragola 2 ay önce


  • Che Ragragola
    Che Ragragola 2 ay önce

    I wish you guys can react to gacha verse.

  • Sofia Davila
    Sofia Davila 2 ay önce

    6:33 Vanessa: no


  • Muhammad Hudzaifah
    Muhammad Hudzaifah 2 ay önce

    they shld watch thank you jeff tho

  • Incredible World
    Incredible World 2 ay önce

    Wonderful video! Continue making excellent content and you are going to get bigger rapidly! Subscribe to our channel and so we'll subscribe to you!

  • Famous TV
    Famous TV 2 ay önce

    Fantastic video! Continue making worthy content and you are going to increase fast! Subscribe to our channel and also we will subscribe back!

  • No Copyright
    No Copyright 2 ay önce

    People must listen to this

  • star pup
    star pup 2 ay önce

    Lol James.

  • pandicorn :3
    pandicorn :3 2 ay önce

    Can teens react to lankybox make god is a woman or thank u,next plzzz its super funny

  • wassy
    wassy 2 ay önce


  • ItzTori
    ItzTori 2 ay önce

    I love how James Is wearing a Shirt that said Fictional character

  • PeachHazel7
    PeachHazel7 2 ay önce

    Rosanna is so pure and cute 😭💗😂

  • Feliks-Mazdan De La Fournière

    you know who was missing, mother Christine Baranski

  • pH0xBoiii
    pH0xBoiii 2 ay önce

    Now were dust reaction pls!!!

  • Mary Kathleen Nardi
    Mary Kathleen Nardi 2 ay önce

    I kind of want youtuber's reacting to David Dobrik that would kind of be hilarious

  • *Inhale*
    *Inhale* 2 ay önce

    Teens react to Sims machinimas, especially this bella goth one.

  • Payton Landolt
    Payton Landolt 2 ay önce

    Bend and crack💀😭

  • Ty Caruso
    Ty Caruso 2 ay önce


  • Ty Caruso
    Ty Caruso 2 ay önce


  • BigFood Style
    BigFood Style 2 ay önce

    Okay Twins I’m tryna listen to Ari sing not y’all. React please

  • The Origene
    The Origene 2 ay önce

    React to thank you next wakanda its worth it believe me hahaahaha

  • Trent DeVlaminck
    Trent DeVlaminck 2 ay önce

    13 Going on 30 was my favorite reference that she did

  • ichbindasdu
    ichbindasdu 2 ay önce

    react to NF please😩😩

  • Stanley Malbrough
    Stanley Malbrough 2 ay önce


  • James Quinn
    James Quinn 2 ay önce

    Who are these youtuber megafaggots? Youtube rewinders