RINGS (2017) Ending Explained + Origins of Samara

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  • Raggedy Man
    Raggedy Man 2 saat önce

    Don't accept Samara's friend request 😳

  • Samson Pham
    Samson Pham 6 gün önce

    Who here remembers "the faculty?

  • Bunker Sieben
    Bunker Sieben 6 gün önce

    Is Samara a Yūrei?

  • Scuba Mishap
    Scuba Mishap 1 hafta önce

    What if you don’t answer the phone though

  • Temper Just Temper
    Temper Just Temper 1 hafta önce

    Do the ring vs the grudge!

  • Ricardo Miranda
    Ricardo Miranda 1 hafta önce

    The spirit as possess the VHS, and other copies of it.

  • Pentagon of leader
    Pentagon of leader 2 hafta önce

    major spoiler

    the original samara, japanese name sadako is actually intersex......if you read the original novel and its sequel it's actually not much of a horror but more sci-fi. the tape has things to do with virus that killed people! honestly, ppl are missing out huge shit if they dont watch the japanese movie AND read the book. In the original book, the ring curse is spread by a character writing books about it and called it "ring" whoever reads it is cursed...i got crept out by that lol

  • studio sarangi
    studio sarangi 3 hafta önce

    umm who pays for samars phone bill?

  • Katie Reed
    Katie Reed 3 hafta önce

    This film is actually good it was better than i thought it would be

  • veganxnatashia
    veganxnatashia 3 hafta önce

    Wait what? Samara’s bones were found in The Ring 1 by Rachel and buried by authorities, unless Samara’s father stole her body to re-burry her.

  • veganxnatashia
    veganxnatashia 3 hafta önce

    Stop saying her name wrong!!!

  • Kurtis Trent
    Kurtis Trent 1 ay önce

    But then finds a blond nerd fucks him and creates Erma

  • Nara Nova
    Nara Nova 1 ay önce

    In original Japanese ringu 1998, her dad was maybe not human being, like in 2nd American one...

  • Aster Yeager
    Aster Yeager 1 ay önce

    Jesus I was mistaken to think this was lord of the rings 😨

  • Rambling Hyena
    Rambling Hyena 1 ay önce

    Samara: 7 days.
    Me: you mean a week?
    Samara: 7 days.
    Me: that's a week.
    Samara: you have seven days to live.
    Me: are you a doctor?
    Samara: no.
    Me: then how do you know?
    Samara: i will kill you.
    Me: you have a gun?
    Samara: no.
    Me: do you have a knife?
    Samara: no.
    Me: then how are going to kill me?
    Me: So you are not a doctor. You have no weapons. And by the sound of your voice you're either are a 11 year old that hasn't hit puverty yet or 70 yeah old.
    Me: yeah. Didn't think so.
    Samara: i am a ghost.
    Me: ghost arent real.
    Samara: yes they are.
    Me: no they are not.

  • Matthew Lucie
    Matthew Lucie 1 ay önce

    Lowkey confused me

  • Aarya Randive
    Aarya Randive 1 ay önce

    Modern problems require modern solutions. Way to go, Samara!

  • a113sabertooth
    a113sabertooth 1 ay önce

    You say she comes out of screen right? So if I go to somewhere without any screens then I wont die?

  • Vegetable
    Vegetable 1 ay önce


    Okie Dokie then

  • SlickbackJr
    SlickbackJr 1 ay önce

    Since you did this you should really do THE GRUDGE.
    It’ll be interesting since it’ll take some time comparing the grudge and JU-ON
    I’ve been subscribed since you had 1 or 2 videos if that helps 👍

  • Mr Bighead
    Mr Bighead 1 ay önce

    As you have to get someone to watch the tape so you'll be free, why not go and find a dying person and get them to watch it?

  • Joshua Campbell
    Joshua Campbell 1 ay önce

    This trippy thought just got to me... Anyone else always seeing the numbers: 333, 420, 777 and 1111?
    I just realized how I see those numbers every day or anywhere at any given time

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 1 ay önce

    What if u watch half of this

  • Stefan B.
    Stefan B. 1 ay önce

    Little known fact: Samara tried first to kill people through betamax tapes and then laserdiscs. After years of not killing anyone she hired a marketing firm to get some perspective on the problem. "Well, our market analysts say nobody uses betamax or laserdisc except for a few collectors. To reach out to the meat of the market share you have to go with vhs. If you want to go digital there's also FMV which is currently enjoying popularity particularly in PC and Sega CD games. That being said, it might not be worth investing in this technology for long term profit. The quality is bad and progress in digital technology moves fast. We suggest sticking to vhs and keep an eye on trends and technology in digital formats."

  • 1000 Subscribers for no content

    Sah-mah-rah. Jesus! Lol

  • pahz place
    pahz place 1 ay önce

    Lolololololol @ this. which is why it's best to mind your business! As "curiosity" does eventually kill the cat. There are a lot of folk that claim curiosity is their reasons for doing x,y,z when in all essence it's not. Although a movie as such wouldn't be that interesting for me to watch, situations as such do exist and the outcome of peoples works tend to eventually bite them in their ass, being that some people really believe that whatever evil they do, is just done and life goes and and everything will be peachy creamy for them. Sounds like Samara was nothing more than an outcome...............as good and bad outcomes take place daily based on peoples works. If folk can't see what having the opportunity to live life is all about and what that ring (time fast forwarding) that comes full circle in everyones life is obviously plays whatever role for , I don't know. Cause if you look at this entertainment on a superficial or deep level, you will see how the priest initiative affected so many (whether or not they were innocent) around him.............and being that he thought he was clever and could figure out how to undo what his initiatives was responsible for, in time showed him otherwise. Once time fast forwarded.

  • anas qureshi
    anas qureshi 1 ay önce

    Please explain spanish movie "mirage "

  • SpecialNewb
    SpecialNewb 1 ay önce

    To be fair, the Japanese movie sequels flail around and the book (Loop) goes into magic VR territory. Ring is a hard act to follow in any continuity. Although I guess parts of Rasen are in this one.

  • Dave Dave
    Dave Dave 1 ay önce

    I went to see Rings with my easy to scare friend and he was bored...
    We were both hoping it will get good later it did not.

  • jonalyn baldoza
    jonalyn baldoza 2 ay önce

    Samera is now MOMO!!! 2019 YALL

  • Rem
    Rem 2 ay önce

    lmfao he has the soy boy smile fucking hell

  • 알니bvip
    알니bvip 2 ay önce

    Japanese The Ring please? Its confusing af

  • Art of Swords
    Art of Swords 2 ay önce

    Woooow... the sarcasm In "the other guy" when hes my fave character makes me a little sad.

  • shane
    shane 2 ay önce

    thank god he turned a light on in recent videos.

  • swagdaddy 69
    swagdaddy 69 2 ay önce

    #nochillSamara bruh her family kills her and she gets all mad and kills anyone. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT SAMARA! :-(

  • scooty stealing you booty lol

    How the f does Samara come out an IPAD or PHONE?

  • Isaeiah Clemena
    Isaeiah Clemena 2 ay önce

    This is pretty weird because if Samira spread the video to all her contacts wouldn’t that mean Samira would have to call hella people and then have to kill all of them all 7 days after watching the video

  • JONATHAN Perez
    JONATHAN Perez 2 ay önce

    I´m almost 30 and I could finally start college this year, what is wrong with that?

  • keeganshigh
    keeganshigh 2 ay önce

    This movie sucked so hard and did so poorly in theaters it was actually able to kill the then upcoming Friday the 13th movie.

  • Matthew
    Matthew 2 ay önce

    Okay, calling Leonard the "other guy" from BBT is ridiculous... Everyone knows who Leonard is, ass-hat. Ever hear of Roseanne?
    Nobody knew who the fuck Jim Parsons was before he was even on the show. Lol
    He was just the oddly gay appearing actor that people mistook for being in Modern Family.