Shawn Mendes Talks Lost in Japan, In My Blood & Camila Cabello

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  • Lysanne Paquette
    Lysanne Paquette 4 gün önce

    Is Shawn Mendes becoming a Snowbird?

  • Intuition Goddess
    Intuition Goddess 5 gün önce

    I love this. Totally relating. Shawn didn’t come into my consciousness until this it’s fun to catch up now.

  • chaz Gurrero
    chaz Gurrero 6 gün önce

    You're generation is finally moving us the correct direction, love. Peace & spiritual truth In the moment. With no regret. Astonishing, U go boys & girls. We could'nt be prouder. Keep reading us and striding foreword. Much love & peace that U bring us. From San Diego California, may the sun shine on you for ever.

  • Sal Becirovic
    Sal Becirovic 2 hafta önce

    He's so nice, talented & just awesome. You can tell that he has an amazing heart. I love his songs & his voice. ❤

  • Manon Gariepy
    Manon Gariepy 3 hafta önce

    Shaw his voici really good just love him

  • lost gamers
    lost gamers 1 ay önce

    Ryan goes like ...'lose yourself to find yourself'
    Selena Gomez's super awesome song : 'I need to lose you to find me'

  • vlerjona basha
    vlerjona basha 1 ay önce

    remember when a girl said selfish to shawn infront of him and he had an anxiety attack and started crying , in this interview when he said a few words can ruin your day it reminded me of that

  • Petra Oblak
    Petra Oblak 1 ay önce

    Hi will not lose him self like JB did for sore

  • Stefatggybhubbinnkn Vargassftvhubikmpmññm

    Si ya te dije y de Caldas Colombia en el celular y me escribis la vida lo que no se trata de la vida lo

  • Phantom RECON
    Phantom RECON 1 ay önce

    How are either of them gonna refer to lost in japan’s “Guitar,” when that is clearly bass🤦🏻‍♂️lmao

  • Nikki Art
    Nikki Art 1 ay önce

    26:40 his little laugh 🥰

  • Super Girl
    Super Girl 2 ay önce

    I love you shawn❤️

  • ochaaz
    ochaaz 2 ay önce

    dude.. I love the way you interview people. you got them open up about their career, not about their personal life. great job!

  • Tania_Shygrl_ Hart
    Tania_Shygrl_ Hart 2 ay önce

    for someone who trying to get over fear watching this helps alot to face your fears and do what you want to do and for me its sing and this is helping me

  • Emilia DiCiccio
    Emilia DiCiccio 2 ay önce

    He writes songs for other artist ? Who?

  • Michelle Mcdonald
    Michelle Mcdonald 2 ay önce

    I have to get this off my chest is it just me is it when Shawn smiles I just smile I think it is because he makes me smile so much I just love him from the bottom of my Arkansas heart al the way to the top he is sooooooooooo amazing

  • yourthriftfairy
    yourthriftfairy 3 ay önce

    15:00 "Lost in Japan is more of a dream world based. I had a dream of this kind of reality with the thought of SOMEBODY in mind and I just went off that."

  • rayan
    rayan 3 ay önce

    12:59, ooohhhh they're talking about senorita

  • Joanne Darling
    Joanne Darling 3 ay önce

    In my blood gets me through my day when I am low

  • anne dla
    anne dla 3 ay önce

    Zac sets the bar really high and even higher for interviews 😍
    Henry, Amber, Krystal & Jessica please 💘💘💘

  • Samantha Reidel
    Samantha Reidel 3 ay önce

    ........ ....

  • Joanne Lamothe
    Joanne Lamothe 3 ay önce

    Shawn Mendes is simply magnificient! I love all of his music. My playlist is very very long! Saw him in concert on August 18/19 in Ottawa, Canada. He blew my mind! If you have a chance to go see him then don't let that opportunity pass you by! He is worth every single penny! Phenominal concert! What a performer!!!!

  • Naya Anindita
    Naya Anindita 3 ay önce

    0:19 zach being cute

  • Abby Flory
    Abby Flory 3 ay önce

    How the hell do u leave Shawn Mendes. Are you insane

  • hye jin lee
    hye jin lee 3 ay önce

    please do tyler the creator zach, that’d be dope

  • Tish Payne
    Tish Payne 3 ay önce

    Zach this interview with Shawn Mendes was🔥

  • Ludmila A
    Ludmila A 3 ay önce

    skin >>>

  • Intuition Goddess
    Intuition Goddess 3 ay önce

    I knew very little about this guy other than loving his music. I’m thoroughly impressed. What a class act.

  • Summer Hart
    Summer Hart 3 ay önce

    Anyone else here after the album came out?

  • christine sandilands

    Great interview guys! New appreciation for Shawn Mendes after the Montreal concert last night! His mom did well!

  • Renae Harrington
    Renae Harrington 3 ay önce

    Who's here after Senorita

  • Tali J
    Tali J 3 ay önce

    0:00 “hey, Beautiful human!”

    Awww That was so sweet 🥺🥰❤️

  • ladina _xyz
    ladina _xyz 3 ay önce

    a legend

  • Hi How are ya
    Hi How are ya 3 ay önce


  • Hope Hannah Rezandt
    Hope Hannah Rezandt 4 ay önce

    Shawn Mendes you are so cute and I love your voice!!!😍😍😍

  • Omayra Frixione-Coto

    look at the way he glows up and smiles when he talks about camila! adorable.

  • Haja Kabba
    Haja Kabba 4 ay önce

    This podcast is so respectful it’s not tryna expose anyone or it’s not too much and Shawn here do..😍

  • grace crenshaw
    grace crenshaw 4 ay önce

    0:46 awe that cute little laugh

  • ApathyAidan
    ApathyAidan 4 ay önce