Fifth Harmony - Don't Say You Love Me

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  • fifth hamony harmonizers lauren ally normani camila dinah-jane fifth harmony full album 5h work from home down he liked that worth it all in my head halsey gucci mane ty dolla $ign x factor simon cowell syco Don't Say You Love Me Fifth Harmony Pop Syco Music/Epic 

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  • Bunny Dyokino
    Bunny Dyokino 1 saat önce

    This has been the nth time that I've watched this video but why is it that suddenly there's tears in my eyes... It's a very emotional song...

  • Princesa Otome
    Princesa Otome 8 saat önce


  • Dan Dolaval
    Dan Dolaval 11 saat önce

    2019?? 💖🔥

  • Tamires Medeiros
    Tamires Medeiros 14 saat önce

    Jonas Brothers voltando só mostra que 5H pode voltar... Né? 😂😅😭😭

  • Raul Manoel
    Raul Manoel 15 saat önce

    still cryingggg

  • Mateo Lara
    Mateo Lara 15 saat önce

    is it normal that im still crying at this point

  • Taonga Nyasulu
    Taonga Nyasulu 17 saat önce

    I miss them

  • Jessica Santos
    Jessica Santos 17 saat önce

    Ainda não acredito que acabou

    ELIAS STADLER. 19 saat önce

    Saudades delas 😢.

  • tropical sun
    tropical sun 21 saat önce

    Camila: havana,cryin in the club,into it🌴🍌🌴
    Ally:low key💎🔑💎
    Lauren:all night,more than that🔮🌙🔮
    Dinah:bottled up🌊🔥🌊
    Normani:love lies,waves🌷💥🌷

  • Kandlaa As
    Kandlaa As 1 gün önce

    Harmonziers wya??💜😔

  • Amos Vhanda
    Amos Vhanda 1 gün önce

    I miss Fifth Harmony too bad

  • Lorenzo Medeiros
    Lorenzo Medeiros 1 gün önce

    Poxa vida ó.. só saudades ❤❤❤❤💟

  • nicole cano
    nicole cano 1 gün önce

    Ya casi se cumplirá un año desde que se separaron :(

  • Thea M.
    Thea M. 1 gün önce

    They ground grade because camilla left, you should’ve never be so rude and mean to her

  • W1N
    W1N 1 gün önce

    fourth harmony joins the chat

  • Jaz Reel
    Jaz Reel 1 gün önce

    I miss their songs 😢💔

  • Scarlet Scarlet
    Scarlet Scarlet 1 gün önce

    lauren is a GODDESS.

  • Muchiri Anthony
    Muchiri Anthony 2 gün önce

    Love this song so so much

  • babe urrea
    babe urrea 2 gün önce

    Saudades de quando eu era feliz e não sabia 💕

  • pancho 16
    pancho 16 2 gün önce

    que pena que se hayan ido como solistas pero hay algo que no entiendo al final hay una puerta que se abre de todo modos q pena 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😪😪😪😣😣😣😣😶

  • Helen Pereira
    Helen Pereira 2 gün önce

    💔😓 2019?

  • camren-ship 15092014
    camren-ship 15092014 2 gün önce

    Oh! Ship 😓me esta doliendo y mucho recordar que 5h ya no existe💔💔aunque estoy orgullosa de mis bebés que esten logrando muchas cosas les deceo exitos en todo pero las exteaño juntas 💕mis feels💔😓necesitos que minimo se vuelvan a hablar todas las 5 😳😳ellas son mi dope🎵😍💔

  • Nat Richa
    Nat Richa 2 gün önce

    They need one more girl

  • Binay Kumar Gupta
    Binay Kumar Gupta 2 gün önce

    Who's here after DANCING WITH STRANGER...

  • BIPIN 89
    BIPIN 89 2 gün önce

    I need a little bit more...😞☹️😟

  • c r i s c a r m e n o
    c r i s c a r m e n o 2 gün önce

    "i need a little bit more" 💚

  • c r i s c a r m e n o
    c r i s c a r m e n o 2 gün önce

    mani 👑✨

  • c r i s c a r m e n o
    c r i s c a r m e n o 2 gün önce

    miss my girls 😿💚🌿

  • Anneline Black
    Anneline Black 2 gün önce

    Fifth harmony come back i need you 😢😢😭❤

  • 神秘的家園
    神秘的家園 2 gün önce

    Miss Camilla

  • C4 bomb
    C4 bomb 3 gün önce

    my mum likes this song so much and i do to

  • pvsxvl 1999
    pvsxvl 1999 3 gün önce

    Whenever i hear that, i could start crying again💔😭

  • pretious mogashwa
    pretious mogashwa 3 gün önce

    I guess it was a good bye song😭😭.so loving it🔥🔥🔥

  • Princess 1D
    Princess 1D 3 gün önce

    They released this on my birthday! I still love this and miss your songs!

  • Saraestela Pereiracorrei

    Alguém me diz o grupo acabou ?

  • carlton matlock
    carlton matlock 3 gün önce

    All the fifth harmony members have songs out maybe ally 💙💙💙♥️💜♥️♥️💙💙💜💙

  • nanda soares
    nanda soares 3 gün önce

    ally didn't let the door close.
    it's 2019 and im still crying

  • Paula Nicole
    Paula Nicole 3 gün önce

    i miss them :(

  • Riley Sellars
    Riley Sellars 3 gün önce

    Love this song so much It is so much fun to sing love you guys and it is so true what you are saying in this song it is so my life or relationship <3 ;)