Toasted Tomato Sandwich - You Suck at Cooking (episode 79)

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  • You Suck At Cooking
    You Suck At Cooking 7 ay önce

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  • myotherface
    myotherface 1 saat önce


  • Hermione Granger-Weasley

    The end of my wheat broke off.. So I couldn't make this recipe 😨

  • Joser The Gamer
    Joser The Gamer 2 gün önce

    rename this episode "the blandest sandwhich ever"

  • tiagocardosom
    tiagocardosom 3 gün önce

    wish i could own a 500 watt galvanized steel nichrome wire lateral current low impedance split phase omnidirectional quad voltage wide arc triple coil toasting machine.

  • SourceMaster_
    SourceMaster_ 5 gün önce

    Yeah I'm totally gonna poison myself by putting raw tomatoes on a sandwich. Nice try pal, you can't kill me that easily.

  • Dankin Curious
    Dankin Curious 5 gün önce

    How tf can you say every single detail right for the toaster but can't get right one fact for the truck... Fuckin non car guys man

  • Miya Horton
    Miya Horton 1 hafta önce

    Oddly poetic.

  • TheSadSnowman
    TheSadSnowman 1 hafta önce

    This made me cry

  • Laimay Yan
    Laimay Yan 1 hafta önce

    This is the greatest video!!

  • David Ramos
    David Ramos 1 hafta önce

    This is very relaxing

  • Scott Karrasch
    Scott Karrasch 2 hafta önce

    Enjoy the simple taste of simple ricks.

  • KhanDaPwner
    KhanDaPwner 2 hafta önce

    I like to have mayonnaise be spread on 1 piece of bread, and tuna on another

  • Tabby Bull
    Tabby Bull 2 hafta önce

    been here since you had like 10 vids or something. so proud of you man<3

  • oh yeh mr. krabz
    oh yeh mr. krabz 2 hafta önce

    I only have a normal toaster, does it have to be a 500 watt galvanized steel nichrome wire lateral current low impedence split phase omnidirectional quad voltage wide arc triple coil toasting machine?

  • Sublime Lemon
    Sublime Lemon 3 hafta önce

    Technically not just a tomato sandwich anymore, but my grandma would fry up some spam cut super thin in a pan and put it on the tomato sandwich (open face), top with cheese, and put it under the broiler!

  • Christa Horton
    Christa Horton 3 hafta önce

    That tomato sandwich is as baked as u lmao

  • TheDerpyCarrot
    TheDerpyCarrot 3 hafta önce

    If you add fresh basil to it it’s ten times better

  • John Preston Corbin
    John Preston Corbin 3 hafta önce

    What type of camera do you use?

  • Renny Like Doughnuts
    Renny Like Doughnuts 3 hafta önce


  • HIRMS Moskva
    HIRMS Moskva 3 hafta önce

    Hey is it safe to add cheese or does that enhance the flavour beyond our dimension

    IWHOWASDATXD VAguero 4 hafta önce

    I'm probably not the only one who didnt see the knife at first right? 1:52

  • pringle239
    pringle239 1 ay önce

    What is this song, it is weirdly relaxing.

  • MrCnote1993
    MrCnote1993 1 ay önce

    Disclaimer: Add bacon and lettuce

  • Just a guy who likes video games

    Who else is eating this while watching

  • jessiebears Alive
    jessiebears Alive 1 ay önce

    Wait what state do u live in

  • slam shot outdoors
    slam shot outdoors 1 ay önce

    I didnt ask for a comdien

  • alohathaxted
    alohathaxted 1 ay önce

    needs more butter.

  • Wordsmithereens
    Wordsmithereens 1 ay önce

    honestly i consider this poetry

  • Jul10
    Jul10 1 ay önce

    Huele a crotolamo

  • Tu Madre
    Tu Madre 1 ay önce

    If only he had fed that sandwich to a bald eagle.

  • immaculatelation
    immaculatelation 1 ay önce

    LOL! ...yet, groan...

  • Laorin Filet
    Laorin Filet 1 ay önce

    I swear this was an ad

  • dustwinebirds
    dustwinebirds 1 ay önce


  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy 1 ay önce

    My day is ruined

  • Killer YT
    Killer YT 1 ay önce

    How did you make a 1 minuten explanation take 3minutes Long

  • The Enigma
    The Enigma 1 ay önce


  • Max Imilian
    Max Imilian 1 ay önce

    added a bit of cheese and red onions! so great !

  • Matthew Vang
    Matthew Vang 1 ay önce

    That sandwich dead ass actually looks good

  • I aM a bAgUeTtE . bRęÆd

    u succ at cucing