Something Scary Vol 5 - Annabelle Doll Story Time Compilation Part 2 // Something Scary | Snarled

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  • What does a creepy rag doll named Annabelle, artificial intelligence, and a bakroe have in common? They all have something sinister inhabiting them... Sapphire tells us three creepypasta stories about things that are not quite what they seem. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR OTHER CHANNELS SLAYTRIX: HISSYFIT: VISIT US AT FOR EVERYTHING SNARLED! Join The SNARLED SQUAD: Follow us EVERYWHERE And don't forget to check out our other super cool series!!!! Death Happens: Something Scary: Rad Gaming with Beth and Rachel: The Dark 5: Top 5 Lists with Rachel Evans: Rad Art: Race in America: Study a Broad: Spite Club: Tiffany the Teenage Grim Reaper: Wacko Smacko: Ask Us w/ Lauren and Rachel: Follow Sapphire Blog: Twitter: @AwkwardSapphire Instagram: @awkwardsapphire
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  • Shaniqua Carter
    Shaniqua Carter 7 dakika önce


  • Shaniqua Carter
    Shaniqua Carter 8 dakika önce

    I see that doll a shool

  • Galaxy5210 lol
    Galaxy5210 lol 4 saat önce

    what do you mean 2044

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo 1 gün önce

    No matter what people tell u or whatever u see in movies “demons and spirits r real” dont let no one make u believe is not true

  • Hinata Uzumaki
    Hinata Uzumaki 2 gün önce

    i dont get the last one

  • cutes. editz
    cutes. editz 2 gün önce

    bruh ima have to watch hentai🗿
    To get rid off a these stories out of my head🗿

  • maria Basit
    maria Basit 2 gün önce

    It's not wrong if you talk to toys
    But it's very wrong if they start answering U

    Uuhhh creepy!! ..... I hate dolls

  • ガチャFuukuma •
    ガチャFuukuma • 2 gün önce

    Your not alone sapphire I'm afraid of dolls too! I was 7, and I was collecting barbies. When I became 11 (now I'm 12) me and my mom and my dad were watching Annabelle so after watching the movie I Completely scared of my barbies I just Took them and yeeted in the Basement XD

  • CutieChloe CatGirl
    CutieChloe CatGirl 3 gün önce

    Youve watched childs play? ;)

  • Makenzie’s Life
    Makenzie’s Life 3 gün önce

    Omg... I had a doll like Annabelle and I named it Annie... always gave me bad vibes

  • Joce love
    Joce love 4 gün önce


  • ilikebts army
    ilikebts army 4 gün önce

    Sapphire: she heard childrens laughter

    Me: i thought those were furbies

  • Cadence Young
    Cadence Young 5 gün önce


    Me: body like a bakroe 🎤

  • jane jane
    jane jane 6 gün önce


  • Elijah Rogers
    Elijah Rogers 6 gün önce

    Skip 17:99

  • Aastha
    Aastha 6 gün önce

    I'm from SURINAM😲

  • tuna studios
    tuna studios 6 gün önce

    sapphire: need to see it to belive it? you can actually visit anabelle!
    me: wtf fuck no

  • Luna Sophia
    Luna Sophia 6 gün önce

    3998 anyone?

  • Elv1shmyst1c Cm
    Elv1shmyst1c Cm 1 hafta önce

    i think it si possible

  • daler khan
    daler khan 1 hafta önce

    When I see a doll
    "Hello naa"
    Doll "suprise mother f*cker."

  • bts_cookie lover -w-
    bts_cookie lover -w- 1 hafta önce

    I hate dolls but fnaf i like the game FNAF ^-^ bur it's kinda scary but idc :^

  • Penguin Gamer
    Penguin Gamer 1 hafta önce

    Me sees Annabelle
    Me:HELL NO!!!!!!

  • Chelle Feller
    Chelle Feller 1 hafta önce

    Wait Surinam 😐😐that's where I live😐😐

  • Trash Hooman
    Trash Hooman 1 hafta önce

    Doll: You were supposed to be home two seconds ago where were you

  • Cinnamon StarX
    Cinnamon StarX 1 hafta önce

    Bruh I have like 3 ragitty ann dolls

  • OoF meh
    OoF meh 1 hafta önce

    No one buys dolls anymore they are useless

  • Shawn David
    Shawn David 1 hafta önce

    Grandma always knows whats up. ☝

  • Melody Glitches
    Melody Glitches 1 hafta önce

    0:32 my two favorite things goosebumps and Five nights at Freddy's

  • Kaelyn Marcum
    Kaelyn Marcum 1 hafta önce

    Cool we have the same fear of dolls

  • burntchickennugget haha
    burntchickennugget haha 1 hafta önce

    Me: The first story is o b v I o u s l y a hoax right?
    4:58: JeSuS FrIggIn ChrIst I’m NevEr BUyIng A Doll AgaIn

  • Ugly Rat
    Ugly Rat 1 hafta önce


  • Megagamers 4412
    Megagamers 4412 1 hafta önce

    Give me dislikes

  • Crucify Spooky
    Crucify Spooky 1 hafta önce

    is the annabelle from conguring 2

  • The Girl Show
    The Girl Show 1 hafta önce

    0:29 sameeeee its actually called Automatonophobia :))))

  • Twisted daily
    Twisted daily 1 hafta önce

    I love watching scary stuff and prefer only watching SNARLED’S scary videos but I only get scary dreams when I watch your videos .. it’s kinda creepy lol . I stopped watching for a while because I forgot all about it but then found one of your videos again and began to watch more videos and fell asleep and when I woke up I couldn’t go back to sleep 💀 .

  • Oiga Rosado
    Oiga Rosado 1 hafta önce

    Hey u rock

  • Hey Im Veronica
    Hey Im Veronica 1 hafta önce

    Yay i hate dolls too! :D lol
    Btw i have a story about me with dolls

    So we were on a school trip i didnt wanted to go there but..
    It was something like escape room and we escaped some rooms and then..
    There was a PINK ROOM WITH DOLLS ON A ROOF so me and my bff scream cuz we HATE DOLLS and it was so scary..

    Ur not interested so bye.

  • Született Gamer
    Született Gamer 1 hafta önce

    What does this entity want?


  • Purple_ Life :3
    Purple_ Life :3 2 hafta önce

    She says that she hates possesed dolls
    Me: lol I had three possesed dolls when I was little :')

  • Clau Ymt
    Clau Ymt 2 hafta önce