Calum Scott - No Matter What

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  • ‘Only Human (Special Edition)’ feat. “No Matter What” is out now: Director: Ozzie Pullin Producer: Molly McGregor Director of Photography: David Foulkes Editor: Sam Bould @ Cut & Run Production Company: Partizan Colour: Jonny Thorpe @ Glassworks Lyrics: When I was a young boy I was scared of growing up I didn’t understand it But I was terrified of love Felt like I had to choose But it was out of my control I needed to be saved I was going crazy on my own It took me years to tell my mother I expected the worst I gathered all the courage in the world She said I love you no matter what I just want you to be happy And always be who you are She wrapped her arms around me Said don’t try to be what you're not Cos I love you no matter what She loves me no matter what Got a little older Wishing all my time away Riding on the pavement Every sunny day was grey I trusted in my friends Then all my world came crushing down I wish I never said a thing Cos to them I'm a stranger now I ran home, I saw my mother It was written on my face Felt like I had a heart of glass about to break She said I love you no matter what I just want you to be happy And always be who you are She wrapped her arms around me Said don’t try to be what you're not Cos I love you no matter what Yeahhh Now I’m a man and I’m so much wiser I walk the Earth with my head held higher I got the love that I need But I was still missing one special piece My father looked at me He said I love you no matter what I just want you to be happy And always be who you are They wrapped their arms around me Said don’t try to be what you're not Cos we love you no matter what They love me no matter what Follow Calum Scott: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify: Soundcloud: Official Site: Music video by Calum Scott performing No Matter What. © 2018 Capitol Records
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  • Rachel Dias
    Rachel Dias 3 saat önce

    Amazing music!!! Keep it going

  • nawlulu
    nawlulu 4 saat önce

    It’s wasting . I love you no matter what ❗️

  • Diva Robaha
    Diva Robaha 4 saat önce

    the song discusses the life of a child who from a small age has a personal abnormality that is homo he is always insulted and bullied by his friends he can only cry and keep going forward, the message we can take is that we should not lower and bring down people who have abnormalities

  • Sherry Hand
    Sherry Hand 7 saat önce

    Such a beautiful song and sung with so much feeling

  • Pauline Joy Biasbas
    Pauline Joy Biasbas 7 saat önce

    They love me no matter what 😌

  • Armanse Over
    Armanse Over 9 saat önce

    i wanna cry ;-;

  • Matthew Lines
    Matthew Lines 9 saat önce

    Good song

  • Xxty ty
    Xxty ty 11 saat önce

    Aint kno he was gay...thats so cool..he sings so not gay doe

  • Rony Mena
    Rony Mena 11 saat önce

    I haven't cried to a song that I can relate to so much as this one! ❣

  • RC_Swift
    RC_Swift 15 saat önce

    Unless your gay

  • Sachin Doekhie
    Sachin Doekhie 16 saat önce

    OMG this song made me cry ❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭 i love it

  • Fidencia Mbuya
    Fidencia Mbuya 19 saat önce

    Amazing singer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yueh84827
    yueh84827 19 saat önce


  • Heather Patterson
    Heather Patterson 19 saat önce

    It’s not just about being Gay, the true meaning of his story is that no matter what society may think, if your poor, gay, different ethnicity what ever it maybe, the ❤️ your parents has for you should be unconditional and with just that ❤️ gives us the strength to surpass anything.
    Parents don’t be afraid to ❤️ your kids and kids don’t be afraid to accept that.

  • Linda Buzzell
    Linda Buzzell 23 saat önce

    the song does hurt the ward are sad ,,,

  • Michelle Bouwer
    Michelle Bouwer 1 gün önce

    Hello Calum Scott, I want to say thank you for producing and singing this song. My mother passed away in 2016 and I recently lost my father as well end of last year, he had cancer. I hope you read this message, because I want you to know that this song helps me through the days I miss my parents... My parents loved me and my brother no matter... With every decision I made they stood by me even if they knew it was the wrong decision.. They would always put their arms around me, tell me it would be okay and tell me to do what makes me happy.. As I cry writing this message to you, I want you to know that this is an amazing song, it helps me cope everyday and reminds me that my mother and father still love me and my brother very much. God Bless Mr.Scott. #AmazingArtist! #KeepSinging!

  • S P
    S P 1 gün önce

    I can relate

  • Ricardo Borges
    Ricardo Borges 1 gün önce

    The last 5 seconds of the video made me cry

  • Martha Getachew Bekele
    Martha Getachew Bekele 1 gün önce

    I love your songs and that honey voice of yours, Calum Scott! Love all the way from Nairobi, Kenya.

  • sabin rai
    sabin rai 1 gün önce

    really very sweet voice

  • Michelle Gomez
    Michelle Gomez 1 gün önce

    I love you Calum ❤

  • Berto N Beer
    Berto N Beer 1 gün önce

    Inspirational!! How REAL PEOPLE SHOULD BE!!!

  • Rem Remy
    Rem Remy 1 gün önce


  • That Girl Over There
    That Girl Over There 1 gün önce

    I don’t mean to sound rude but I don’t understand what happened in the video. But the lyrics are so powerful

  • GrettelS2602
    GrettelS2602 1 gün önce

    Amo esta canción, es hermosa, es inspiradora y refleja el amor de un padre hacia un hijo, sin condiciones, sin ataduras, así nos ama Dios.

  • João Coelho
    João Coelho 1 gün önce

    OMG! PERFECT! <3

  • Natardo Brown
    Natardo Brown 1 gün önce

    Perfect way of expressing that love is boundless and should remain unobstructed.

  • SusieQt Vang
    SusieQt Vang 1 gün önce

    I'm over here balling my eyes. What a lovely song!!! I love it!

  • Bil Ivan Corpuz
    Bil Ivan Corpuz 1 gün önce

    Gay S*cks

  • Jus D2T
    Jus D2T 1 gün önce

    Such a meaningful song, send my love to parent, thanks for everything

  • Tudo sobre o clash of clans

    caraca man até eu fiquei triste

  • Tumbom Noshi
    Tumbom Noshi 1 gün önce

    It is so deep

  • p tararam
    p tararam 1 gün önce

    #respect 21-2-2019

  • J R55
    J R55 1 gün önce

    Love you n your song

  • Aurora Capasso
    Aurora Capasso 2 gün önce


  • Carlo Tacayon
    Carlo Tacayon 2 gün önce

    I love you Calum!

  • jose mateo palomino lopez


  • Jayden Schlaiss
    Jayden Schlaiss 2 gün önce

    This is such a Hart meaning song

  • Lastoror
    Lastoror 2 gün önce

    Can't relate to this song :(

  • Carolina MADAFKA QUEEN
    Carolina MADAFKA QUEEN 2 gün önce

    Beautiful song