Halo 2 Anniversary Remastered THE MOVIE All Cutscenes 1080p 60FPS

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  • Lvl58DeathKnight
    Lvl58DeathKnight 1 gün önce

    the only good thing 343 did with the franchise

  • shadow raiden23
    shadow raiden23 1 gün önce

    ... Tch the prophets are nothing but false and liars .... They can accept the mantle was passed to the humans and not them...

  • Jessy
    Jessy 2 gün önce

    If sergeant Johnson is not one of the best side characters in any game franchise with his antics and comments, then idk who is... "Oh i know what the ladies likeee"

  • Naughtyrabbit
    Naughtyrabbit 2 gün önce

    12:29 is that michelle rodriguez?

  • KingtoaGod
    KingtoaGod 2 gün önce

    Master Chief's voice is soo perfect he sounds so young even though his actor is old/

  • xXLunar_BlastXx
    xXLunar_BlastXx 2 gün önce

    Just watched the whole thing like it was a movie

  • Ian Davis
    Ian Davis 2 gün önce

    It kinda sucks that Halo 5 wasn't all that great storywise.

  • Denam
    Denam 3 gün önce

    Breathtaking. Beautifully made.

  • zroreaper
    zroreaper 3 gün önce

    i don't need a live-action movie for halo this would do just fine if they a made a movie like this

  • SqueakyPeak36
    SqueakyPeak36 3 gün önce

    Human super soldier ranking only Master chief title

    Not title ranking soldier Locke

    Artiber : memory old 117

  • monster energy buzz
    monster energy buzz 4 gün önce

    Fatal message from Master Chief... Boo!

  • 501st Legion
    501st Legion 6 gün önce

    I hate Locke and his team (Except Buck) but sometimes he is decent comic relief but nowhere near as good as Johnson or Noble Team

  • ツR È † Ä R Ð
    ツR È † Ä R Р1 hafta önce

    Spartan 117 and 092 are easily the most badass Spartans to ever exist (Master Chief and Jerome)

  • Le Michael
    Le Michael 1 hafta önce

    la thien than angel duoc lam con ong troi` co' trieu trieu ti ti dua con angel tinh trung ong troi ruoc' voi' nguoi yeu ong troi ghep' cho minh`, ong troi phu' giac quan co' the thay va nghe
    dich chuyen va tan hinh` khong the thay bang mat' thuong , ong troi kiem soat chung' ta qua giac quan, 80% nguoi trai dat' la duoc vo chong ong troi ghep',tien tri di dan len troi`
    o tren dia dang 80% la ong troi phu', co' the tuong tac de duoc ong troi khai sang'

  • Le Michael
    Le Michael 1 hafta önce

    chien binh vu tru nao` sung' dang chet ong troi hoi sinh phu' la thien than` angel, chet ong troi phu' cao to dep va ngau` nhu the rock angel

  • Zacimus the master Shooter

    I love the prologue of halo 2 anniversary amazing😄😄😄😄😎😎😎😎😊👍🏻

  • Wat Tyler
    Wat Tyler 1 hafta önce

    High Charity on legendary 200+ times:
    Cortana: "CHIEF! BRUTES!"

    BAT-TALK! 1 hafta önce


    This is theee end!! Skyfalllll its a skyfall!!!!!!

  • Benson Li
    Benson Li 2 hafta önce

    Don’t you think it’s strange that all Aliens can speech English?

  • TheGoldBullet2you
    TheGoldBullet2you 2 hafta önce

    What's the metal thing behind captain Keyes head?

  • Mouhd Tahfiz
    Mouhd Tahfiz 3 hafta önce

    Remember when master chief was a badass

  • Mahudeswar Mahudeswar
    Mahudeswar Mahudeswar 3 hafta önce

    Thousand pounds of heavy armour sinking at the same rate as normal man.

  • Azurgen
    Azurgen 1 ay önce

    Titan Fall 2 and Halo have the best campaigns in video game history. In my opinion

  • LamboMOT
    LamboMOT 1 ay önce

    "motivational device"

  • DividedFERGY
    DividedFERGY 1 ay önce

    19:52 when I was a kid I thought he was being super sassy when he said "that makes two of us", I thought he meant it like "your life doesn't matter to me either" but now I realize I was an absolute knob for not being able to follow the very obvious theme of self-deprecation he has been showing so far

  • gsteel98
    gsteel98 1 ay önce

    "boo" wtf wasn't expecting that lmaooo

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee 1 ay önce

    Green light, green light to engage
    For some reason I just love that line

  • Jj Lim
    Jj Lim 1 ay önce

    "For a brick. He flew pretty good"

  • annoyingkraken
    annoyingkraken 1 ay önce

    Goodness me, this is the first time I saw the Remastered. This is a truly remastered game.

  • #best one
    #best one 1 ay önce

    I never liked halo

  • darthdude
    darthdude 1 ay önce

    can you imagine if they tried to make this now? master chief would be a cuck and cortana would run the show

  • Jesse Martinez
    Jesse Martinez 1 ay önce

    Hahaha the regret part always made me laugh

  • Nightmare AJ Bushey Someone's Yandere


    Ok so a Scarab just got destroyed. Que Mjolnir Mix.

    To be honest, this game features some of Marty O'Donnell's best work. But then again, that's all the Bungie Halo games

  • Noble 6
    Noble 6 2 ay önce

    U know if you look at Arbiter closely he is the same species as he was, just in golden armor

  • Esper
    Esper 2 ay önce

    Loke's character is so much better in this short 1 minute or so scene than he is in halo 5.

  • Slavsco 32
    Slavsco 32 2 ay önce

    h3 had imo the best multiplayer but h2 had the greatest Campaign ever

  • Juan Sebastian Martinez Sierra

    12:58 "When I joined the Corps, we didn't have any fancy-schmanzy tanks. We had sticks! Two sticks, and a rock for the whole platoon—and we had to share the rock! Buck up, boy, you are one very lucky marine!"
    My favourite halo quote and they changed it, maaaaan!!. However, I'm still impressed by the level of detail, incredible job.

  • Sai Namuduri
    Sai Namuduri 2 ay önce

    "To give the Covenant back their bomb."
    That single line. SO MUCH MENACE.

  • Javi Cavazos
    Javi Cavazos 2 ay önce

    26:29 did anyone else wanna die when she said there’s another index to retrieve. After playing CE, I was done retrieving indexes in Flood infested libraries

  • echo95
    echo95 2 ay önce

    Chief : Permission to leave the ship sir ?
    Sir : for what purposes Chief ?
    Chief : To give the covenent thier bomb.
    lol badass !!!!