iPhone XR Impressions: All of the Colors!

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  • Даня Соловьвьёв

    4:58- "чудо техники" канал

  • Kiyaan Bal
    Kiyaan Bal 1 hafta önce

    Ooffffff i love the coral


  • Cormac Horner
    Cormac Horner 2 hafta önce

    I like how on the yellow the pale band contrasts against the vibrant back

  • Jessica k.
    Jessica k. 3 hafta önce

    I got the I Phone 📱 XR in Blue . I love it 🥰

  • A S-H
    A S-H 3 hafta önce

    let me find out yall mad about the resolution like yall actually pay attention to that...

  • Dolce Vita
    Dolce Vita 3 hafta önce

    I got the red one and it's beautiful

  • Christian Carter
    Christian Carter 4 hafta önce

    Watching this on XR 😂

  • Nathan Music
    Nathan Music 1 ay önce

    The R stands for regular people that won’t $1000 for a smartphone.

  • Mcgregor FAA
    Mcgregor FAA 1 ay önce

    Iphone 9 pretty much

  • Yes Cee
    Yes Cee 1 ay önce

    I just got my XR and regret not getting the white 🥺🥺

  • BooBoo
    BooBoo 1 ay önce

    Just got my XR and it pretty impressive!
    Even made a bad unboxing vid of it lol

  • Ruby Robinson
    Ruby Robinson 1 ay önce

    white or red?

  • Arely Romero
    Arely Romero 1 ay önce

    I feel like the red,white,and black are overrated I like the yellow,coral,and blue more bc they’re more vibrant

  • xans
    xans 1 ay önce

    Well thats amazing you know how to really recognize those colour. I mean i am a simple person. See orange, called it orange, instead of coral or salmon or whatever.

  • Изабелла Реш

    Help. Black or white???

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 ay önce

    Coral blue or yellow? I cant decide and im getting it in febuary.

  • Gamertaco Malayalam
    Gamertaco Malayalam 3 ay önce

    Were ever I look in the comment section there 720p ?

  • Marq333
    Marq333 3 ay önce

    This review confirmed it! XR in RED it is!!

  • Swymco
    Swymco 3 ay önce

    I like the colors and the extra $250 in my pocket. It is obvious where they cut costs, but the phone is good enough if you need to have a new iPhone.

  • Ulugbek Kahramonov
    Ulugbek Kahramonov 3 ay önce

    Apple’s every iPhone since 4S wasn’t full HD except the plus models, so stop complaining even you ain’t right

  • Jonny Solis
    Jonny Solis 3 ay önce

    Why yall hating its a good phone be thankful or grateful for wat u could 750 is affordable

  • Akayla M.
    Akayla M. 3 ay önce

    I don't watch TV on my phone so I think I'll be fine with the resolution tbh. However since they cheaped out so much on the resolution I wish they would've made the phone a little cheaper. And it would be nice if they would've upped the resolution for the price their selling it for but it's not a dealbreaker. If it was my laptop, TV or IPAD, then I'd care and be bothered with the resolution being that low.

  • Glacid Rumble
    Glacid Rumble 3 ay önce

    Which colour should I choose???
    Blue or Red

  • Hussein Joudee
    Hussein Joudee 3 ay önce

    The most beautiful phone in the world .

  • Hussein Joudee
    Hussein Joudee 3 ay önce

    I want this phone .

  • Owen Hernandez
    Owen Hernandez 4 ay önce

    I want one for Christmas this year

  • Gustavo Brown
    Gustavo Brown 4 ay önce

    Here in Brazil, 1 iphone equivalent to U$ 9.800

  • Claudiu B.
    Claudiu B. 4 ay önce

    3:30 actually video starts here

  • Mary Iwuoha
    Mary Iwuoha 4 ay önce

    I kind of really like the quirkiness of the yellow :)
    The neutral-ness of the white/black- can slap on whatever the fudge I want
    And the regal-ness of the Red

  • cqlove12
    cqlove12 4 ay önce

    Does it make phone calls?

  • Evie Wright
    Evie Wright 4 ay önce

    I can’t decide out of the coral and the white... which one do I get????

  • Saiful Bahrin
    Saiful Bahrin 4 ay önce

    Meanwhile in other news, “Microsoft Overtook Apple as World’s Most Valuable Company”. 😆😆

  • Nicolas Riley
    Nicolas Riley 4 ay önce

    should I get a red one or a white one

  • Olivia Ward
    Olivia Ward 4 ay önce

    What color is the yellow because some videos make it look like a light yellow then others make it look super bright

  • Mehwish Kazi
    Mehwish Kazi 4 ay önce

    Yellow and red is best 💛❤

  • Eyelash
    Eyelash 4 ay önce

    Even my iPad mini 2 has *better screen quality and I can watch 1080p on YouTube LOL!!!

  • SM Animations
    SM Animations 4 ay önce

    R stands for Retina

  • Tea Spilt
    Tea Spilt 4 ay önce

    What cases go with the red tho to look girly ish

  • RsS6 JKaY
    RsS6 JKaY 4 ay önce

    Does it make much of a difference from 720p to 1080p

  • Exotic Jay
    Exotic Jay 4 ay önce

    You nerds worry bout the screen resolution, stfu already bruu