Jahvon "JelllyJQ" Quinerly OFFICIAL Mixtape!! Villanova Brings In JELLYFAM!! Specimen #001

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  • Specimen #001 Jahvon "Jellly JQ" Quinerly Jahvon being specimen #001 is an implication to the next chapter of the "In The Lab" Mixtapes. We've had plenty of other players with mixes in the past but... Full Article(Coming Soon till then check out http://ten000hours.com/blog) The people who helped out BIG TIME on this mixtape • Hoop Diamonds - https://www.instagram.com/hoopdiamonds/ • NJ Hoop Recruit - https://www.instagram.com/njhooprecruit/ • AW Productions - https://www.instagram.com/awproductions_/ • Hoop Major Media - https://www.instagram.com/hoopmajorhm/ • Guitry TV - https://www.instagram.com/guitry.tv/ • North East Bball Club - https://www.instagram.com/nebballclub/ Music • One Tone - https://www.onetonestore.com/ • Ric & Thadeus - http://www.ricandthadeusonline.com/ Photographs • Jordan Jimenez - https://www.instagram.com/_j.squared/ Thumbnail • Navin Ramharak - http://instagram.com/navinitl/ SUBSCRIBE To InTheLab For More IN THE LAB http://youtube.com/officialshiftteamhq IN THE LAB NEWS http://youtube.com/whogotnextg Follow us on social media -Instagram http://instagram.com/Devinthelab http://instagram.com/inthelabnews http://instagram.com/InTheLabLifeStyle http://instagram.com/thesportsphysicist http://instagram.com/navinitl http://instagram.com/mj22inthelab http://instagram.com/darreninthelab -Twitter http://twitter.com/DevInTheLab http://twitter.com/inthelabnews Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ten000hours/ -Website http://ten000hours.com
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  • Lukieboy
    Lukieboy 5 gün önce

    1:01 🏀🔥

  • 9Kishon6
    9Kishon6 2 hafta önce


  • Lorenzo Contreras
    Lorenzo Contreras 3 hafta önce

    watching this even a year later still the best mixtape i ever seen

  • Moses
    Moses 4 hafta önce

    Lightskin kyrie

  • RasKalxz14 YT
    RasKalxz14 YT 4 hafta önce

    The next kyrie Irving???

  • Kwabena Sarpong
    Kwabena Sarpong 1 ay önce

    I'm coming home jellyfam

  • Kwabena Sarpong
    Kwabena Sarpong 1 ay önce

    Javon offical though

  • Clay Da kid
    Clay Da kid 1 ay önce

    Now I want a mixtape!

  • Rosemary Duhia
    Rosemary Duhia 1 ay önce

    Had to stop this was too strong for me🥵 mad respect for the talent🙌🏾

  • Chris On
    Chris On 1 ay önce

    What is the song called in the first clip

  • Ruthless Marmot
    Ruthless Marmot 1 ay önce

    I think this might be the best highschool mixtape ever

  • iKareemi
    iKareemi 1 ay önce

    mixtape is so fire i still watch it

  • ace gallero
    ace gallero 1 ay önce

    He plays like john wall

  • Sauci Auri
    Sauci Auri 1 ay önce

    This production is better than some of these random Redbox films

  • Livin_great 2019_IGaccount

    Washington at IONA now?! He should've went the Melo way and way overseas with the brand.

  • mark0
    mark0 2 ay önce

    Definitely one of the top 10 mixtape I've ever seen 🍇🌪

  • Nolan Rossiter
    Nolan Rossiter 2 ay önce

    6:09-6:15 was the best move I have ever seen in my short and meaningless lifetime

  • Patrick Fulton
    Patrick Fulton 2 ay önce

    3:06 just smooth 🥶

  • Davion Henry
    Davion Henry 3 ay önce

    The music made it 100 times harder

  • Tomioka Giyu
    Tomioka Giyu 3 ay önce

    1:03 song?

  • Louis Adrian
    Louis Adrian 3 ay önce

    song at 5:01? does the camera shot included on the song or its just the edit?

  • jacob falko
    jacob falko 3 ay önce

    Anyone else see at 3:28 Luther just tags dude in the face lol

  • Notorious_SGF
    Notorious_SGF 3 ay önce

    Jahvon look like Robert De Niro if he was half black

  • Pigeon White
    Pigeon White 3 ay önce

    Yo at 3:23 he lookin like he high fived the ref

  • Ethan Almeda
    Ethan Almeda 4 ay önce

    3:25 the ref is with javon's team

  • Daytes
    Daytes 4 ay önce

    Jelly JQ a whole bucket

  • mark0
    mark0 5 ay önce

    Best highlight I've ever seen of my life

  • dank memes
    dank memes 5 ay önce

    If u finna make a compilation video pick better songs like money in the grave or sum

  • Bruno Dantas
    Bruno Dantas 5 ay önce

    Let's see if he can do anything with Alabama this upcoming college season.

  • So’s Dirty White Tee

    Who hear after he went to Alabama?

  • Yung_Baller
    Yung_Baller 6 ay önce

    Bama bound ‼️

    BRICKCITY BANDIT 6 ay önce

    Nigga TRASH

  • tonyl1981
    tonyl1981 6 ay önce

    We need Jelly to come Roll with the Tide! Talk about a secret weapon that is going to show out if he comes to Alabama.

  • Mystic Kryptic
    Mystic Kryptic 6 ay önce

    His ability to change speed and direction in the middle of moves is next level.

  • Corvallis Evans
    Corvallis Evans 6 ay önce

    3:04 that pass was smooth af

  • Tracy Smith
    Tracy Smith 6 ay önce

    Who still watch this now and waiting for new mixtapes

  • Mari
    Mari 7 ay önce

    Greatest mixtape of all time and I'm still watching to this day

  • Tay Loc 44
    Tay Loc 44 7 ay önce

    He’s definitely way too old for his class tho

  • mg haza
    mg haza 7 ay önce

    bruh what he do that last play all em niggas was blockin it

  • Reynaldo Campos
    Reynaldo Campos 7 ay önce

    Jelly just don't work in college, I'm officially declaring it dead 💀💀💀😂😂😂