Making Wedding Bands!

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  • Roys Insights
    Roys Insights 4 gün önce

    Great job on rings

  • Basti T
    Basti T 4 gün önce

    Congrats that she said Yes.. ;) :)

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson 1 hafta önce

    Looks awesome! I took my Stop the Bleed course this week! Thanks for highlighting it!

  • OH YEAH! Podcast
    OH YEAH! Podcast 1 hafta önce

    You should wear a ring that she makes! hahaha

  • Argonian pickels
    Argonian pickels 1 hafta önce

    Very late congrats man

  • JR Hamilton
    JR Hamilton 1 hafta önce

    Ah making yourself a legally binding lifetime ankle monitor for your finger! Cheers!

  • Ashleigh M
    Ashleigh M 1 hafta önce


  • BrenticusMaximus1
    BrenticusMaximus1 1 hafta önce

    Congratulations 🎉🎊 Happy times!

  • Elanor West
    Elanor West 1 hafta önce

    congratulations! Your handiwork is so beautiful!

  • adelmo worytko
    adelmo worytko 2 hafta önce

    alec if your fiannce is ever intersted will you do a video introducing her

  • LOLSflint
    LOLSflint 3 hafta önce

    1:08 His marriage was sponsored by Skillshare... waht

  • Conor Court
    Conor Court 3 hafta önce

    That hammered finish is incredible. Well done.

  • WhyEmptyVoid
    WhyEmptyVoid 3 hafta önce

    Just had to flex those air pods huh !

  • Migdhadh Mohamed
    Migdhadh Mohamed 1 ay önce

    Good for you mate. Good luck both of ye.

  • jesus Garay
    jesus Garay 1 ay önce

    Show me the girl

  • DaPinkBublé
    DaPinkBublé 1 ay önce

    the hammer finish does look dope. thats gold i would wear and i hate gold.

  • twostroke350
    twostroke350 1 ay önce

    Try a kitchen microplane (like you use for parmesan cheese) for reducing wax volume. Never clogs, removes a lot of material quickly but in a very controlled manner.

  • twostroke350
    twostroke350 1 ay önce

    My wifes wedding band was left with the final hammer marks too. As time goes on, they will gradually wear smooth to a perfectly smooth, polished band. Takes about 7 years. There may be some symbolism about starting off with many facets and working towards a perfect finish in there somewhere?

    Incidentally, the master goldsmith Ken Moffat who made our wedding bands, also pattern welds GOLD DAMASCUS rings... Just saying.

  • Supabear
    Supabear 1 ay önce

    @Alec Steele if you didn't beat it with a hammer it wouldn't be yours lol. Very Nice Bro

  • a s
    a s 1 ay önce

    lol you're now in my backyard

  • Mike Stemp
    Mike Stemp 1 ay önce

    You guys are F-ing dope!

  • Abby Babby
    Abby Babby 1 ay önce

    Just don’t wear your ring while working. To easy to de-glove your finger, seen it happen a lot. If you have to wear a ring get a rubber one the will rip off and not jerk your finger off. Congratulations by the way.

  • Robert Garza
    Robert Garza 1 ay önce

    A little late. Congrats to you and your fiancé Alec! Having fun binge watching your channel. Keep up the great work brother. Keep hammering.

  • B Norton
    B Norton 1 ay önce

    Really stunning work man!

  • fenderplayer946
    fenderplayer946 1 ay önce

    looks beautiful on her finger... waves it past the camera on his hand... brilliant haha!

  • hennelly irvin
    hennelly irvin 2 ay önce

    Made rings of my own using this video and dental lab equipment! Great video

  • Tobie Koster
    Tobie Koster 2 ay önce

    when did Michael McIntyre start making jewellery? ;)

  • x X_Twisted_X x
    x X_Twisted_X x 2 ay önce


  • achelan
    achelan 2 ay önce

    Since copper has a similar melting point to gold, is it a good way to practice?

  • Michael Rave
    Michael Rave 2 ay önce

    Those rings are amazing congratulations

  • Arif Iqbal
    Arif Iqbal 2 ay önce

    Congrats brother.

  • Amin
    Amin 2 ay önce

    Congrats mate

  • audiobrew
    audiobrew 2 ay önce

    Wow. "Third time's a charm" instead of "third time lucky". Get this man his US citizenship papers!

  • Xavier Rodriguez
    Xavier Rodriguez 2 ay önce


  • bernain molina
    bernain molina 3 ay önce

    Let me tell you something even though ur not American originally you have that can do work attitude my friend

  • Ashee Jo
    Ashee Jo 3 ay önce

    The lost wax method is thousands of years old though....

  • Benkay V Falsifier
    Benkay V Falsifier 3 ay önce

    2:23 I could never wear a ring. I have one of those fingers that have large knuckles and small base so anything that fit my knuckles would be loose on my finger and any smaller would NEVER come off.

  • toxiccomando
    toxiccomando 3 ay önce

    Jewelry stores hate him. Click here to learn his secret.

  • otto
    otto 3 ay önce


  • Martin Rugroden
    Martin Rugroden 3 ay önce

    What a coincidence that the commercial for this episode was by Pampers.