"On My Block" star Jason Genao Reveals What He Almost Gave Up Acting For!! | Hollywire

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  • ItsJustBari
    ItsJustBari 4 ay önce

    Favorite character on omb

    Aside from Jamal

  • inaayah x
    inaayah x 2 hafta önce

    HES 23 wtf-

  • Bri The Virgo
    Bri The Virgo 2 hafta önce

    I can’t believe he’s 23😱😂

  • riley_riley 21
    riley_riley 21 1 ay önce

    He can cook for me.❤😍😘

  • starblazingx12
    starblazingx12 2 ay önce

    I only unliked cuz it wzint even

  • Gale Butler
    Gale Butler 2 ay önce

    Im sad hes 21 my loveeee
    I stil love him

  • シPeachfuxz
    シPeachfuxz 2 ay önce


  • Gavin Ganigan
    Gavin Ganigan 3 ay önce

    He’s 22.... and I thought he was 15

  • Jahseheditsxxx
    Jahseheditsxxx 4 ay önce

    This seems so awkward the entire time

  • Tayron Carey
    Tayron Carey 4 ay önce

    So the girl say "guys play with these when there little " an he just assumeeeeee.... It's hot wheels.... This shit was staged fuck what y'all say

  • Brian Baeza • 6 days ago

    Spooky next

  • Natural Beauty
    Natural Beauty 4 ay önce

    He is just so hot omfg 😍🥵🥵

  • Ana N
    Ana N 4 ay önce

    He would be perfect for my date. He's handsome, smart, lovely, funny. And we have the same height! ♡♡♡

  • Pao Sparkle
    Pao Sparkle 4 ay önce

    TE AMOOO Jason ❤️

  • Chitown Kk
    Chitown Kk 4 ay önce

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

    They all got kidnapped at the end of season 2 COME ON NOW bruh you know theres a season 3.

  • orphicana
    orphicana 4 ay önce

    he's so chill :)

  • Jo Ray
    Jo Ray 4 ay önce

    ugggghhhh he is so handsome💘🥰😍

  • JessicaJ
    JessicaJ 4 ay önce

    I WANT TO KNOW WHO KIDNAPED THEM! So these are my possible suspects and the reason behind it.

    A. THE PROPHETS- because they are getting back at the for setting them up with the money OR using them as ransom against the santos.

    B. ABUELA/SOMEONE FROM HER PAST - she was also obsessed with finding the money and when she talked about her past it seemed suspicious and she wouldn’t say too mucho info.

    C. LIL RICKY - So in the show there are NO records of him dying so maybe he finds of that his money was found and is getting it back.

    D. CHIVO - so throughout the show we see chivo start to stalk Jamal which makes me think he was so he can steel the money from him OR he was upset about Cesar stealing his gun.

    E. ROSAY -I think she took them because she found out Jamal found the money and wants some of it too! Idk who she would have hired but she hired someone to take them cause in the episode of her she pulls out a gun so we know she don’t play and she also seems to know a lot of people so she might have connections.

    F. A SANTO - so in the episode where they show Rosay she mentions Frankie and a couple other members of the santos maybe one of the older santos finds out the money’s been found and wants it!

    G. PAULA - so from what I saw she wasn’t even that excited to start working there and she seemd to be all up in Cesar’s business so something tells me she was a spy or in a gang or something like that and Jamal’s dad found out so that’s why she “didn’t work out”.

    H. SOMEONE THAT’S NOT IN SEASONS 1 OR 2 - so when Jamal tells the crew that he found the money it was outside so someone from the block probably heard him and has been following them around to see when they could kidnap them all at once and find out where the money is.

    I. OLIVIA’S PARENTS - they somehow made it back from Mexico and want revenge from Olivia’s death. They probably blame Cesar a lot for it.

    J. MARIO RUBY’S BROTHER - maybe not Mario directly but as we can see he’s a bit irresponsible so maybe while he was at college he flunked out and started doing some bad things for money and couldn’t pay it back so they take his brother Ruby and his friends as ransom.

  • Msxlxs V
    Msxlxs V 4 ay önce

    As soon as I seen his shaved head I thought “ oh shit he’s shooting season 3 and he’s becoming a santos next season “ 😱

  • Jazelle Salazar
    Jazelle Salazar 4 ay önce

    He’s SO fine

  • Chanel Warnier
    Chanel Warnier 4 ay önce

    thanks for the advice really thank you I needed that

  • LoveMarie TV
    LoveMarie TV 4 ay önce

    Watch it watch tv shows, when I see the person in real life, I only see their characters but with him, I see Jason 😍

  • Rachel Ifediora
    Rachel Ifediora 4 ay önce

    He so cute!

  • Bailey Bonds
    Bailey Bonds 4 ay önce

    He is sooooooooooooooo handsome

  • King Alex
    King Alex 4 ay önce

    BIGGEST CLIFF HANGER OF THE CENTURY is Avengers: Infinity War!! just sayinn...

  • Shadey .xo
    Shadey .xo 4 ay önce

    He’s so cute

  • tea TM
    tea TM 4 ay önce

    He's so cool.

  • Seylah Dakin
    Seylah Dakin 4 ay önce

    why did he shave his head. 😭

  • Reese M
    Reese M 4 ay önce

    Lil boys play with these....

  • Akemmeyon Tripplett
    Akemmeyon Tripplett 4 ay önce

    Omg I love him

  • J Mo
    J Mo 4 ay önce

    He’s so damn cute

  • V 89
    V 89 4 ay önce

    1:54 ‘hurry UP’ 😂😂😂😂

  • Jalisa Ren'ee
    Jalisa Ren'ee 4 ay önce

    Where is the best from the beginning from??

  • Brissa Padilla
    Brissa Padilla 4 ay önce

    After i watched this I of course have to watch on my block all over again 😂

  • Rowhouse -
    Rowhouse - 4 ay önce

    Ugh I love Jason soooo much😭😍

  • Jada Love
    Jada Love 4 ay önce

    Fave character 💖
    So sweet that he seems kinda shy in real life

  • Taneil Michaela
    Taneil Michaela 4 ay önce

    I need him to do more interviews!!! I can just watch and listen to him speak all day.

  • Deana Assaf
    Deana Assaf 4 ay önce

    He’s so cute I can’t !

  • Pranz Fegidero
    Pranz Fegidero 4 ay önce

    He’s 20+ and he’s waaaay cuter than me lmao

  • Dj CC
    Dj CC 4 ay önce

    Ok I’m convinced that his hair on the show is a wig