Guitar Drum and Bass S01E01 On Drums Stewart Copeland

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  • BBC Programme about Guitar, Drum and Bass, the other programmes in the series are here: Also Copelands own youtube channel is interesting Stewart Copeland explores the drums as the founding instrument of popular modern music. Beats that travelled from Africa via New Orleans and across the world are the consistent force behind musical evolution. Stewart plays with some of the most inspiring drummers of the last 50 years, including John Densmore of The Doors, Chad Smith of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Prince’s musical director Sheila E, New Order’s Stephen Morris and Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins. He goes dancing in New Orleans, builds his own bass drum pedal and checks out hot new bands on Santa Monica beach.
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  • MrCloudseeker
    MrCloudseeker 4 ay önce

    Chad of the few people in this universe that Stewart thinks is really weird! hahahaha!!!! Absolutely fantastic video! Thanks, Stewart!

  • rix SHEARER ism
    rix SHEARER ism 4 ay önce

    That was a "hit" !!

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith 4 ay önce

    All hail the BBC!

  • EMTdrummer
    EMTdrummer 4 ay önce

    Loved this video..... Having a real drummer at the helm of this video really makes it work!! So many things resonated with me (pun intended). Thank you.... dt

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 4 ay önce

    Stuart "was he bathed in MDMA at birth or something?" Copeland. One of my all time fave drummers and cool program, but this guy is full blown mentalist hahaha

  • zAp
    zAp 4 ay önce

    I see "Liliac"!

  • Take Flight Music Studio

    "I don't think much at all - I'm a drummer" - But good god damn you guys are the best!!!

  • elguitarTom
    elguitarTom 4 ay önce

    "every great band has a great drummer"
    Metallica :/

  • philipatoz
    philipatoz 4 ay önce

    Starting at 47:03 - what Sheila adds there is most insightful about drumming - knowing how to make a musical piece better - not only by knowing what to play and when - but also in knowing what NOT to play / or OVERplay!

  • Josue Moreno
    Josue Moreno 4 ay önce

    I'm a guitar player and i know that without a good drummer there's nothing along with a solid cool bass player , the rhythm section is everything learn to appreciate and respect the rhythm section always

  • BevecLighting
    BevecLighting 4 ay önce

    hhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss bbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gus Fring
    Gus Fring 4 ay önce

    Thanks, Stewart for the amazing history lesson. I've long been an admirer of the way you attack the drums. Too bad Ritchie Hayward passed before you shot the footage in New Orleans. That man had more groove in his right pinkie than most people. May he rest in peace.

  • Allan Rabanales Art
    Allan Rabanales Art 4 ay önce

    Thi is a true story. Once I had problems and I said to myself I was gonna remember about my problems while playing drums with my friends. We all played and for some reason I forgot about my f problems. I guess I was born to play drums. It makes me forget about everything and just enjoy the moment.

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price 4 ay önce

    Bonham is still and will forever be the brass ring

  • Paul Routledge
    Paul Routledge 4 ay önce


  • TJ
    TJ 4 ay önce

    Ringo could play the drums without wearing spike heels.

  • Mud Sh-sh-shark
    Mud Sh-sh-shark 4 ay önce

    where's the Professor?

  • Power Nerd Pro
    Power Nerd Pro 4 ay önce

    2:46 Meytal Cohen? It's that actually you ...blonde? ♥.♥

  • Andrew Graham
    Andrew Graham 4 ay önce

    A drummer is only as good as the bassist they play with. Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Graham
    Andrew Graham 4 ay önce

    It's got a back beat you can use it, any old time you choose it, gotta be rock n roll music baby if you want to chance with me. Indeed if you want much to do with me lol.

  • Baz Sheene
    Baz Sheene 4 ay önce

    he's such a dag, i love it!

  • Patrick Ueberle
    Patrick Ueberle 4 ay önce

    wow !!! what a wonderful trip !

  • john barr
    john barr 4 ay önce

    27:56 "Light my Fire had a 7 minute solo , you know, that's illegal" man John Desmor you're fucking hilariously right.

  • ornsman
    ornsman 4 ay önce

    Brilliant. Didn't watch this live, but was great to finally see

  • Aidan James
    Aidan James 4 ay önce

    "The discipline is when not to play" Shelia E is spot on, she's such an incredible drummer. Learning when to create space can be one of the most challenging and rewarding skills for us drummers.

  • Lucas de Abreu
    Lucas de Abreu 4 ay önce

    the only reason people hate drum solos is that the whole band goes silent for them. if the whole band stopped for guitar solos, all of them would bore the life out of everyone too

  • DennoDennsen
    DennoDennsen 4 ay önce

    hawkins. i didnt know a truckdriver earn so much money

  • Albit Capinigro
    Albit Capinigro 4 ay önce

    look at the wanna be white girl at 6:52

  • Joshua Ripper
    Joshua Ripper 4 ay önce

    Yea OK new Orleans slaves are responsible for all American music, let's give them all the credit, fuck all the classic symphonies. It was BLACK people

  • Pablo Cruise
    Pablo Cruise 4 ay önce

    Well done!!!! VERR NIICE!!! Just scooped up a CB700 kit with Evans heads— sounds great.. had to sell my kit 3.5 years ago... back in the game.. awesome video!!

  • Gee Speller
    Gee Speller 4 ay önce

    Well with machine you can up and down

  • twochaudio twochaudio

    44:08 this is where the sin happened. destroyed
    the music a rush of music came into play

  • Matteo Prog
    Matteo Prog 5 ay önce

    Sheila E.... Great

    ROB-IN-PHILLY 5 ay önce

    Man, I just hate that beat Sheila E is talking about Ghost notes...So many more interesting beats to play...

  • chefsu11715
    chefsu11715 5 ay önce

    51:48 is,where he turns into a dick!

  • Federico Maarsupini
    Federico Maarsupini 5 ay önce

    A M A Z I N G !

  • JackDanuls Prime
    JackDanuls Prime 5 ay önce

    Why isn't Liliac listed in the description box? They were the first band shown on Santa Monica Pier, play the Joan Jett and the Blackhearts song, I hate myself for loving you.

  • Theodore Bear
    Theodore Bear 5 ay önce

    That girl band was pretty good.
    May The Rev rest on the beats of his drums and the notes of his voice carry higher. His voice is our critical acclaim.

  • John J
    John J 5 ay önce

    What an awesome video, and who better to present it than the great Stewart Copeland, drummer extraordinaire!!! I love it!!! :-D

  • Goris Nelson
    Goris Nelson 5 ay önce

    Foo fighter have 2 legend drummers

    Godsmack have 2 legend drumers