Most Mass Shooters Are Not Mentally Ill | Carmela Epright | TEDxGreenville

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  • Carmela Epright is a bioethicist who advocates for resources for mental illness while dispelling myths about the profiles of mass shooters. Carmela Epright is a Professor of Philosophy at Furman University and a Clinical Professor of Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. She has served as a visiting scholar to the Medical University of South Carolina, The University of South Carolina Medical School’s Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities and to the Institute for Applied Ethics at Dartmouth College. Dr. Epright received her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in philosophy and an M.A. in Applied Ethics from Loyola University, Chicago. In 2004 she was awarded the Alester G. Furman, Jr. and Janie Earle Furman Award for Meritorious Teaching at Furman University. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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  • Buzzlightyear infinity
    Buzzlightyear infinity 1 hafta önce

    They are treated bad, never treat anyone bad

  • jesus kun
    jesus kun 1 hafta önce

    Elliott Rodgers fits the text book definition of a narcissist
    He had delusions of grandeur and a extreme sence of superiority
    not insane but not a normal kid either

  • Cinderheart meow
    Cinderheart meow 3 hafta önce

    the man has a y chromosome, this leans the man into a state of possible heightened anger or irritation. add onto that adhd, autism, anger problems, and stress / bullying you set up the perfect place for a mental break. mental break : not meaning psychosis but rather an empathetic break where you do not feel for others or even yourself, you stop caring about everything and everyone - with little to no signs of delusion, many of the young men who committed mass shootings seemed to either be neglected, abused / seen the abuse of a loved one, or were off of prescription medication at the time. i have bipolar disorder and adhd combined they are terrible, untreated they could kill. i used to be neglected by most of my family, and i hated everyone and everything around me at all times, i would snap at the smallest and stupidest of things and say rude or blunt things to my friends without realizing that the things i said hurt people. i know what it was like to be that impulsive and i know what it’s like to wish everyone around you was dead, i considered for a period of 7 months weather or not to bring a gun, that my uncle illegally purchased, to school, i knew where the unlocked gun was, i knew where the amo was, i knew that if i wanted i could change everything, and i would have killed my uncle first in his bed asleep. i planed every detail and every expression of hatred or hope i could i could falsely give, but me and my mother moved away before that could happen and i haven’t told her yet even after three years after we moved. my illnesses went unchecked throughout those seven months, i had literally one friend and spoke to no one else. even my old friend told me that they thought i was distant and cold, mental illness plays a big role in these types of things. the only reason i didn’t end up doing what i had planned was because we moved out before that could happen, i even had a date and time, when and where. i look back at those memories and i don’t feel anything, i don’t feel pain, happiness, or sadness, i was truly numb at that point and it’s frightening even for me to look back now and feel absolutely nothing in those memories. walking down the hallway, seeing a kid get beat up and shoved in a locker, watching a kid purposefully puking in the school bathroom and i don’t feel a single emotion or slight tinge of regret for not doing anything, i don’t feel anything in those memories. you can never understand that until you’ve lived it because no normal human being feels absolutely nothing not even frustration or worry when someone who should be your friend cuts themselves or when someone comments on your clothing, you shouldn’t be so unphased by everything, so much so that you consider killing a cat of all things that trusts you and loves you. i did all of that, and even today looking back on my considerations of toying with someone’s life just to feel something, i still can’t feel guilty for what i thought and what i almost did. i’m being treated for my ailments now and it’s been three years since that time in my life but as a first person point of view here i can definitely tell you that i was NOT sane at that time. i was bored, unable to feel remorse, and impulsive, all things that can come as a combined reaction to adhd, neglect, bullying, and traumatic stress / brain injuries. all of these things contribute to the mental health of a person and should be taken seriously by any court of law or medical professional.

    probably late to this party but there really should be more conversation here.

  • Panda
    Panda 1 ay önce

    Psychiatry 101: you can’t properly diagnose someone without meeting them. It’s pure conjecture. If the shooter dies and they weren’t previously assessed, a formal diagnosis can’t realistically be made. She cannot definitively say if the likes of Harris and Klebold were mentally ill or not, and particularly she cannot judge the severity or duration of violent/suicidal thoughts.

  • Original Man
    Original Man 1 ay önce

    And still I see white males trying to make a point on here . They are not ill , They are white males who normally claim to be superior . And when I read these comments ,it leads me to believe that its normal in thier minds .

  • Nelson Robert Willis

    "Mentally Ill" is a much broader category than "criminally insane." "Mentally Ill" could include clinical depression, couldn't it? That's not a psychosis, but it's a psychiatric problem.

    ZODIAC 1 ay önce

    this lady makes perfect sense i learned from living in usa this is true waht she is saying that is why i stay away from the so called normal american middle class people

    ZODIAC 1 ay önce

    i learned from being born in usa many so called normal people take no responsibility for thier actions and they act like they have the right to put people in danger and cause people harm and they are the biggest liars

    ZODIAC 1 ay önce

    in many cases alot of people who get victimized cant get justice from the crooked law system in usa and several of these people become killers

    ZODIAC 1 ay önce

    why is it when i live with the arabic people for 10 years i was never attacked or disrespected in any way or put in danger by them but when i live with the middle class white americans i been victmized many times in many ways by them i even have a breathing disroder from being victimized by the whtie middle class when i was 16 years old in juvenile jail the sick in the head 10 white middle class american savage animals caused me severe harm on purpose they put me in harm for 2 years straight on purpose this is hwo sick in the head the so called normal whtie middle class people are many many of them are this way that is why i stay away from them i also been victimized by sick in the head whtie middle class police officer once and by many sick in the head white middle class landlords i stay far away from them and i am at peace

    ZODIAC 1 ay önce

    for the last 10 years i stayed away from the so called normal middle class americans and i been living a much more peacefull and better life living with the fantastic arabic people i am a white poor disabled man and i refuse to rent or be around the so called normal middle class americans they are very sick dangerous animals who purposelly victimize the poor and disabled in many many ways

    ZODIAC 1 ay önce

    i learned from being born in usa and living in usa for many years many so called normal americans love to victimize people in so many ways they do it on purpose and many of them rather put a person in danger then help a person from danger

    ZODIAC 1 ay önce

    there are so many mentall ilnesses that are not on the books that people have just because a person can work dont mean they are normal i been victimized very severely many times in my life by the so called normal people the so called mentally ill people never caused me harm

    TOAKAHN 1 ay önce

    Eric Harris was a text book sociopath.

  • savage1234905
    savage1234905 1 ay önce

    When the police find the murderer, I say put em down and get justice for the victims

  • DCorganic
    DCorganic 1 ay önce

    She's absolutely right. These mass shooters took their frustrations and confusions out on innocent people (peoples who were not up to no good) and commited the ultimate act of cowardly violence.

  • Valerie Linares
    Valerie Linares 1 ay önce

    "... even though we know that normal people are the ones who commit 95% of all violent acts." You're using the term "normal" a little too loosely here. Sure, maybe the 95% of people who commit these violent acts do not fit your definition of 'mentally ill.' But clearly, something is wrong with them - Anger issues, entitlement issues, etc. Their mental issues, (yes, they are still mental issues even if they're issues are anger issues and not delusional issues), should still be dealt with accordingly.

  • Nubian DNA
    Nubian DNA 1 ay önce

    All of the MassShooters are white race males ✅

  • Nubian DNA
    Nubian DNA 1 ay önce

    I love ❤️ this woman. Speak truth Sista

  • Elinor Shirvanian
    Elinor Shirvanian 1 ay önce

    i strongly disagree with you

  • Peter Kazavis
    Peter Kazavis 2 ay önce

    Yes they are you dunce

  • Plague
    Plague 2 ay önce

    Wow , great jugs.........Wow

  • Daniela Clawson
    Daniela Clawson 3 ay önce

    Wow this is an awfully uneducated TedTalk. This lady should not have been allowed to talk on this subject

  • Bluepilled Marxist SJW Cuck TM

    Nobody who goes on a mass shooting is right in the head

  • moustapha lee
    moustapha lee 3 ay önce

    She is absolutely right.

  • A Comment
    A Comment 3 ay önce

    If people can take the time to meticulously plan out killing a group of people for a year without remorse and to think they deserve it is criminal and is not a mental issue.
    While some have health issues not all of them. It just absolves accountability to label them all as mentally ill. Some people act on violent thoughts.

  • Marty Luther
    Marty Luther 3 ay önce

    You are a great speaker ma'am. Bless you.

  • Deborah Thompson
    Deborah Thompson 3 ay önce


  • Slick Cat
    Slick Cat 3 ay önce

    Mental illness does not equate to insanity... mass shooters can be mentally ill without being insane. I understand her point, but it was phrased poorly which defeats her purpose.

  • KamiKami
    KamiKami 3 ay önce

    Wether mass shooters are mentally ill or not is completely irrelevant, mass shootings happen because they CAN.
    If I wanted to shoot a bunch of people it'd be too hard for me to find a gun illegally here... Although I could easily just take a holiday to America lol :/

  • mallory
    mallory 3 ay önce


  • Katie Klundt
    Katie Klundt 4 ay önce

    Most people have a mental illness and don’t even know it and it’s become so normalized that someone can live their entire life and not know they are mentally ill and they can be fine but if you combine mental illness and bullying and neglect and any other form of rudeness I have a mental illness more than one and the people who go without treatment and this is what happens to them because they don’t have the right people and friends around them to help prevent something like this happening. And trust me Anger is a mental illness I have it but you need to know you have it in order to get over it and I clicked on this video to see if it’s true but there is nothing true in this. PEOPLE CAN GO THEIR ENTIRE LIFE WITHOUT KNOWING THEY ARE MENTALLY ILL!!!!! It’s not anything like this no sane person would do that because they are driven by anger and trust me mental illness and anger do not mix well at all it is the worst thing ever when you have anxiety and someone talks down at you or yells at you it makes you feel like your world is ending and your head is about to explain because we overthink things I would like to k ow if your opinion about this would change if you grew up in therapy and on meds because those people who do this try and prevent these things from happening and that is their entire job and yeah we get it you don’t understand a mental illness you only truly understand a mental illness if you have one or are friends with someone who has one because trust me over half of my school has depression and anxiety and anger issues so don’t say that it’s not mental illness a few might not be but if someone can do that to a group of people then they are definitely not ok I try so hard to make sure my friends get help when they need help because you have to be there to know the signs and I’m only 15 and I know the signs because this all started in elementary school for me I know the signs I know when to get help and I am still figuring out what works best for me and I try and help my friends because I know if I don’t I am goin g to be going to a funeral soon and trust me mental illness is not something to joke about so don’t tell me that they didn’t have it if someone is that angry then that is an anger issue and then need to get help there are so many people I could have lost had it not been for me knowing the signs so learn the signs speak up and most importantly don’t tell people they are fine when they are not and when they need your help the most.
    Thanks you for coming to my Tedx Talk

  • Fergus
    Fergus 4 ay önce

    it was all going so well until she mentioned pepe. oh wait, it wasn't going well at all.

  • Life of a Bibliophile

    To say she's ill-informed is an understatement. Mass shootings and mental health go hand in hand. However, unstable mental health is not the only reason why mass shootings happen. Poor gun control, inactivity from the US government, uneducated people on mental health in seats of power, people who care about guns more than children, etc.

  • slayne2
    slayne2 4 ay önce

    To conflate mental illness with insanity is a grave mistake. Mass murderers are not normal. This woman is pushing to control “sane” people with guns. That’s you and me.

  • Wilky _
    Wilky _ 4 ay önce

    Today I Learned, toxic masculinity and pepe the frog are to blame for mass shootings :)

  • Tracer2376
    Tracer2376 4 ay önce

    Wow, she is wrong in many areas of phycological profiling. But if you look at all the mass shooters to date, Local Law Enforcement to the F.B.I was called on them do to threats in the past each one had a phycological eval which also proved they should not be near firearms. From social media accounts looked at, to show that all of them should have not been near or around a firearm and were under psychological evaluation as of current state. She must be leftists considering she is wrong as the rest of them.

    Carmela Epright has no idea what she is speaking about on this issue. She is just as nuts as they are.

    @1:51 England like the United States? Ummmm not really sweetheart your meds are calling. Did you not read the history of red coats, Paul Revier, ummmm hello Buller, Buller... I will leave it at that.

    As for mass shooters, each one had a Px for a high amount of antidepressants, or anxiety medication ect... that is a public fact. You name it they all have had a pill prescribed to them, from a therapist stating that they need to be on this medication. And when they get off the medication or refuse to take it, that will lead to another situation. Which can lead to a mass shooting?

  • scott- o
    scott- o 4 ay önce

    You do realize that she's analyzing crisis actors, don't you?

  • Bhanu Vikram
    Bhanu Vikram 4 ay önce

    Most mass shooters were on psych drugs that list homicidal ideation as a "side" effect.

  • Amy Peacemaker
    Amy Peacemaker 4 ay önce

    What about psychotropic drugs?