#6 Wisconsin vs Illinois Highlights | NCAAF Week 8 | College Football Highlights

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  • dicker9
    dicker9 6 gün önce

    makes me damn proud that i can say illinois beat wisconsin

  • Mincraft User
    Mincraft User 2 hafta önce

    See this is why I'm an illini fan.

  • Heru Ra
    Heru Ra 2 ay önce

    I am digging these Illi-uni's

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 2 ay önce


  • Timothy McJury
    Timothy McJury 2 ay önce

    For like this whole weak I thought this game was from last season? Then I saw the commercial #13 Wisconsin instead of #6 taking on Ohio state? I said wtf happened? Had to come to YouTube and see for myself. What were you thinking wiscy? GG Illinois.

  • Mr.t Whitie
    Mr.t Whitie 2 ay önce

    Good game..!!!!

  • Weird Dude
    Weird Dude 2 ay önce

    I’m from Illinois

  • 7 TS
    7 TS 2 ay önce

    There not beating the buckeyes lol 🤨

    TRAPBLACKPAT 2 ay önce

    Wisconsin is trash 🚮

  • Chris K
    Chris K 2 ay önce

    Not Badger good........ouch!

  • Slurp
    Slurp 2 ay önce

    Welcome back suicidal Big Cat

  • Kyle Mariani
    Kyle Mariani 2 ay önce

    Thank you Illinois for reminding everyone in the big 10 who their real daddy is.. go buckeyes!

  • Michelle Mangialardi

    WI: we gonna win dis game

    IL: NOT

  • steve nolte
    steve nolte 2 ay önce

    I thought Illinois Wore Orange and dark Blue , at least they did when Clemson beat them in the Hall of fame bowl in Tampa , they look horrible

  • Dave Jordan
    Dave Jordan 2 ay önce

    Piss on these stupid popup's and ad's I left!

  • Miraculous Cleaning
    Miraculous Cleaning 2 ay önce

    Go Illini.Finally, A win against a Top Ten opponent. Great Win.

  • DaddyFireball
    DaddyFireball 2 ay önce

    I’m wondering how Michigan lost to these shitters 😂

  • tjedwin
    tjedwin 2 ay önce

    5:08: why jonathan taylor might win the heisman

  • Mark Denler
    Mark Denler 2 ay önce

    Hopefully lovie gets a contract extension.

    The rest of the big ten

  • Flix Garcia
    Flix Garcia 2 ay önce

    Glad I don't gamble because I'm sure a lot of gamblers lost a lot of money on this game. 😂

  • Vaughn Anderson
    Vaughn Anderson 2 ay önce

    we lost to 2-4 illinois...

  • Flix Garcia
    Flix Garcia 2 ay önce

    ILLINOIS 😂😂😂

  • Jamil Johnson
    Jamil Johnson 3 ay önce

    No one is safe upsets who next Alabama nope😁

  • Torvak Mendelek
    Torvak Mendelek 3 ay önce


  • Johnny John
    Johnny John 3 ay önce


  • Michael Takahashi
    Michael Takahashi 3 ay önce

    You know the one issue wisconsin has on offense is turnovers. Whether it be jonathan taylor coughing the ball up or their quarterbacks throwing ints, that's wisconsin's lone issue on offense. It was exposed today against a hungry illinois defense that came to play.

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown 3 ay önce


  • John Beckman
    John Beckman 3 ay önce


  • Fredrick 2kj
    Fredrick 2kj 3 ay önce

    As an Ohio state fan I’m furious at Wisconsin for losing/taking some intensity away from the upcoming game , but I can’t help but be happy for Lovie Smith & this team

  • Ole Da Hammer
    Ole Da Hammer 3 ay önce

    Can't turn the ball over in close games. The fumble on the Illinois 25 by JT and the interception both cost the game. And, the inability to punch it in from the 2 and settle for a FG as well. They get a TD on that possession and the FG at the end is meaningless...

  • kejuan skanes
    kejuan skanes 3 ay önce

    It was amazing to be from Chicago and to be at Wisconsin stadium visiting when this happened😂😂 People were so angry

  • Tony Stencel
    Tony Stencel 3 ay önce

    Out coached - period. Badgers are most likely going to loose next week also, Coach should be canned.

  • Ian Fink
    Ian Fink 3 ay önce

    Wisconsin can’t produce qbs Russell Wilson don’t count he was a transfer

  • 1.3B • Views
    1.3B • Views 3 ay önce

    When will the B10 teams learn that you cant sleep on these losing record teams?! Every years this happens to a top 10 team in the conference.

  • Luckyy
    Luckyy 3 ay önce

    All because BYU came and showed Wisconsin that they are not undefeatable

  • gerald cole
    gerald cole 3 ay önce

    Good job Illinois fight

  • Brayden Luedke
    Brayden Luedke 3 ay önce


  • Celluloidwatcher
    Celluloidwatcher 3 ay önce

    Congrats to the Fighting Illini for upsetting the Badgers, who looked ahead to the Ohio State game next weekend. I tuned in late in the fourth quarter to check the score, as it was a nine point game until Illinois scored on a TD pass play. Also saw the interception off of Wisconsin that led to the game-winning 39-yard field goal. I'm happy for the folks in Champaign. Now, I'm hoping OSU can continue their magic under Ryan Day. GO BUCKS!!!

  • Conn 90
    Conn 90 3 ay önce

    Can't believe this, c'mon Badgers 🦡