Steve Harvey laments LeBron's move to Lakers, Browns' historic struggles | First Take

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  • Vico Villa
    Vico Villa 1 hafta önce

    He’s the truth, a win in 32 games?!? That’s savage..

  • Joe Irvine
    Joe Irvine 1 ay önce

    Steve Harvey has got to be happy about the Browns now

  • ItsMeShi
    ItsMeShi 3 ay önce

    Steve looks so much better with the gray and the beard. His mustache used to look so fake---way too thick and black for his age. Face hairless didn't work for his features either. This makes him look more distinguished. The man is like 62 so not sure why people are confused about why he's gray. I know 30 year olds with greying beards

  • Al Noa
    Al Noa 3 ay önce

    That Bymer fumble hurt the worst I swear!!

  • DeAngelo Bradley
    DeAngelo Bradley 3 ay önce

    Washington bullet 😂😂😂😂

  • Grant Gubatan
    Grant Gubatan 3 ay önce

    max and stephen is trying hard not to laugh lmao

  • Bald Uzi Vert
    Bald Uzi Vert 3 ay önce

    Baltimore Colts 😭

  • Bald Uzi Vert
    Bald Uzi Vert 3 ay önce

    This funny ash.
    “that’s beyond me”

  • LaMetrius Jackson
    LaMetrius Jackson 3 ay önce

    he wouldve made more sense had he said lebron should go to philly in order to be at war with the gsw because theyre the champions and thus the only ones worthy of goin' to war against

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith 3 ay önce

    I live in North east Ohio after the championship it was a giant weight off our shoulders that will never be back on it! Still feels GREAT!!!

    NowUCME NowUDNT 3 ay önce

    Steve Harvey nailed it with SAS!.. "So whatcha cryin bout?"... 👶👶👶👶😂😂😂😂... NAILED IT!!.. SAS is a CRYIN SNITCH... and the streets now know...

  • Low Tier God
    Low Tier God 3 ay önce

    Steve Harvey used to be light skinned what happened?

  • Terell Jones
    Terell Jones 3 ay önce

    It sounds like Steve Harvey said the nigga word lol 😂

  • Jihad Da God
    Jihad Da God 3 ay önce

    Steve Harvey & Steven A. #coonvscoon

  • philly guy15
    philly guy15 3 ay önce

    Steve harvey is played out and corny as fucked.
    And stephen A smith is also corny as fuck and a loud ass negroem
    Steve harvey your ass aint in Cleveland you fake ass Hollywood negroe

  • Steven Saad
    Steven Saad 3 ay önce

    baker mayfield isn't a black name . its a slave owner name.

  • Ranjan Udayashankar
    Ranjan Udayashankar 3 ay önce

    Cavs going to the ecf this year.

  • joanne cho
    joanne cho 3 ay önce

    Love the beard

  • Sam707BFBC
    Sam707BFBC 3 ay önce

    When you realize how tall Stephen A really is. Steve harvey like 6'1" or 6'2" and looks mad short here.

  • victoria olvera
    victoria olvera 3 ay önce

    Is that steven a Smith's daddy?

  • gary corr
    gary corr 3 ay önce

    Well if that's the case, mostly all white people have a black last name. That's because they gave us their last names in the slavery days. 😐

  • Matthew O'Connor
    Matthew O'Connor 3 ay önce

    Look, I understand that it would be easier for him to move to LA for his other businesses and they were paying damn well, but... Is this really how you want the end of your career to be remembered? LeBron has historically carried teams to championships, and being on the Lakers is only going to further carry that legacy.

  • Bee Nina
    Bee Nina 3 ay önce

    Lebron sucked in Ohio and he sucks in California. I grew up in Ohio and California and I love me some Curry!!!

    AHKMEL PHAROD 3 ay önce

    Didn't this dude cheat on his wife? Uh great look First Take. He's a loser, like this show. I slide through to see if there's any substance and I must say it SKIP was the Dude...and still is the Dude. Stephen A Groupie kissing all of these TRUE CELEBRITIES asses all day everyday, and for what to show that he's down. What a clown...and Steve Harvey is not even funny..smh

  • Sauvage Ascension
    Sauvage Ascension 3 ay önce

    Steve looking 80

  • Andrew Robinson
    Andrew Robinson 3 ay önce

    Were tanking for Zion lol

  • Living Life 2 The Fullest

    I always hated the mustache on Steve. The beard is GQ 👍

  • Shawntrell Stark
    Shawntrell Stark 3 ay önce

    the black came out of them at the end😂

  • More Movies To Come
    More Movies To Come 3 ay önce

    I dont feel comfortable looking at Steve with those white beard. The guys is getting old.


    Steve Harvey looking like boxer Lamont Peterson

    DAWG POUND 4 LIFE 3 ay önce

    Steve is funny asf bruh

  • Demetrius Melton
    Demetrius Melton 3 ay önce

    5:03 Steve says nigga 😂😂

  • A hopelessworld
    A hopelessworld 3 ay önce

    Steve like 60 year old worth 120million. he chilling until family feud start recording next season.

  • Thomas Turner
    Thomas Turner 3 ay önce

    Ear lobe injury 💀 💀 💀 wth

  • Joel Hatala
    Joel Hatala 3 ay önce

    earlobe injury hahahahaha

  • Mike Kelly
    Mike Kelly 3 ay önce

    Steve the only nigga that DON’T look good with a beard😂😂😂

  • E Double
    E Double 3 ay önce

    Wizards is a S T U P I D ass name for a men's pro team! Bring back the Bullets! Lord knows, they ain't killin NOTHING

  • Jarrett George-Ballard

    What if Willie D came back from the back? lmaoo it'd really be a show then

  • Carlos Vazquez
    Carlos Vazquez 3 ay önce

    the Cavs lost Lebron and the Refs.

  • Brace Brooks
    Brace Brooks 3 ay önce

    I'm not a Lebron fan at all, but even I thought he would join Philadelphia in free agency this past summer if he wanted a chance of at least making it back to the nba finals again. Of course L.A is a better city to live in based off year-round weather alone, but so far the Lakers are already struggling to be a playoff team. I use to be a Laker fan too for most of the Kobe era.