My House Tour!

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  • HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm FINALLY posting my FULLY DECORATED 2019 HOUSE TOUR! I moved in 4 months ago and am the happiest I've ever have been. I'm so blessed to have a home for my team, friends, and family to come over. I've been working non-stop but I finally worked with Mr. Kate on the house transformation. I hope you enjoy!! CHECK OUT DREW'S GUEST ROOM TRANSFORMATION » CHECK OUT MR. KATE'S TRANSFORMATION » 🎥 PREVIOUS VIDEO » 👕 SISTER'S APPAREL » 🛎 Subscribe to my channel to join the sisterhood & hit the notification bell so you never miss an upload! » for new videos! __ ❤️ LET'S BE BFFS INSTAGRAM » TWITTER » SNAPCHAT » jamescharless __ 💸 COUPON CODES 💸 MORPHE BRUSHES » Use code "JAMES" for 10% off all products online AND in store! UBER » Use code "SISTERJAMES" for $5 off your first 3 rides! LILLY LASHES » Use code "JAMES" for 15% off all lashes LAURAS BOUTIQUE » Use code "JAMES" for 10% off all items SKINDINAVIA » Use code "JAMES" for 25% off all products __ ♡ MY AMAZING TEAM EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula CONTENT COORDINATOR: Eros Gomez GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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  • Emery Curtis
    Emery Curtis 31 dakika önce

    What about the outside like your backyard!

  • K N
    K N 1 saat önce


  • Lovely_ Elize
    Lovely_ Elize 2 saat önce

    Sister Sized Safety Pin🥵

  • C. D.
    C. D. 2 saat önce

    "this massive love sac" as he sits on the smallest love sac I've ever seen 😂

  • Tong Khanh Linh
    Tong Khanh Linh 4 saat önce

    Nicest house eva

  • J Brigs
    J Brigs 7 saat önce

    I love your house. It's soooooooo beautiful

  • Emilia Hanreich
    Emilia Hanreich 11 saat önce

    Pleaaaassseeee make a video about behind the scenes

  • Aaliyah Hodge
    Aaliyah Hodge 17 saat önce

    My Toliet coat more than your rent😂 lil tay

  • Max Persson 9NaR Elinebergsskolan

    ey pal shou you mouf blud aye, or I’ll come an make it bare drischt daawg

  • ashlynn smith !!
    ashlynn smith !! 21 saat önce

    take a shot every time james says beyond

  • Śėrėñå
    Śėrėñå 23 saat önce

    Ur house is soooooo cute I love it

    AXVIBE N 1 gün önce

    I can't even afford red lobster

  • little goldfish I'm new to this

    James I am so sorry about people finding your house and visiting you that is not nice and fun . I think it's completely outrageous and if people carry on visiting , asking for autographs ect call the cops I love your channel and I realise this must be really stress full
    All the best
    -One of you biggest fans ( Finlay)xx

  • Eduardo Longoria
    Eduardo Longoria 1 gün önce

    My brother doesn’t like the stuff but I do and I told him if he can except it but he should go somewhere else

  • Sita Petra
    Sita Petra 1 gün önce

    Your house is the best I just made a video of my room but yours is the best

  • Barnabus Lansing
    Barnabus Lansing 1 gün önce

    now we are at a fresh 16 million

  • 73nilde
    73nilde 1 gün önce

    I think you haven't things from IKEA hahahahahhaah

  • Verenice G
    Verenice G 1 gün önce

    who cleans your house?

  • Tasia Witcher
    Tasia Witcher 1 gün önce

    I wish he was my brother

  • Emily Rees
    Emily Rees 1 gün önce

    James house is AMAZING
    My house ehh tiny but ehh

  • MMer_2017
    MMer_2017 1 gün önce

    May I move to your home? No? Okay...

  • brynn hutchins
    brynn hutchins 1 gün önce

    Where’s the link?????

  • Carl Jermaine
    Carl Jermaine 1 gün önce

    9:50 lol

  • Carl Jermaine
    Carl Jermaine 1 gün önce

    James Charles is not himself if he doesn't say "beyond" In every video

  • Luca_fangirl_rewi Ly_rewigang

    Hell nah

  • Julia Bushman
    Julia Bushman 1 gün önce

    can u tell that she loves the colour black(:

  • Julieta8683
    Julieta8683 1 gün önce

    So amazing 😍

  • Ishly
    Ishly 1 gün önce

    This is museum❤

  • Henry Burgos
    Henry Burgos 1 gün önce

    James por favor pon subtítulos en español. Please para que podamos entender lo que dices. Y tú casa es de ensueño. Te deseo todo el éxito del mundo.

  • Madison Wood
    Madison Wood 1 gün önce

    Hey sisters I loved this video and I’m a super fan of you and mr.kate so that was literally THE BEST collab
    ever! Ahh it was awsome I’m obsessed with yur house yay!!!!!!

  • Luka Cornelis
    Luka Cornelis 2 gün önce

    That's literally my dream interior 😱😍

  • Carolyn Denisi
    Carolyn Denisi 2 gün önce

    Now he’s at 16 mil ahhhh! Love u sisters ♥️

  • Annika Leigh
    Annika Leigh 2 gün önce

    dang his house is clean...

  • Casey
    Casey 2 gün önce


  • Siddiqua Noorayn
    Siddiqua Noorayn 3 gün önce

    He’s so like me ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻all black white n plants which I love 💕

  • Sriya Avadhanam
    Sriya Avadhanam 3 gün önce

    If you are hating on James for being rich and wealthy then move along. He worked his a** off to get to where he is. I love you James and I can't wait to see all the amazing things you do!

  • Mobariza Majid
    Mobariza Majid 3 gün önce

    Lives Ian with James?

  • Morgan Attwell
    Morgan Attwell 3 gün önce

    dale would love this house... so sad he cant see it. RIP :(!!!

  • Zothan Mawii
    Zothan Mawii 3 gün önce

    I like how mice you

  • Unicorn sis Tea
    Unicorn sis Tea 3 gün önce

    When James’s bathroom is bigger then your bedroom...........