Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)

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  • Juuzou Suzuya
    Juuzou Suzuya Biraz önce

    this episode final good ! end john kill dany

  • Eli
    Eli Biraz önce

    That's why Hodor held the door...

  • Triple I
    Triple I Biraz önce

    I spoiled the ending for myself by simply typing "daen" into google while watching the episode.
    It recommended "daenerys targaryen death". DAMN!

  • Михаил Иванов

    Сценаристы хорошо пошутили. Видать у наших учились.

  • Deepak Rajendran
    Deepak Rajendran Biraz önce

    Really pissed of by this season..Better remake the Season 8.. Or else ..Nobody is going to watch the Spinoff series..This series deserves a better ending.. if the actors are fed up with the roles..
    Atleast make a an Animation series and end the show well..
    Season 8 is really bad...Those who are not agree with me..please watch the previous episodes from other seasons.You will definitely understand the difference.....

  • Daeng Makassar
    Daeng Makassar Biraz önce

    Unsubscribe GOT now guys for make bad ending

  • Sáu Lê
    Sáu Lê Biraz önce

    They didnt even let her sit on the throne

  • Jesus Garcia Lopez
    Jesus Garcia Lopez Biraz önce

    bran gots a plan to be the king and send jon to the wall?
    why dont matters jon is targaryen and the legitime king?

  • The Trump News Network

    Screw the haters. I thought the final show wrapped things up in a very satisfying way. Tyrions explanation for why Bran should be king was decent. A Stark ruling the 6 kingdoms and one ruling the north was going full circle. I really enjoyed the show even though after watching many videos on the topic I didn't think I would enjoy it. Well I'm going to go watch it again. Congrats on an epic series. You'll all be missed.

  • DJ V
    DJ V Biraz önce

    So we are supposed to believe that:
    A) Drogon wouldn't kill the person who killed Daenerys,
    B) Grey Worm wouldn't kill the person who killed Daenerys, but would instead keep him locked up for weeks.
    Either way, Jon not getting killed was utterly ridiculous.

  • FUGAS Gaming Superhero Battles

    This episode was actually written bt catelyn stark Sansa-Queen in north Bran-King of all Arya-Pirate or whatever JON SNOW-a BASTARD EXILLED AND FORGOTTEN

  • David
    David Biraz önce

    I will miss game of thrones...

  • Eric Martinez
    Eric Martinez Biraz önce

    1. Daenerys a chain breaker. In season 8 she is a slaughterer of innocents kids.
    2. Tyrion an impressive speaker. In Season 8 he is a dumb useless dwarf.
    3. Jon Snow united the Wild and North people to fight together, love never stopped him to do the right thing. In Season 8 he is a lap dog.
    4. The Gold Company the best army in The Seven Kingdoms. In Season 8 they killed none.
    6. Arya had faceless abilities from Braavos. In Season 8 she lost them.

    7. Bran is the 3 eyed raven. In Season 8 he is the King?????

  • Espoire Algerie
    Espoire Algerie Biraz önce

    after 8 season, now I hate this serie

  • K LaCoste
    K LaCoste Biraz önce

    So Bran is randomly made king of Westeros.

    eXpEcTaTiOnS sUbVeRtEd

  • Jason Caruana
    Jason Caruana 2 dakika önce

    GG HBO you managed to ruin the greatest series ever made in a single episode!!! :((

  • OmniscientEnigmaRip
    OmniscientEnigmaRip 3 dakika önce

    Best. Season. Ever.

  • Espoire Algerie
    Espoire Algerie 4 dakika önce

    ffffffff, shitty ending

  • Mohammed Kamal
    Mohammed Kamal 5 dakika önce


  • Cyzro
    Cyzro 10 dakika önce

    Bitti (her izlediğim de geri gelicem)

  • Katatonic
    Katatonic 10 dakika önce

    Please stop disrespecting artists by wasting their talents. Hire better writers!

  • Eduardo Garcia
    Eduardo Garcia 12 dakika önce


  • One Seven
    One Seven 12 dakika önce

    Only best thing of Finale , John Return Where hes belong .


  • Zpvqx
    Zpvqx 15 dakika önce

    and now our watch has ended

  • Emily Emily
    Emily Emily 16 dakika önce

    discusting ending

  • ali ihsan özkan
    ali ihsan özkan 17 dakika önce

    congrulations you did it you kill my game of thrones love

  • Nora Targaryen
    Nora Targaryen 19 dakika önce

    Shame on you D&D if its true that you rushed GOT for Star Wars

    I would even waited 3 or 4 years if you would ending it up like GOT deserves.

  • Murslan baloch
    Murslan baloch 20 dakika önce

    You killed khalessi 😭😭😭😭💔

  • Murslan baloch
    Murslan baloch 21 dakika önce

    If you kill khalessi. Than you don't make king jon. Which person make this last episode shame on you.. You destroy our whole season we never forget you 😭😭😭💔

  • sidat1983
    sidat1983 21 dakika önce

    The worst ending ever

  • Murslan baloch
    Murslan baloch 23 dakika önce

    What the hell are you doing with last episode. You destroy whole season with this episode

  • Tutorial Space with Ola
    Tutorial Space with Ola 23 dakika önce

    She didnt even get to sit on the throne! I didnt think i would say this, but the writers could have made season 8 more satisfying. Why didnt they just build on the love Dany and Jon had?, why didnt Jon try to talk her out of killing innocent people?, Why didnt they allow her to just kill cercei?, Why did they have to make them capture Missandei?

    Asides the fans, I think the characters deserved a good ending for all the 10years trouble, Why in the world does bran have to be king? Why did they inform us of Jon being a Tagaryan, if it didnt affect the story? Why didnt Jon and Dany get married, and they rule (Dany gets the throne, Jon gets his love).

    But no! I have to say; season 8 was poorly written. But then kudos for all these years.

  • Tjangu Hikwa Nleya
    Tjangu Hikwa Nleya 25 dakika önce

    I'm very disappointed in you guys about your story and heart broken, you wrote bullshit and I hope you guys die for that.

  • Neil Reed
    Neil Reed 25 dakika önce

    Unsubscribe from this shit! #DUMPHBO

  • something to say!!!
    something to say!!! 26 dakika önce

    will I guess I will sale my Got seasons...season 8 just the whole series!!!

  • Neil Reed
    Neil Reed 26 dakika önce

    Shit Shit Shit, that’s what you get from Bran!

    YBS DRAMA 27 dakika önce

    My heart hurts 😭

  • Ashu Tak
    Ashu Tak 28 dakika önce

    Fuck Jon, Fuck starks.
    Worst season ever.
    Worst ending ever.

  • Nora Targaryen
    Nora Targaryen 28 dakika önce

    my PROBLEM is, I would eccept the whole season and the idea of the ending..... BUT how the hell they treat the last and most important episode makes me huffy!!!😑😑😑😑 such a great show and they ending it and treaten it like a stepchild......

    its feels like: wush....wush.....the end😧😧😧😧

    where are the incredible intelligence lefting, the jokes, the character developments, the genius twists and so on......

    what the fufu just happen!!!