TRICK 'R TREAT (2007) Ending Explained

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  • Viper Sagara
    Viper Sagara 2 gün önce

    I noticed something at 17:17 in this video where they6 show the photo in the fire. Has anyone noticed the child standing next to the bus driver is dressed up like Sam just with a skull head

  • Iblamethegringo
    Iblamethegringo 4 gün önce

    Anyone think that that intro with sam is utterly adorable

  • Zeek Casarez
    Zeek Casarez 1 hafta önce

    I found a gummy dick in my bag ;)

  • 0.33 Recurring
    0.33 Recurring 1 hafta önce

    Ik I’m late but is that the kid from the Bad Santa movie at 5:00?

  • Ms. Ree
    Ms. Ree 1 hafta önce

    I was a little disappointed that no one mentioned Sam was a nickname for Samhain (pronounced Sowwan). I thought that would’ve been a cute addition.

  • Kathleenita
    Kathleenita 1 hafta önce

    I love it when found fix makes little sketches before reviewing the movie😂💕

  • Eury Masselle
    Eury Masselle 1 hafta önce

    Why didn’t the other kids just grab on to the elevators bars and get lifted up

  • Michael Tod
    Michael Tod 1 hafta önce

    How many rounds did he shoot out of that double barrel

  • Weather Report
    Weather Report 1 hafta önce

    Okay, but the way you edit sometimes to make your voice directly go with mouth movement is so underrated..... Niceeeeeeeeee

  • G4mbit
    G4mbit 1 hafta önce

    Are we just gonna glaze over the fact that "Sam" is short for "Samhain", the gaelic holiday associated with Halloween? It'd make sense too, because Samhain was always associated with the harvest and his weapon of choice is a lollipop that's been snapped. It even kinda looks like a sickle. Also, he's a pumpkin, a seasonal vegetable which is usually harvested around about October.

  • Nuclear Tape
    Nuclear Tape 1 hafta önce

    Wait I’m confused on the jack o lantern one what happens with the wind?

  • chase christian
    chase christian 2 hafta önce

    Leave them up all night? I leave them up.for another 6 months

  • Aisha McDade
    Aisha McDade 2 hafta önce

    What if you're too poor to hand out candy or wear a costume? You're just killed?

  • fortnite dude
    fortnite dude 2 hafta önce

    I have to w watch Halloween

  • Nardi Frroku
    Nardi Frroku 2 hafta önce

    I will destroy Sam and disrespect Halloween 🤛🏼🤛🏼

  • Pyro
    Pyro 2 hafta önce

    How do you know if your candy is poisoned?

  • ΤΗΕ_BROS_2
    ΤΗΕ_BROS_2 2 hafta önce

    what if we dont have Halloween?

  • Emma Loo
    Emma Loo 2 hafta önce

    I finnaly know what that weird doll behind him is now!

  • Nickolas Adams
    Nickolas Adams 2 hafta önce

    Augustus Gloop is an asshole in this movie.

  • Victoria Pena
    Victoria Pena 3 hafta önce

    B. J

  • Karen Muksak
    Karen Muksak 3 hafta önce

    How do you know their teacher at the party dressed like a cat is also a werewolf?

  • Leo Chavez
    Leo Chavez 3 hafta önce

    I saw this movie when I was a kid it scared me then and It scares me now and I'm grown up now
    Some things never change

  • Whimsical Fox
    Whimsical Fox 3 hafta önce


  • Henry Cook
    Henry Cook 3 hafta önce

    when you live in australia and you don’t celebrate halloween at all

  • Matthew Hahn
    Matthew Hahn 3 hafta önce

    The way you do the still frames makes me think my laptop broke

  • Felix mikasa
    Felix mikasa 3 hafta önce

    in Denmark we dont celebrate holloween 😂 lol

  • Elisabeth Howe
    Elisabeth Howe 4 hafta önce

    So question. Are you safe from Sam if you never celebrate Halloween?

  • Bendy The Devil
    Bendy The Devil 4 hafta önce

    I already knew the ending myself glad I got It right

  • Stephanie Sheep
    Stephanie Sheep 1 ay önce

    Sam is the most adorable horror movie antagonist. I'd want to him a hug!

  • rsw0103
    rsw0103 1 ay önce

    I really hope they make a sequel to it!

  • DinhMinhDuc Nguyen
    DinhMinhDuc Nguyen 1 ay önce

    Dat intro :)))))

  • Angel Aponte
    Angel Aponte 1 ay önce

    I mean he didn't kill the kids, one of the kids killed them all

  • Nexus King
    Nexus King 1 ay önce

    I mean sure Mr bus driver was going to kill them, but ultimately he didn't and it was one of the stupid kids who did it to themselves.

  • AShineeStarlitInSomniac

    One of my favorite horror anthology movies. Very well done movie. I used to watch it every Halloween on Netflix but it's no longer on there 😢 had to watch tales of Halloween instead which while ok, wasn't a good enough substitute.

  • hunter and trapper
    hunter and trapper 1 ay önce

    Bro did you just trick sam and you kidnapped him

  • brandi garrison
    brandi garrison 1 ay önce

    It's the teacher principal Guy Stephen Colbert

  • Potato Gamer
    Potato Gamer 1 ay önce

    trick or trear suck my meat like me now


  • Malcolm Fitzgerald
    Malcolm Fitzgerald 1 ay önce

    I'm definitely watching this with my girlfriend.

  • Jassy Rahal
    Jassy Rahal 1 ay önce

    wish i could wipe my movie memory so i can watch these type of awesome movies again.

  • JUNO
    JUNO 1 ay önce

    Thankyou bus driver