Adults React To Hot Ones

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  • Andre Rushawn
    Andre Rushawn 3 ay önce

    I'm dyin bwoo

  • Andre Rushawn
    Andre Rushawn 3 ay önce

    I'm dyin

  • malia arakaki ka’io

    love tylers shirt LOL

  • Holly-rose Mck
    Holly-rose Mck 3 ay önce

    You should have shown the sasha banks one

  • real juice
    real juice 3 ay önce

    I just hate they don’t eat the wings completely :(

  • Halo Jumper
    Halo Jumper 3 ay önce

    15:50 she need some milk.

  • Jason Cadua
    Jason Cadua 3 ay önce

    “It’s ABC motherf***er”

  • Clutch Kick
    Clutch Kick 3 ay önce

    of course my spicy latina has no problem with the heat

  • Chelsea Mac
    Chelsea Mac 3 ay önce

    I’ve missed the twins! They look so good and grown!

  • XMarxtheSpot
    XMarxtheSpot 3 ay önce

    >watches all hot ones episodes
    >FBE new video
    >watches people watch all the hot ones episodes i've already watched

  • alex scallops
    alex scallops 3 ay önce

    the blonde girl's personality was WACK

  • Itzel Arceo
    Itzel Arceo 3 ay önce

    My man sean

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube 3 ay önce

    would have been better if we knew what they were eating.

  • Grace Sarfowaa
    Grace Sarfowaa 3 ay önce

    The ladies really kept their composure till the end...real heros

  • Syntrax Mellow
    Syntrax Mellow 3 ay önce

    Habanero ain’t spicy that’s my daily snack only cause my mom always cooks with salsa and chillie

  • Bonsy
    Bonsy 3 ay önce

    They should of showed yg’s

  • cook j
    cook j 3 ay önce


  • 123haninhk
    123haninhk 3 ay önce

    Madison, as always, never watched anything before.

  • Pedro
    Pedro 3 ay önce

    Sean Evans is the best host! great questions all the time.

  • IndoN1nja
    IndoN1nja 3 ay önce

    My guy wearing a "catch my woah" shirt and no one mentions it😂

  • Muhammad Rouhan
    Muhammad Rouhan 3 ay önce

    I feel old

  • pandoralover21
    pandoralover21 3 ay önce

    missed the twins

  • Princess Tianna
    Princess Tianna 3 ay önce

    5:43 is Billie since she’s the reason we most likely clicked on this video..

  • andita nurma
    andita nurma 3 ay önce

    I just notice that fbe use billie as clickbait in some videos 🙄

  • crush đéo rep
    crush đéo rep 3 ay önce

    These wings are fuckin R A W

  • margareth michelina
    margareth michelina 3 ay önce

    16:36 He took his twin sister's milk

  • jester.
    jester. 3 ay önce


  • tarantula
    tarantula 3 ay önce

    We don't need no water the said ,oh millennials 😂😂😂

  • Niana K
    Niana K 3 ay önce

    Tom is hella cute!!!

  • Tsär Sh
    Tsär Sh 3 ay önce

    You should've put fucking Bobby Lee ep on this 🤣🤣🤣 it's absolutely the best without a doubt

  • Oilerpa
    Oilerpa 3 ay önce

    I love Hot Ones! They need more famous people

  • Keeping It Real Awesome

    Love hot ones an this was definitely one of my favorite episodes 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀

  • Jessica Knight
    Jessica Knight 3 ay önce

    I love Sean Evans and Hot Ones!

  • StelfTIGRESS
    StelfTIGRESS 3 ay önce

    legit sitting eating some chicken and hot sauce 😂😂 how fitting

  • Stephanie Giraldo
    Stephanie Giraldo 3 ay önce

    I was hoping they'd feature MGK bc he's the reason there's The Last Dab lol

  • Tyger Yoshi
    Tyger Yoshi 3 ay önce

    Episode of Guitar players play Guitar Hero!~

  • Dovah Kiin
    Dovah Kiin 3 ay önce

    Alton Brown was probably the best hot ones episode.

  • Zach Ryan
    Zach Ryan 3 ay önce

    Wheres tina the tiger

  • Sarah Palmer
    Sarah Palmer 3 ay önce

    I love hot ones! I just ordered the classic sauce😝