Binging with Babish: Steak au Poivre from Archer

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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish 1 ay önce

    Are we still doing phrasing? Still? It's been like 10 years.

  • Tiemp Hight
    Tiemp Hight 4 saat önce

    This episode made me more hungry then any other episode.

  • Garrett K
    Garrett K 1 gün önce

    Needs more buttah & pepper

  • Alvin O
    Alvin O 1 gün önce

    I'd love to cook this dish, butter don't want a heartache. It would be butter if there was a slightly healthier way to cook the meat. Butter do understand that the flavour is enhanced by the carrots.

    NUCLEAR PHANTOM11 1 gün önce

    Can u make ratatouille

  • Kayden
    Kayden 1 gün önce

    you really love butter? Don't you?

  • Trick Trade
    Trick Trade 2 gün önce

    Am I the only one that wants to see babbish do a colad with cocktail chemistry?

  • Just Pelé
    Just Pelé 2 gün önce

    I've made this 3 times now and I'm addicted to it. Every time I fix it the result is a little better, as I slightly tweak the recipe. Absolutely the best meal you've prepared on this channel, imo.

  • Andrew Sweeney
    Andrew Sweeney 2 gün önce

    Bloody hell that is a ton of butter.

  • Anjali Ghodvaidya
    Anjali Ghodvaidya 3 gün önce

    What happens when you don't use Kosher salt ?

  • Green Titan16
    Green Titan16 4 gün önce

    Says "I put those in so you guys don't notice but shows it on camera" finally realized why the community found out about it. Just thinking about that made me smile. Keep doing what you do man.

  • DoomXshoT
    DoomXshoT 4 gün önce

    Kosher salt with Babish.

  • Abe Coulter
    Abe Coulter 4 gün önce

    would you like some steak with your butter

  • SR
    SR 1 hafta önce

    Any pharmacy can easily order you a mortar and pestle.

  • Roman Marquez
    Roman Marquez 1 hafta önce

    Tiny Whisk is to you, as the wand is to Potter... the as the machete is to Jason... as the lotion is to It's skin... if It doesn't the hose again...

  • Marije Hammel
    Marije Hammel 1 hafta önce

    God damn it those mint peas and carrots gave me 'nam flashbacks to how my mom made these every other day for a millennium because she liked them so much.

  • Phillip Phung
    Phillip Phung 1 hafta önce

    Instant respect and a comment because you said its good but not worth $200 a bottle.
    Because I completely agree.

  • WTF
    WTF 1 hafta önce


  • Johnny Pearseed
    Johnny Pearseed 1 hafta önce

    Not authentic unless Frank Sinatra owned the Glengulie

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    He had so much fun setting food on fire

  • l0nk 12
    l0nk 12 1 hafta önce

    Calm down with the butter Paula dean

  • Marcel Jung
    Marcel Jung 1 hafta önce

    As someone who almost doesn't buy any processed foods anymore, I can't help but notice the huge amount of salt you added to the individual components. Does coarse kosher salt have less sodium than regular table/sea salt or am I just not used to it since I also find most restaurant food quite salty?

  • Rain Shadow Band
    Rain Shadow Band 1 hafta önce

    The best recipes in the world seem to follow the formula of being melted butter with a side of meat.

  • Luke Puppe
    Luke Puppe 1 hafta önce

    You want angry comments, Babish!?! Not adding Dijon mustard to steak Au Poivre is how you get angry comments!

  • Stonemansteve II
    Stonemansteve II 1 hafta önce

    Damn, you accidentally got some steak in your butter!!!

  • SCGunDog
    SCGunDog 1 hafta önce

    Wait a minute. You've done MRESteve references. You also did Alton Brown in this episode.



  • peanutbutterjelly800
    peanutbutterjelly800 1 hafta önce

    That's the perfect explanation of Johnny walker blue. Tasty but not 200$ tasty.

  • kyuki777
    kyuki777 1 hafta önce

    Just discovered your channel. You are amazing! Thank you for your content!

  • RedHeadKevin
    RedHeadKevin 1 hafta önce

    I made this recipe and it was almost perfect. I had some serious questions about the carrots, though:
    I've made them a couple times, I'm having trouble keeping the sauce from breaking. I tried cooking it as low and slow as I could, but eventually the milk solids separated out of the butter. Even if I cooked it low enough, the heat from burning off all the bourbon was enough to break the sauce.
    -Could you do this in a slow cooker, where you can REALLY go low-and-slow?
    -Could you par cook the carrots so they don't spend so much time in the butter?
    -Would it be better to saute the carrots in a little butter, and add more when it's time to make the sweet sauce? I found that adding more butter seemed to help keep the sauce emulsified, but it's already a hell of a lot of butter. (Also, if there is more carrot surface exposed to the bourbon flames, you get a little bit of brown burny bits on the carrots. Delicious.
    -If the butter DOES separate, is there any way to get it to re-emulsify, or just not be a grease slick?
    -DAMN is this tasty, though.

  • TheoristPlayz MinecraftNMore

    2:39 Alton Brown. My favorite chef as well. 👌

  • Joe Shopper
    Joe Shopper 1 hafta önce

    I don't know if this is cutting corners too much, but why not just microwave some steakums and add a can of cream of mushroom soup?

  • Autumn Coffey
    Autumn Coffey 1 hafta önce

    God, what a hideous piece of meat though. Yikes (not ur cooking, the meat itself)

  • AurA Nub
    AurA Nub 1 hafta önce

    “Sauce our filet” The most beautiful thing said by man that i’ve heard i’m not even joking

  • Linh Chi Nguyễn
    Linh Chi Nguyễn 2 hafta önce

    I love how you make baby carrot and green pea more of a sophisticated side dish as i often find them quite boring. Will def. Try it tonite

  • Elijah Merrill
    Elijah Merrill 2 hafta önce

    Does anybody else not hear how babish and archer sound almost the same!?!?

  • MeuMoon Studios
    MeuMoon Studios 2 hafta önce

    Archer has the voice of Bob for Bob's burgers

  • John Mista
    John Mista 2 hafta önce

    Nice of Archer himself too give us the recipe

  • ChurninButta
    ChurninButta 2 hafta önce

    When was the last time you could find your mortar and pestle?

  • Ambrose Leahy
    Ambrose Leahy 2 hafta önce

    The tiny whisk is no match for the freakishly small wooden spoon!!!

  • Invistre
    Invistre 2 hafta önce

    can you link a typed recipe in the description? just to save recipes in a book or something