Nobel Minds 2018

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  • This year's Nobel Prize winners gather for a talk about research, motivation and the future. Hosted by BBC World's Zeinab Badawi. Recorded in Grünewalds Hall at Konserthuset in Stockholm.
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  • Sriparno Baksi
    Sriparno Baksi 9 saat önce

    2019 Nobel Lecture.

  • yongzeal
    yongzeal 1 hafta önce

    After Gandhi's assassination godse went to hospital to get circumsized. He changed his name so all blame comes on Muslims and there could happen a mass riots all over the country. He was the first Terrorist of India along with Savarkar because Savarkar involvement was also found in assassination of Gandhi Ji. Its very sad for the people of India and country that today same ideological terrorist mindset group is in power. Hope some day people will open up their eyes after a long sleep. Take care India.

  • Mrinal Tomar
    Mrinal Tomar 3 hafta önce

    Can we please rescind Romer's medal? I can't stand him sksksk

  • Mrinal Tomar
    Mrinal Tomar 3 hafta önce

    Romer talks too much.

  • Anna
    Anna 3 hafta önce

    NOBEL = KATASTROF!!! :-(

  • akhil katpally
    akhil katpally 4 hafta önce

    Professor in Blue Suit speaks like Jennifer Melfi from The Sopranos show.

  • Suyash Mal
    Suyash Mal 1 ay önce

    These roundtables shouldnt be moderated by journalists.

  • Mohd Nurhisyam Talang

    only 130,132 nobel minds watch this video until now...

  • Dr Hatim Teima
    Dr Hatim Teima 1 ay önce

    just 45 minutes for those great scientists , and several hours for movie stars and football players .....unfair world

  • Kalpesh Wani
    Kalpesh Wani 1 ay önce

    Why don't we start collection of carbon at exhaust & recycle it

  • Humair Imam
    Humair Imam 1 ay önce

    Thank you for this great show.

  • Marcus MOR
    Marcus MOR 1 ay önce

    Feel like the 2 who contributed to lasik should get lasik.

  • Solve Everything
    Solve Everything 1 ay önce

    Can someone upload a version of this with her edited out?

  • Vision
    Vision 1 ay önce

    Hit like if you want to watch these guys play an session of D&D this year.

  • Joy Joy
    Joy Joy 1 ay önce

    Notice they don't have any Nobel laureate in Peace...imagine Obama sitting there, that would be like an equivalent of a 'black hole' in IQ.

  • Myself X2
    Myself X2 1 ay önce

    This should be longer at least 2 hours...

  • Letchi A
    Letchi A 1 ay önce

    She still looks like a zombie.. what will it be like for this year ?

  • William P
    William P 1 ay önce

    Are they stupid? How reckless of them to put them all in a circle! Their neurons combined like that might open a vortex of unknown potential! Squared table next time - You fools!

  • Bhuvanesh s.k
    Bhuvanesh s.k 1 ay önce

    Please do 2019 video for an hour atleast

  • LOWE sonia
    LOWE sonia 1 ay önce

    To listen to the most brilliant minds . A Privilege. I knew one personally when young . Sir Alexander Fleming . Penicillin discovery by accident. The most modest unassuming person. Like these people.

  • Shubham Patil
    Shubham Patil 1 ay önce

    Now, Imagine Donald Trump sitting among them.

  • Mswahili_wa_Kariakoo
    O people, an example is presented, so listen to it. Indeed, those you invoke besides Allah will never create [as much as] a fly, even if they gathered together for that purpose. And if the fly should steal away from them a [tiny] thing, they could not recover it from him. Weak are the pursuer and pursued.


    Wait for his coming, he will put these minds at ease..

  • Ivan Ong
    Ivan Ong 1 ay önce

    35:28 - I dont like how the host cut in like that to show that she is capable of anticipating what that scientist is about to say before he completes his sentence.... This is not a well mannered move, display of arrogance here in a subtle manner

  • Jason Keyser
    Jason Keyser 1 ay önce

    Nobel Minds 2018: We're Smart

  • Herman Karsowidjojo
    Herman Karsowidjojo 1 ay önce


    Someone Has to Say It.
    Scholars, And Great MINDS, Who stick to the "WE ARE ALONE" Box. Are lost - Scholars, And lost-Great MINDS.


    AAA SJ RRR LLL 2019

  • Cosmic Barrilet
    Cosmic Barrilet 1 ay önce

    what is the music at 0:36 ....??

  • Marchel Andersen
    Marchel Andersen 1 ay önce

    Mister Dylan

  • Oscar J Moxon
    Oscar J Moxon 1 ay önce

    The host is great. Really well researched, and a great understanding of the dynamics of these brainiacs. Love this each year.

  • Lintar Satria
    Lintar Satria 1 ay önce


  • Cosmic Barrilet
    Cosmic Barrilet 1 ay önce

    20:35 they mention Borges' Babel Library story, (very much recommend it to read btw), which is ironic, siince the academy refused many times to laurate J.L. Borges with the Nobel Award (probably due to his political and economics ideology)....

  • NG
    NG 1 ay önce

    That would be an amazing program, but no host is needed beside doing an introduction with the questions. They would answer them all i'm sure, then it would get really interesting to let those guys flows and see how far they go in their reflexion without behing interrupted.

  • Victoria Films
    Victoria Films 1 ay önce

    why is nobody stydying myrrhe oil as a treatment of cancer and why it works? i d fund that no problem

  • Victoria Films
    Victoria Films 1 ay önce

    oh tnak God pother people have a mind

  • Victoria Films
    Victoria Films 1 ay önce

    this idiot that thinks macron was trying to do something right there tells you about what a nobel proize is worth now, fucking idiot yes you you have to do something against the root cause than by imposing taxes to people that cannot pay. is there an appeal for nobel prize?

  • Zion Sky
    Zion Sky 1 ay önce

    This year's compared to last year's is so revealing on why things are going the way they are. Last year was great, this year was just a cry about money and a dick rub on cancer research, asking for more money for research... That was the general vibe I felt, last year was great. This one wasnt that. It's interesting how they don't wanna talk about the causes of cancer. It's just something that's appearing is it? Like some monster we have to slay? That seems to be the media vibe. That Chinese professor tho. What did he contribute other than telling us how he wants to improve his golf game? The economics guy keeps having a anxiety attack about people's perceptions of money so he blurts out irrelevent defences... Fucking weird. Good to see where the previous generations minds were at, explains a lot.

  • E Sh
    E Sh 1 ay önce

    William Nordhaus looks like the twin brother of Richard Dawkins

  • Christopher Manson
    Christopher Manson 1 ay önce

    add the list of names, fields, and work in your description pretty please

  • wachineger
    wachineger 1 ay önce

    Borges' library. An infinite reference to each philosophical question we have. Great discussion!

  • Nicolas Davies
    Nicolas Davies 1 ay önce

    It would be cool to listen to them talking about other things besides their work. Space colonization, future of transport, Ai...

  • Mr. Mojo
    Mr. Mojo 1 ay önce

    because Alfred Nobel was in sweden only swedish students get to go.