Evanna & Keo’s Rumba – Dancing with the Stars

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  • Evanna Lynch and Keo Motsepe dance the Rumba to “Every Little Thing” by Carly Pearce on Dancing with the Stars Season 27! Subscribe: http://goo.gl/T7bg3N Watch Dancing with the Stars Mondays at 8|7c on ABC!
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  • BL Smooth
    BL Smooth 1 ay önce

    She killed this. It was sooooo sexy and powerful. I love seeing growth and i can tell how much she trusts Keo with those turns and dips. Loved this!

  • Emma SWAN
    Emma SWAN 1 ay önce

    They didn't win, too bad!!😕

  • Kyle Blackmore
    Kyle Blackmore 2 ay önce

    she is magical

  • Areta Figueiredo
    Areta Figueiredo 3 ay önce

    One of the most beautiful performances of them, she dances so gracefuly!
    Please, DWT, do something right. After Lindsey Stirling didn't win, I don't know what to expect .

  • Tayevaughn Williams
    Tayevaughn Williams 3 ay önce

    This is extremely sexy. Love the passion and chemistry.

  • Bethany Hodkinson
    Bethany Hodkinson 3 ay önce

    Ugh!!! Their chemistry is perfect! So glad they were teamed together. And she is so graceful naturally, you can really see her improve each time

  • Josefine Sunshine
    Josefine Sunshine 3 ay önce

    Where is the little Luna? 😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Trish N
    Trish N 3 ay önce

    So goooood

  • dolly l
    dolly l 3 ay önce

    They better not eliminate these two...they deserve to be in the finale...last time i was disappointed they eliminated maks and heather even when they got high scores🤞🏼🙏🏼

  • reinadetazas42
    reinadetazas42 3 ay önce

    Dang, gurl.

  • Madam_Meow99
    Madam_Meow99 3 ay önce

    Yup! I'm super happy for Evanna & Keo :-)

  • danielle locke
    danielle locke 3 ay önce

    I'm so happy for Keo! They better make it to the finals!

  • Susan Hammond
    Susan Hammond 3 ay önce

    Luna all grown up!

  • Lee Cox
    Lee Cox 3 ay önce

    Listen, when we have a live singer accompanying a couple, can we PLEASE remember that the couple are supposed to be the focus, not the live singer? What was up with cutting to the singer for a few seconds while Keo and Evanna were still dancing?

  • Jackie Domingo
    Jackie Domingo 3 ay önce

    I really want Evanna and Keo to win.

  • Lexi Love
    Lexi Love 3 ay önce

    So happy for Keo he finally got his 10 from LEN!

  • Lexi Love
    Lexi Love 3 ay önce

    So glad they were safe after this dance no way did they deserve to go home. Evanna is what this show is really all about and she dances way better than a lot of the other contestants especially Joe and Bobby

  • Rhianna_ Doggos
    Rhianna_ Doggos 3 ay önce

    Also did anyone else find out about her by her acting in Harry Potter as Luna Lovegood???

  • Okan Şimşek
    Okan Şimşek 3 ay önce

    wrong choice harry potter
    well done neville

  • Humphrey Boadi
    Humphrey Boadi 3 ay önce

    This dance was incredible, but Keo said this was the first rumba of the season but Tinashe had a rumba. Anyways GREAT JOB EVANNA!!!

  • Justine Fourie
    Justine Fourie 3 ay önce

    Did they have to stop dancing every time the camera panned to the singer or did we miss some of the dance? Either way it sucks because it was a great dance!

  • Annabelle Engyptian Princess Roberts

    U go girl... proud of u guys

  • J. Chips
    J. Chips 3 ay önce

    Vote extra for me yall!!

  • vSushireis
    vSushireis 3 ay önce

    Your perfomances are so incredibly good! I've never watched dancing with the stars before, but for you I come back for it week by week.
    Love your energy and how everything you do looks so peaceful to me.

  • Serendipidy
    Serendipidy 3 ay önce

    Oh oh, what a beautiful dance. ❤️❤️💃

  • Natalie Duarte
    Natalie Duarte 3 ay önce


  • Leslie Waddle
    Leslie Waddle 3 ay önce

    Love this song!

  • Daya Ryelle
    Daya Ryelle 3 ay önce

    One of my dance teachers once said that every dance has to have a story--I definitely see that here. <3

  • renaee morgan
    renaee morgan 3 ay önce

    I’m so proud of Keo that choreography was PERFECTION!!😍

  • Christina Baurkot
    Christina Baurkot 3 ay önce

    I adore them so much!

  • Lady Winchester
    Lady Winchester 3 ay önce

    I really think Evanna and Keo should win!

  • Xiomara Bernard
    Xiomara Bernard 3 ay önce


  • Alex Williford
    Alex Williford 3 ay önce

    I guess that was every little thing I will never forget about Evanna and Keo's perfect rumba and a perfect score to Carly Pearce's Every Little Thing

  • Kath
    Kath 3 ay önce

    Keo's reaction to Len's 10 was everything!

  • Bahar H
    Bahar H 3 ay önce

    My favorite couple this season! Watched this a whole bunch of times already! So sad they were in jeopardy, hoping for them to win! 💕

  • Gabriela Medrano
    Gabriela Medrano 3 ay önce

    I'm happy that keo has a chance this season, she is sweet and a good dancer!

  • Hayden Harris
    Hayden Harris 3 ay önce

    Everyone’s talking about the dancers but can we also mention how amazing Carly Pearce sounds?!

  • Midori B
    Midori B 3 ay önce

    Those legs....

  • Sariah Stewart
    Sariah Stewart 3 ay önce

    All my votes are going to Evanna and Keo

  • Calk27
    Calk27 3 ay önce

    I hope they win or milo.