Blind "Hide and Seek" on a 3 Story Playground!!

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  • Playing Blind "Hide and Seek" on a 3 Story tall playground! SO MUCH FUN! Blind Driver Challenge: Follow Jeff on Instagram: (@jeffufahh) Follow Cam on Instagram: (@christopherryan98) Follow Cam on Twitter: Thanks for watching!
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  • Blind Hide and Seek 2 Story 3 Story Playground Park 24 Hour Challenge Funny Fun Kids Family Friendly Cam and Jeff Game Games GoPro 

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    I forgot to add 5 points for Robert on the second round lol RIP Robert. His actual score is 11.

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    Welcome back ROBERT!

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    Cris you nub

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    Rabbit to sleep the smacking right in the face what's a pile cake

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    madalyn perez 2 ay önce

    They look so young

  • Matt Bruch
    Matt Bruch 2 ay önce

    Why at the beginning

  • Aub K
    Aub K 2 ay önce

    This is how many times cam thought someone was on the playground but there wasn’t


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    Where is that

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    This vid is to short

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    3:05 No 5 points were added for Robert

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    Do u guys live in vista CA.

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    U guys are awesome

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    Look at these nubs

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    I just love these videos are so awesome😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😆🤣😂

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    Dangie bros stands for fun and dangerous please can you give me a shout out

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    I did this

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    Yall good dangle bros

  • Roger Figueroa
    Roger Figueroa 5 ay önce

    Yall good dangle bros

  • Roger Figueroa
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    Who Is your favorite bro, From dangie Bros? Mine Is Rob.

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    You guys are awesome

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    Do you know the YouTube family if you do give a shout-out please in one of your next videos please

  • Olivia Alexandra
    Olivia Alexandra 5 ay önce

    Robert: I'm wet right here
    Jeff's silly mind: I don't think that's water😆😆

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    You guys do geat

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    i barfed😕 recently and watching your videos
    made me feel better ❤love you guys❤💕

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    I love these inspiring nubs

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    You are awesome 👍🤭😎

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    Love your vids keep t up pls

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    Hi I just love your videos they are so cool and funny❤️

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    Jeff my fav

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    U look so nubby

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    Hey I just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing today

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    my is Robert too

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