I Tried To Re-Create This Flaming Hot Cheeto Burrito

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    MELISSA RIÑOS 10 dakika önce

    Me:what should we use pounds or kilograms?


  • Nuudelisoppa 123
    Nuudelisoppa 123 2 saat önce

    Pliz more eating your feed vids

  • Daniel Pedroza
    Daniel Pedroza 1 gün önce

    I want this mans cooking every day

  • ブ男Billy
    ブ男Billy 2 gün önce

    you shouldn't roll the tortilla it's more of making a ball and pressing in with a plate or something flat

  • Jasmin Duarte
    Jasmin Duarte 2 gün önce

    Bro just go to the marketa and get the big tortilla it’s not that hard sis

  • Jasmin Duarte
    Jasmin Duarte 2 gün önce

    He made this so much more complicated than it is chill bro it’s not that deep 😂

  • Edwin Weed
    Edwin Weed 3 gün önce

    Andrew is fucking great

  • kleinbloempjuh
    kleinbloempjuh 3 gün önce

    Only Americans put cheetos in their food 😧

  • diamomd shovel
    diamomd shovel 3 gün önce

    Liquid avocado

  • Mark Godina
    Mark Godina 3 gün önce

    Looks better the the original

  • Shubhodeep De
    Shubhodeep De 4 gün önce

    Am I the only one who is in love with Rie's accent

  • Jialing Liang
    Jialing Liang 5 gün önce

    tasty is the channel that makes almost everyone hungry

  • •Kubīcle•
    •Kubīcle• 5 gün önce

    You can measure in many ways, like
    kilograms,Lbs,grams, kittens...

  • Johan Gervacio
    Johan Gervacio 5 gün önce

    Tortillas are made of corn not flour.

  • killa boiii
    killa boiii 5 gün önce

    i dont like how he proceeded to keep pouring tje sourcream on the same spot

  • Panda Pou
    Panda Pou 6 gün önce

    That japanese girl is so adorable

  • Lil Zen
    Lil Zen 1 hafta önce

    why is every video is a different pronouncation of rie the cbeese bowl video Riye this video Ray

    ASHLYN CONNELL 1 hafta önce

    I’m pretty sure that restaurants make these creations just so tasty can remake them!😭

    XIANGHUI ZHENG 1 hafta önce

    You can make lard with bacon, just leave the fat alone and it will turn white and THIC C C while you enjoy your bacon

  • LC 13
    LC 13 1 hafta önce

    I want to try this so bad

  • Norman Lee
    Norman Lee 1 hafta önce

    You feed Adam! U feed him now!

  • Bal Za
    Bal Za 1 hafta önce

    I see my mom make flour tortias and she be throwing it in the air

  • Morgan Duda
    Morgan Duda 1 hafta önce

    Should do this with Takis. It’ll give you a nice chili lime flavor

  • Anastasia Rubel
    Anastasia Rubel 1 hafta önce

    do you see how Andrew chnges through the video with the beer he drinks?)

  • Emilie Cenina
    Emilie Cenina 1 hafta önce

    8:42 HAHAHAH mood:

  • Muhammad Mikhail
    Muhammad Mikhail 1 hafta önce


  • Ricotta ricotta
    Ricotta ricotta 1 hafta önce

    I didn't know Andrew could cook.

  • Jake
    Jake 1 hafta önce

    4:16 my tired ass read that as "drink bleach"

  • AlexP27
    AlexP27 1 hafta önce

    I like my borritos like 2.1/3 cats

  • GalaxyGacha AndMore
    GalaxyGacha AndMore 1 hafta önce

    Adam: in mind ooooh ima take a piece of meat

    Andrew: stab! DIE ADAM DIE

  • Ryan Glitta
    Ryan Glitta 1 hafta önce

    He’s as dead inside as I am

  • La Bomba Sexyy120
    La Bomba Sexyy120 1 hafta önce

    This man did it the real Mexican way
    Mexicans don’t measure they just add until it feels right

  • Sealix 71
    Sealix 71 1 hafta önce

    Get the most out of it

  • Sealix 71
    Sealix 71 1 hafta önce

    When getting juice from lemons roll it on table

  • Kelly V
    Kelly V 1 hafta önce

    Does Chipotle make them bigger?

  • Ultra 240
    Ultra 240 2 hafta önce

    He was supposed to cut the meat when it was raw so it can look like the picture

  • Lou a
    Lou a 2 hafta önce

    1:05 name of the song ?

  • Brett Ooops
    Brett Ooops 2 hafta önce

    Hasn't got the chemistry on camera like Rie and Alix, found this guy quite a bore, good recipe though and glad Rie made a couple of appearances

  • RainbowFart Kitty
    RainbowFart Kitty 2 hafta önce

    But your Cheetos don’t look flamin hot

  • Tiffi Guevara
    Tiffi Guevara 2 hafta önce

    Please make more of these videoss! I love eating your feed!