The Last VidCon Recap

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  • As the title says, Explainers. This is the last VidCon recap! Thank you so much for helping me fulfill my dream of being a featured creator! And no, you aren't hearing things! The whole video is in rhyme! Donate to Make-A-Wish: Merch Store: Megan Maher: NineDoodles: FEATURED YOUTUBERS (in order of appearance): CypherDen: Tabbes: theodd1sout: Daneboe: GetMadz: Gingerpale: Illymation: AmyRightMeow: Rushlight Invader: Hannah Hoffman: Echo Gillette: Laddi: Life Noggin: FootofaFerret: Katelyn McCaigue: PantlessPajamas: itsAlexClark: Anthony Padilla: CrankGamePlays: iDubbbz: Jacksepticeye: JaidenAnimations: BoyinaBand: Roomie: DrawWithJazza: SomethingElseYT: Rhett & Link: Domics: Shgurr: TimTom: TheAMaazing: Game Grumps: Rubber Ninja: "Why is this the last VidCon recap?" I feel the tradition has run its course on my channel. The recaps don't get nearly as many views as my other videos, which tells me most of my audience is getting tired of them. And I hear ya. Considering I'll be a featured creator from here on out, the recaps might become repetitive and stale as VidCon is very much a working event for creators. So instead of them petering out unceremoniously, I'd rather end them with a bang! This will also free up my time to make even better content for you in the future. So here's to the new traditions to come! REBECCA'S SOCIAL STUFF: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: @RebeccaParham LME SOCIAL STUFF: Twitter: Instagram: @LetMeExplainStudios Facebook: #VidCon #Animation #Recap #Animated #Storytime #YouTube #Cartoon #Animator #Convention #Rhyme #Rhyming #Poem
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  • Enna Sy
    Enna Sy Biraz önce

    Lol rhyming

  • ZombieMan GD
    ZombieMan GD 6 saat önce

    3:22: Are those a heap of mouths?

  • Jamie Sauter
    Jamie Sauter 8 saat önce


  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 9 saat önce

    I freaking love ya Becca! ❤️ almost got me crying at the end! Plz notice me! ❤️

  • Ricardo Torres
    Ricardo Torres 10 saat önce

    I'm just saying if you want to

  • Ricardo Torres
    Ricardo Torres 10 saat önce

    Stop being like dr. Seuss

  • mayra1983ful
    mayra1983ful 10 saat önce

    I like Jackcepticy

  • Triston Wade
    Triston Wade 11 saat önce

    Wait is your hair red or brown🤔

  • Rose the cat
    Rose the cat 12 saat önce

    So is this just the last recap or the last vidcon?

  • KillerpekchouOwO *
    KillerpekchouOwO * 12 saat önce

    Was she riming

  • Paola Mercedes Cotto Vera

    Were you rhyming on purpose if so good if not well good bye

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    the bio 678 6433 12 saat önce

    Hey check my channel its called the bio 6897

  • Alexandra Javier
    Alexandra Javier 13 saat önce

    She is rimes

  • Alaina Carroll
    Alaina Carroll 13 saat önce

    Who else felt lile this was a christmas story with the ryming but still telling a story

  • Vegeta Black
    Vegeta Black 14 saat önce

    Rebecca spitting bars bruh

  • I like to draw ?
    I like to draw ? 14 saat önce

    I went to my first Broadway it was really fun I went to frozen I think I’m a broadway girl now

  • Alfredo Cervantes
    Alfredo Cervantes 14 saat önce

    She was rhyming

  • Anya Nord
    Anya Nord 14 saat önce

    I was so blown away by the fact that becca rhymed a whole video

  • penguin 42
    penguin 42 15 saat önce

    Rebecca plz do more videos

  • DragonFireGaming
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  • Laura Hearn
    Laura Hearn 16 saat önce

    Is it just me or did she rime

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  • julian c
    julian c 17 saat önce

    Rebecca I love let me explain studios
    The animation the story's
    You make really great videos.

  • XxWatterBottlexX
    XxWatterBottlexX 18 saat önce

    rabecca why arn't you posting D: everyone misses you

  • Sára Tomorszki
    Sára Tomorszki 18 saat önce

    Why the rhymes tho?

  • XxMinecraftGamerxX
    XxMinecraftGamerxX 19 saat önce

    Hey Rebecca I know you don’t make videos often but well I love your YouTube channel and your channel motivates me to become a animater too but I can’t draw perfect lines or shapes or tracing my own sketch but please make my more videos you have over 2 million subscribers I wanna be a youtuber as well and you said you have tips on Rebecca explains but I can’t find it the only channel I see you in is this one and some day I want to be like you and have 2 million subscribers or even more you will grow more subscribers each day and you have some real popular friends but my art it’s not that good I don’t have that good of a imagination to draw or animate and I don’t know how you talk and you hear it in your animations or put your animations on full screen but please make more videos or even tips well I wrote a pretty long passage bye.👋

  • Xxangel Cat
    Xxangel Cat 20 saat önce

    Why is she rhyming

  • Mali Seike
    Mali Seike 20 saat önce

    Can you stop riming

  • Malak Abuhajar
    Malak Abuhajar 21 saat önce

    Wait so your done with showing us vidcon recaps?!

  • Nebula Iron
    Nebula Iron 23 saat önce

    Can I please get a shout out no one gives me a shout out my sister got one because it’s her friend and I really hope you can be my friend

  • CandE Tart
    CandE Tart 23 saat önce

    did you do Camp Opporatte? Jayden Animations did so if you don't know what it is ask her :P

  • Carolyn Caputo
    Carolyn Caputo 23 saat önce

    It should have been studio 51XD

  • Carolyn Caputo
    Carolyn Caputo 23 saat önce

    I used to watch annoying orange my favorite is the movies were they react to movie trailers

  • Kayla The wolf angel
    Kayla The wolf angel 1 gün önce

    Are you ok, you haven’t posted lately

  • Franimatics
    Franimatics 1 gün önce

    Unlike odurr peeps i noticed the rhymes very early around 20-30s

  • Pixel Elevatorz
    Pixel Elevatorz 1 gün önce

    Since when were you a poet and we didn't know it?!

    Cause that I foresaw it, even though you didn't know it.

  • Simas Galinis
    Simas Galinis 1 gün önce

    How about gaming channel?

  • moodsfordepressedpeople 111

    Stop rhyming

  • Baillie Kitchell
    Baillie Kitchell 1 gün önce

    Merry Christmas?


    You deserve it! ^^