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  • SuperFighter 064
    SuperFighter 064 26 dakika önce

    He seems like a nice guy

  • Sarah Mady
    Sarah Mady 1 saat önce

    I missed you my childhood friend

  • Josh Kang
    Josh Kang 1 saat önce

    Hello everybody I'm, I'm the guy who defeated You-know-who and I'm not cool

  • Nicolas Ghandour
    Nicolas Ghandour 3 saat önce

    rip u not cool? you re the best Daniel

  • Abdul Qamar
    Abdul Qamar 3 saat önce

    I've been told I look like Mimi Snape .

    Whattt ! Pretty cool haha

  • mussy Rajkotwala
    mussy Rajkotwala 3 saat önce

    My friend so you in ackland

  • Abdul Qamar
    Abdul Qamar 3 saat önce

    I also like the 5th one very much becuz of the quality of the film and the Dumbledore's army I just love it and I also like something else 🙄🙄🙄😏😏😏😒😒😜😜😜

  • Caoilo Potter Winchester

    loved his little Brexit joke lol

  • Emma’s Room
    Emma’s Room 5 saat önce

    Who is the Daniel Radcliffe? His name is HARRY POTTER! 🤣 muggles these days

  • Mia
    Mia 5 saat önce


  • coralin378
    coralin378 6 saat önce

    dan rad is a cool and funny guy

  • mystica luna Moon
    mystica luna Moon 6 saat önce

    David sounds like my teacher

  • YouTube for days Lol
    YouTube for days Lol 7 saat önce

    Here’s another question:
    Are you great friends with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint?

  • Aayat Kapoor
    Aayat Kapoor 7 saat önce

    See this interview at 2x speed😂😂

  • Cassandra Smith
    Cassandra Smith 9 saat önce

    Says he is not cool

    Me: you were part of one of the biggest franchises in the world

  • プレーヤーTwilightGacha

    Lmao what is Daniel Radcliffe 😂

  • Jordyn Glover
    Jordyn Glover 11 saat önce


  • Maddy Brown
    Maddy Brown 11 saat önce

    omg its harry potter

  • Mitch Irwin
    Mitch Irwin 12 saat önce

    Was Daniel Radcliffe Voice Spyro?

    “People ask me this a lot cause I look like Elijah Wood. I did play a new beginning on the GameCube when I was a kid.”

  • Mitch Irwin
    Mitch Irwin 12 saat önce

    I loved order of the Phoenix

  • Tiah Sykes
    Tiah Sykes 14 saat önce

    I'm 12 and my dad is giving me 50 pounds if I learn alphabet aerobics I'm on Q

  • Bellamanates 123
    Bellamanates 123 15 saat önce

    Me laying in my bed with My Harry Potter blanket and there’s a Harry Potter ad is that a coincidence?

  • Animal Kingdom
    Animal Kingdom 15 saat önce

    I love Order Of The Phoenix

    First Luna Lovegood appearance in the movies

    Why did people search

    Did Daniel Radcliffe play Moaning Myrtle

  • Oif Ooofdaa
    Oif Ooofdaa 16 saat önce

    how am i taller than him and i’m twelve.

  • old acc
    old acc 16 saat önce

    i love how daniel is literally harry - they couldn’t have done a better job choosing him to play the character, they’re literally two sides of the same coin

  • Victhegamer
    Victhegamer 16 saat önce

    Wait no one is commenting about him being the new wolverine

  • Imogen Jackson
    Imogen Jackson 17 saat önce

    When he said “I’m not a naturally cool person” I was like OMG WE’VE GOT SOMETHING IN COMMON 😂

  • TheCringe Queen
    TheCringe Queen 17 saat önce


  • unfeignedfaith
    unfeignedfaith 17 saat önce

    Q: How do you draw Daniel Radcliffe step by step?
    A: If you just draw two big, spooky eyes then you’re halfway there

    This guy is seriously a legend! 🤣

  • MiCawber 72
    MiCawber 72 17 saat önce

    I wanna see a Tomska sketch with Daniel. Just imagine....

  • mXdison lXnn
    mXdison lXnn 18 saat önce

    4:30 omg I luv that I would do that too

  • mXdison lXnn
    mXdison lXnn 18 saat önce

    1:44 omg he is so relatable 😂

  • mXdison lXnn
    mXdison lXnn 18 saat önce


  • mXdison lXnn
    mXdison lXnn 18 saat önce

    0:58 when Daniel said: "I am not a naturally cool person" I was in shock because hes the cooloset person ive ever seen! Not to mention hes extremely talented 😭❤

  • Sudiptaa
    Sudiptaa 19 saat önce

    No no 5th is my fav too.. Actually all of them are.. 🤪

  • Dawn Boyer
    Dawn Boyer 19 saat önce

    My daughter saw the end of harry Potter deathly hallows part 2 and he was crying when harry parter sacrifice to him self and when she saw the half blood Prince with Dumbledore death she was really upset harry potter and Dumbledore Snape Hermione And Ron our her favourite characters her Hogwarts house would be 🐍

  • Bruno Cesário
    Bruno Cesário 20 saat önce

    "hogwarts come on" lol

  • Z1LL10N is M1LL10N
    Z1LL10N is M1LL10N 22 saat önce

    I'm harry and I had soup in a pot

  • Z1LL10N is M1LL10N
    Z1LL10N is M1LL10N 22 saat önce

    Your a Wizard Daniel XD

  • Emelia Frost
    Emelia Frost 23 saat önce

    how old was daniel radcliffe whn he ordishend