When Acts WON'T LEAVE! Got Talent, X Factor and Idols | Top Talent

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  • Top Talent
    Top Talent 6 ay önce

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  • Kawaii Queen
    Kawaii Queen 55 dakika önce

    Mmh ... 🤔 He said he thought Brittany was his sister then he said he wanted to date her ... thoughts?

  • Fearless 89
    Fearless 89 1 saat önce

    My bffs tell me I’m good but I don’t think I am and if I ever do that I will not be expecting a yes cuz I’m really bad

  • Grace Elizabeth
    Grace Elizabeth 2 saat önce

    Simon saying, "You go girl" just made my life

  • Cheepies
    Cheepies 2 saat önce

    It’s an honor Heavy breathing to be this heavy breathing close to you Brittany

  • reece hellum
    reece hellum 4 saat önce

    Oh the tank tops and low waisted bell bottom jeans

  • General Mudkips.
    General Mudkips. 5 saat önce


    and from then on, all we heard was ''chance''

  • freesf ftrefv
    freesf ftrefv 6 saat önce

    It's disgusting how these people would do anything to be famous

  • Adriana Sparkles
    Adriana Sparkles 6 saat önce

    The Eskimo blondes weren’t terrible but not great. But I think they’d be okay with a lot of help.

  • Shadow catz Down under
    Shadow catz Down under 7 saat önce

    Also the guy trying to sing like Micheal Jackson sounds like Mickey Mouse with a soar throat!

  • Fan Person
    Fan Person 7 saat önce

    I would seriously enjoy it if that last guy never moves his hips again

  • Shadow catz Down under
    Shadow catz Down under 8 saat önce


  • Teaokyo
    Teaokyo 9 saat önce

    omg I love Mal 😂😂

  • Nalani Fuentes
    Nalani Fuentes 10 saat önce

    So everyone’s gonna talk about Brittney Spears guy but not the guy after😂😅💀

  • Jasmine Harries
    Jasmine Harries 13 saat önce

    Poor Katy Perry

  • Chase Doiron
    Chase Doiron 14 saat önce

    21:50 "I WANT COOKIES"

  • Warner brothers Rides
    Warner brothers Rides 15 saat önce

    I feel bad for Mel

  • Vex le Qatar
    Vex le Qatar 18 saat önce

    Thank you 74 year old man in red suit, showing me that even after life itself gave u 4 red buttons, u stay n keep dancing until it changes its mind.

    From the bottom of my heart.

  • LunaIsCake XOX
    LunaIsCake XOX 19 saat önce

    That guy is crazy obsessed with Brittany it kills 😂

  • monika sumner
    monika sumner 19 saat önce

    did anyone see the flowers in the background 15:37

  • The American Sniper Challenges

    12:17 boy u fuckin retarded.

  • Yvonne Nguyen
    Yvonne Nguyen 21 saat önce

    PlEaSe ShAnNoN

  • Huffle Puff
    Huffle Puff 21 saat önce

    At 15:04 it is the most precious thing on the planet Britney looking to simon for help because she obviously wasn’t comfortable. And he went up and got the flowers for her. I love how Simon is the judge dad.

  • laykiwiiforlife xo
    laykiwiiforlife xo 22 saat önce

    19:42 don’t call him a idiot your a idiot for not respecting people ur here to say no and that’s it u don’t own this world

    FUN WITH MANDYCANDY! 22 saat önce


  • panda kwii
    panda kwii 23 saat önce

    The Britney Spears one I thought he was going to twerk

    21:00 I feel so bad for her she forgot parts

    26:03 yassssssss queeennnnn

  • TTvCactiJuice
    TTvCactiJuice 1 gün önce

    16:21 he sounds like stitch

  • Muna Farajallah
    Muna Farajallah 1 gün önce

    Patrick was so creepy

  • silver_lining21
    silver_lining21 1 gün önce

    Britney run away

  • Orlaith McLoughlin
    Orlaith McLoughlin 1 gün önce

    T H I S W A S N O T A G O O D O N E P A T

  • nightcore god
    nightcore god 1 gün önce


  • omran salmani
    omran salmani 1 gün önce

    Why do you use windows sound effects XDDDD

  • Blannie Huang
    Blannie Huang 2 gün önce

    Does anyone know what song that Afro dude was singing.

  • Gideon Easley
    Gideon Easley 2 gün önce

    19:00 what’s more annoying the guy who is trying to impersonate micheal Jackson or the blonde guy trying to act like Simon cowell

  • joy torrey
    joy torrey 2 gün önce

    sharon: no

    three girls: so youre saying theres a chance

  • Zoie Mello
    Zoie Mello 2 gün önce

    Can we just talk about how he said “I think Brittany is my sister” and then says “I’d have a nice ass girlfriend named Brittany Spears”

  • Colossal Gaming
    Colossal Gaming 2 gün önce

    That guy just turned Britney a song into a joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chocolate Monster
    Chocolate Monster 2 gün önce

    I hate the bad focus auditions. Like at 1:45

    PAW_PATROL_CHASE_ 2 gün önce

    16:29 sounds like Stitch lol

  • abby hogan
    abby hogan 2 gün önce

    Sharon is my spirit animal 😂😂