Guess Who's A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut

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  • Gamo Samo
    Gamo Samo 8 saat önce

    Alexa reminds me of joy in "inside out"😂

  • can I reach 10000 subscribers in a month?

    Why the fuck is the camera man is questioning them wtf

  • Hisyam Muh
    Hisyam Muh 1 gün önce

    Need her IG

  • Momma Ravioli
    Momma Ravioli 2 gün önce

    Alexa is so awkward I love her lmao

  • pompomdogee _
    pompomdogee _ 4 gün önce

    ok i know this is totally random but alexa's really pretty

    •HANI PLAYZ• 1 hafta önce

    At the start it looks like she doesn't have those hands through sleeves

  • Rilo Kiley
    Rilo Kiley 2 hafta önce

    She should have asked what their music tastes were. Couples almost always have the same music taste.

  • luve
    luve 2 hafta önce

    oh my god i wish people at my village were this positive lol

  • Hunter O' Tails
    Hunter O' Tails 2 hafta önce

    See how correct human instinct is thwarted just because "it could have been racist"? Follow your instincts, not how others will perceive you. That's how us humans will progress in society. Ironically, progressive politics are actually holding us back as a species.

  • Hunter O' Tails
    Hunter O' Tails 2 hafta önce

    Just match same race/opposite gender couples... can't go wrong.

  • Tannia S.m130
    Tannia S.m130 2 hafta önce

    At 1:44
    Girl who is guessing made a weird laugh 😂😂😂😂

  • Treyvon Heyward
    Treyvon Heyward 2 hafta önce


  • fyukfy
    fyukfy 2 hafta önce

    She has no Fucking arms

  • Ashley C
    Ashley C 2 hafta önce

    If that chill Asian dude was here he’d be like, “So to start off the male to female ratio is a bit off.”

  • Ashley C
    Ashley C 2 hafta önce

    Damn I wish y’all got the same TikTok ad as me cuz like wtf

  • The littlest Beanie boo
    The littlest Beanie boo 2 hafta önce


  • Omar Smith
    Omar Smith 2 hafta önce

    Strange, she always sounds older when I ask her stuff. "Alexa, what's the weather?"

  • Alonif
    Alonif 2 hafta önce


  • Zak
    Zak 2 hafta önce

    I mean no shit the 2 blacks are together, the two asians are together come on

  • Karsyn Cory
    Karsyn Cory 2 hafta önce

    Her arms are so pale that you couldn’t even see them when she stood in front of the screen😬

  • Autumn Campbell
    Autumn Campbell 2 hafta önce

    Are there only gonna be straight couples?

  • Umm Barakah AK
    Umm Barakah AK 2 hafta önce

    Alexas upper arms are carmouflaged to the background....😳

  • Jadele Bleue
    Jadele Bleue 3 hafta önce

    That was interesting & fun to watch, funne😸😅oh gosh.

  • Lyrics Song 555
    Lyrics Song 555 3 hafta önce

    Watching them hug each other can let us guess more correctly.

  • Allie Peters
    Allie Peters 3 hafta önce

    I wanna go on here lol i don't think anyoneee will be able to guess my partner😈😈😈

  • Clara Petcu
    Clara Petcu 3 hafta önce

    2:31 when you try to get into a bar but your 15 years old

  • Clara Petcu
    Clara Petcu 3 hafta önce

    2:17 when you get caught cheating in class

  • Clara Petcu
    Clara Petcu 3 hafta önce

    Her shoulders blend in with the background at first

  • Arttective
    Arttective 3 hafta önce

    Hey Alexa, guess who are the couples?

  • Anureiya Leonce
    Anureiya Leonce 3 hafta önce

    Hey guys i'm trying to start a YouTube channel and I only have 9 subscribers can you be my 10th one. Please I promise it will not hurt to sub to me.

  • alvarez0223
    alvarez0223 3 hafta önce

    I would like to this experiment. She wouldn’t guess who my hubby was was😁

  • Briana Grant
    Briana Grant 3 hafta önce

    Ok this is brilliant

  • Phoebe Cuadra
    Phoebe Cuadra 3 hafta önce

    4:38 The moment you realize they were both girls

  • billeeilish1009haha
    billeeilish1009haha 3 hafta önce

    Who else kind of thought that they were going to use Amazon Alexa from the title?

  • Rosewood
    Rosewood 3 hafta önce

    "I was scared that would be racist" what about the asians you put together you idiot

  • Alana COLLINS
    Alana COLLINS 3 hafta önce

    They should do a match name to person! I would so watch that😍

  • Ember Carrot
    Ember Carrot 3 hafta önce

    Wwwaaait are they in Washington??

  • Alexandra Carter
    Alexandra Carter 4 hafta önce

    Fashion less little best resident please social glass nobody.

  • Mist
    Mist 4 hafta önce

    Why was she so cute 😂

  • Small_ Cryptid
    Small_ Cryptid 4 hafta önce

    lmao I wanna be in a lineup XD