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  • Buddah Facts
    Buddah Facts 2 ay önce

    Cassidy would be the king of this event if I was him I would always want to battle on SMACK VOL EVENTS

  • Jabrony
    Jabrony 2 ay önce

    Arsonal 3-0

  • Thinking’Out Loud
    Thinking’Out Loud 2 ay önce

    Chess vs hitman would be a good battle

  • Nate Barnett
    Nate Barnett 2 ay önce

    ars 2 1

  • Lansing Music
    Lansing Music 2 ay önce

    i got arsonal winning 2-1

  • Casey Nkosi
    Casey Nkosi 2 ay önce

    Arsonal died too many times... everybody just battling with a ghost fr

  • rickbadboy
    rickbadboy 2 ay önce

    Chess won't win a round

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White 2 ay önce

    Chess: dont choke bro, you got the potential to be THE best bro

  • Chuck Unseld
    Chuck Unseld 2 ay önce

    You old ass nikka you retired like 100 times already

  • Derrick Sims
    Derrick Sims 2 ay önce

    Chess coke 2 out of the 3 rounds

  • Bo Joe74
    Bo Joe74 2 ay önce

    Chess ain't fucking with ARS man

  • Roy Briggs
    Roy Briggs 2 ay önce

    Chess about to get murdered.....Arsonal 3-0

  • C S
    C S 2 ay önce

    Some shit we actually could enjoy unlike dna verb

  • Fabeflacko93
    Fabeflacko93 2 ay önce

    Chess boutta catch a BODY ‼️‼️‼️💯💯

  • Veli Kapo
    Veli Kapo 2 ay önce

    I guess Arsonal gon be the Chess test for him to get killed by K-Shine on that big stage!!!

  • mr mercerlous
    mr mercerlous 2 ay önce

    I hope choke doesn't live up to his idea why they thought it be a good idea to stick choke on the card

  • Troy Stone
    Troy Stone 2 ay önce

    Is this the way the announcer really talk in his day to day life? It's was funny at first, but now, this shit type weird lol

  • Yo Wife's favorite Side_Dude

    We need that Geechi vs Chess & Danny vs O red before Christmas Smack

  • ervin johnson
    ervin johnson 2 ay önce

    NUNU NELLZ @1:44 THRU @1:45 YIKES!!!! 👀

  • BEASTM96đE Blïtžz

    JC Vs Brizz

  • Rain man
    Rain man 2 ay önce

    Card lookin light as hell tbh. Bootleg gang we need u!!!

  • Official Juvee
    Official Juvee 2 ay önce

    Choking chess? I’m good

  • DB Balbas
    DB Balbas 2 ay önce

    AVE vs TWORK

  • TomDuggYA
    TomDuggYA 2 ay önce

    I wanna see smack stay true to his word. Chess is always up in people's faces, trying to "stand his ground", getting spicy when people make physical contact, with that attitude like he can whoop any body's see. Let's see how thar hold up with arsonal. LMAO

  • Ayo Kev
    Ayo Kev 2 ay önce

    This a fight waiting to happen chess too sensitive

  • Real knowledge Eastside jonny

    Why you url neguz who talk all this shit scared to come to L.A.. Huh answer that for me all this gang shit yall do on the East vs L.A dudes and yall scared to come where it originated from. Pussies if you ask me.

  • Real knowledge Eastside jonny

    Danny myers vs Arsenal, LETS SE WHO'S REALLY MR. DISREPECT!!

  • Real knowledge Eastside jonny

    Lol.. Ars a clown stop playing with these kids and running from Danny myers set it up in L.A negu.

  • Youngins Web Series
    Youngins Web Series 2 ay önce

    So we not getting Shine Vs Brizz??

  • Moon God
    Moon God 2 ay önce

    Chess 30

  • Myke Pagson
    Myke Pagson 2 ay önce

    Only Here To Tell Non App User Twork Vs Ave Is On This Card

  • PLR 88
    PLR 88 2 ay önce

    Arsonal 2-1 Clear! 💪🏾
    If Chess chokes 1 more time
    His battle rap career is over

  • Jr Manuel
    Jr Manuel 2 ay önce

    IM NOT EXCITED😑 ARS 2-1 easy. Chess don’t win facts

  • malabloaw
    malabloaw 2 ay önce


  • Keyon Parks
    Keyon Parks 2 ay önce

    Been Waiting On This One..., Shout Out @Smack/UrlTv #Volumes

    MARKMADEMAN ! 2 ay önce

    No ure only big battles was dna and arsonal ad Tay roc story ends cholla was mid tier at time geechi to me still ahh need 6more months of fire before stamped To me King Mid Tier right above JC

  • Prince VO
    Prince VO 2 ay önce

    I got chess

  • Remmy 10
    Remmy 10 2 ay önce

    Its about time for jc vs surf

  • LaMont Robinson
    LaMont Robinson 2 ay önce

    I like how they made sure to show Nunu's ass on the clip😂😂

  • Mr. Wright
    Mr. Wright 2 ay önce

    God, Arsonal is gonna feast. Newark!