Building a Marsbase is a Horrible Idea: Let’s do it!

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  • To support Kurzgesagt and learn more about Brilliant, go to and sign up for free. The first 688 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription. Get your Mars Base Poster here: Humans love to explore. Strangely enough even horrible places – like Mars. Let’s see how building a Mars base could work and how insanely nerve-wracking exactly it would be. Sources & Further Reading: Support us on Patreon so we can make more videos (and get cool stuff in return): Steady: Merchandise: Newsletter: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Discord: The Voice of Kurzgesagt: Steve Taylor: The music of the video here: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Youtube: Facebook: THANKS A LOT TO OUR LOVELY PATRONS FOR SUPPORTING US:Alberto, Rain Babauta, michael mckinnie, Zabeer Hossain, Patrick Belfry, GeF, Jaden Lem, Cathulhu, Clement Kuo, Kinga Stroińska, Guido Jossels, Damon Bradley, Filip Cerny, Sebastian Kroll, Foxyboxes, Karsten Müller-Bier, Geoff French, Solara570, Aaron Massey, Lee Pomelie, Joel TJ, Maurice Nilles, Joseph Hutchins, Jaski, Ben Lutz, Lukas Zivny, Joonas Javanainen, Will Watts, Gardan, Jorge Pérez, MadByte, Stephen Grose, Nikolas Heberer, Kirby Glover, xhantus404, Benjamin Chalker, ParallaxCore, Turtle, Tom Hutton, Nico Meyer, Anthony Pardini-Bielecki, Laura Starkey, Jai Fox, Victor Hernandez, Ainsley, Revan Tair, Maciej Brzyski, Teemu Leisti, Miguel Diaz, Xierumeng, berk ozdilek, Damien Cassan-Barnel, Michael Kretzschmar, Angelos Manousaridis, Nicolas Molin, Christiaan Magre, onno424, bugcaptor, Aidan Rooney, Marcos Garcia, Chris Thompson, Colm Foley, Ramsey Elbasheer Help us caption & translate this video!
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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  • Mateusz Czerniawski
    Mateusz Czerniawski 6 saat önce

    So in other words we can't live on Mars surface, we need to go undeground? That is terrible. How to change metal center of Red Planet?! That is impossible!

  • Christian Lund
    Christian Lund 7 saat önce

    Humans: "Mars is toxic but somehow we will manage to feed everyone."

    Also humans: "Earth is a garden of food but we still can't feed everyone."

  • Christian Lund
    Christian Lund 7 saat önce

    So you're saying we should look to colonise anywhere else. Got it.

  • Title
    Title 8 saat önce

    Well, fuck. Better not ruin this god damned planet we're on then.

  • The Gaming Beaver
    The Gaming Beaver 9 saat önce

    Angry Matt Damon noises

  • chasing Dawn
    chasing Dawn 10 saat önce

    What about a venus base? It has more gravity and a thicker atmosphere. We could even use the same terraforming tech to help out earth.

  • Kalp Ake
    Kalp Ake 11 saat önce

    what about nuking mars? Is it possible? If so then what effects would it have? and How would we do it? Could be good time to get rid of them from earth too!

  • JetDoes
    JetDoes 15 saat önce

    Can we not bioengineer a plant to filter out the toxics of the soil?

  • jstrahan2
    jstrahan2 16 saat önce

    I see no advantage to colonizing Mars. Besides, colonizing at the level in the video won't be feasible for at least 200 years.

  • Al i
    Al i 18 saat önce

    6:13 sounds like my introverted life lol. Im fine with that

    Edit: As long as I have my videogames and stuff to study ^^

  • Nicoledreamcr
    Nicoledreamcr 20 saat önce

    Being on Mars increases danger of cancer significantly.
    Comrade Dyatlov : Not great not terrible.

  • Docxy
    Docxy 20 saat önce

    ... what if we mine mercury and dump it onto mars until its the size of earth

  • Crow senpai
    Crow senpai 1 gün önce

    “It will be gruesome work to establish the infrastructure we need. But we’re stubborn “ humanity in a nutshell

  • Sam
    Sam 1 gün önce

    Seems like the first real step is making more robust robotics to mitigate the dust issue.
    Perhaps built in orbital foundries, from harvested astroids.

  • MAX
    MAX 1 gün önce

    do a video about birds

  • Lion Yosef
    Lion Yosef 1 gün önce

    If Elon Musk knows all these problems and yet he still wants to go to mars, then he probably have a solution to all these problems, i think..

  • The Spectosphere
    The Spectosphere 1 gün önce

    Should have the base underground

  • IFiguredItOut 999
    IFiguredItOut 999 1 gün önce

    What's stopping us from putting a colony on the moon?

  • Wurst Brot
    Wurst Brot 1 gün önce

    why do they dont just dig deep underground since the radiation cant get there (i think at least i dont am a scientist) also storms and mars dust woudlnt be a probem either plus in your own cave you can bring your own dirt that platnts can grow on oxygen also woudlnt be a problem anymore cuz of the plants the only problem would be to dig that hole in the first place

  • hypersonic blabla
    hypersonic blabla 1 gün önce

    3:44 why the fuck there is a xenomorph on mars habitat?

  • Meow? Meow.
    Meow? Meow. 1 gün önce

    universe: tries its hardest to be hostile to humans and to keep humans from exploring the universe
    humans: "try to stop us, lmao"

  • Noahhh
    Noahhh 1 gün önce

    Why don’t we just move mars into the habits I bleed zone

  • Dinomine Youi
    Dinomine Youi 2 gün önce

    Imagine if Mars was like Earth but the natives there long ago nuked it and it became like that.

  • two and a half memes
    two and a half memes 2 gün önce

    you said that there was a moon hub already set up, so give that we shouldnt have to worry about earth not being close enough to help

  • Meme Bean
    Meme Bean 2 gün önce

    Nice doom references

  • Little One
    Little One 2 gün önce

    Money isn’t a problem not with Elon musk that is.

  • Ashif Mohammed
    Ashif Mohammed 2 gün önce

    We use about billions of dollars in space field we can use this to end global hunger

    JIM11 KONSTANTINIDIS 2 gün önce

    Fucking cancer

  • xDog .SoldieRx
    xDog .SoldieRx 2 gün önce

    Mark Watney wants to know your location

  • xDog .SoldieRx
    xDog .SoldieRx 2 gün önce

    The BGM sounds like something I hear while playing MARS on Planetbase

  • DrDress
    DrDress 2 gün önce

    3:48. Is that an Alien? I think you made Mars seem inhospitable enough without.

  • Soliel
    Soliel 2 gün önce

    use the underground caves

  • Stu B
    Stu B 2 gün önce

    It's not gonna happen.

  • Hamish
    Hamish 2 gün önce

    this gives me faith in humanity

  • Seth Moore
    Seth Moore 3 gün önce

    Use fossil fuels and warm that bitch up a bit

  • BlizzPort
    BlizzPort 3 gün önce

    So why do we call them oxygen tanks when most of it is nitrogen?

  • Alberto
    Alberto 3 gün önce

    Are we colonizing mars just for the sake of expansionism? Or does that desertic planet have something worth our while?

  • Another Obsessive One
    Another Obsessive One 3 gün önce

    Can’t we move to the moon?

  • Lenjo
    Lenjo 4 gün önce

    Those videos Hit different when you‘re drunk